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INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY FUND DESCRIPTION The Information Technology Fund operates as an internal service fund providing computer related and telecommunications services to city departments and other governmental agencies including consultation, analysis, office automation, computer operation, software development, equipment maintenance, networking and Internet, and interactive browser based application development to improve the productivity and effectiveness of user departments and agencies. FY 2019 ACCOMPLISHMENTS 

Created policies to govern the administration of cybersecurity on City’s networks, as well as initiated programs to promote cyber awareness to all City employees.

Implemented a complete server environment Windows update solution to include regular monthly scheduling of critical Windows server updates.

Began buildout of the centralized desktop refresh environment to allow for easier management of application deployments and increased desktop security.

Completed initial extraction of data to U.S. Census Bureau for the 2020 Census.

Rerouted internet traffic to a new host which allows for faster application processing.


To continue to acquire and implement software applications and network accessibility that will benefit the citizens and employees of the City. (Civic Engagement and Responsive City Services)

To continue the maintenance and security levels of our network systems and aggressively pursue new technologies that will provide enhancements. (Civic Engagement and Responsive City Services)

To continue to build out the network infrastructure, including additional fiber runs to provide redundancy where feasible, specifically utilizing potential fiber connectivity in support of the Regional Broadband Initiative. (Expanded Economic Development)

STATISTICS/PERFORMANCE MEASURES Number of Computers maintained Number of Helpdesk requests received Percent of Helpdesk requests closed within 72 hours Percent of Time Network is operational Number of GIS requests for service Number of Website Visits

FY 18 Actual 2,344 7,434 97% 99.9% 805 717,455

FY 19 Projected 2,578 8,177 98% 99.9% 885 724,630

FY 20 Estimate 2,836 8,994 99% 99.9% 974 731,876


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Adopted FY20 Operating and Capital Budget  

Adopted FY20 Operating and Capital Budget