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Public Safety Fire & Rescue Self Contained Breathing Apparatus City Council Goal – Public Safety The project will provide for the replacement of all selfcontained breathing apparatus (SCBA) used by the Department of Fire & Rescue. SCBAs or air packs are worn by firefighters to provide for safe breathable air in immediate dangerous to health or life atmosphere. The current air packs will have exceeded their useful life in addition to standards set by the National Fire Protection Association.

FY 20 $1,268,987

FY 21 $0

FY 22 $0

FY 23 $0

FY 24 $0

FY 25-29 $0

Total $1,268,987

Operating Costs: The project will not have an operational impact on the City.


Profile for City of Suffolk, Virginia

Adopted FY20 Operating and Capital Budget  

Adopted FY20 Operating and Capital Budget