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LIBRARY DESCRIPTION The Suffolk Library System offers access to a comprehensive collection of materials and works to encourage social, economic, cultural, and intellectual growth. The Library System is comprised of the Morgan Memorial Library, North Suffolk Library, Chuckatuck Library Branch, and the Bookmobile. Additionally, the Library System manages the City’s records management functions. FY 2019 ACCOMPLISHMENTS 

Continued implementation of the Libraries Transforming Communities initiative by hosting the Community Conversations series in different areas of the City with diverse audiences.

Implemented summer and winter reading challenges to encourage lifelong learning.

Launched expanded WiFi2Go program to provide wireless internet access to people with varying needs throughout the community.

Provided numerous programs including BARKS, Battle of the Books, IconiCon, Suffolk Speaks, What the Tech, and Flip the Switch.

Provided a universal student library card in partnership with Suffolk Public Schools to break down barriers and increase accessibility to library resources by providing all students with a library card.


To expand programs, classes, and events for the community to promote lifelong learning and recreation. (Leisure, Health, and Wellness)

To collaborate with City departments, nonprofits, educational institutions, and other governmental organizations to offer efficient and effective services and programs. (Leisure, Health, and Wellness)

To implement the Libraries Transforming Communities initiative to bring people together to facilitate community conversations. (Civic Engagement and Responsive City Services)

To initiate design and planning processes for the new downtown library. (Leisure, Health, and Wellness)

STATISTICS/PERFORMANCE MEASURES Registered Borrowers Circulation Reference Questions answered Computer Sessions Bookmobile stops Adult Programs offered Adult Program participants Youth Programs offered Children's Program participants Teen Programs offered Teen Program participants

FY 18 Actual 36,679 305,607 31,642 30,377 159 197 3,781 940 16,382 232 3,688

FY 19 Projected 40,000 310,000 32,000 31,000 165 200 3,900 1,000 18,000 250 3,800

FY 20 Estimate 45,000 315,000 33,000 32,000 170 210 4,100 1,100 20,000 260 4,000


Profile for City of Suffolk, Virginia

Adopted FY20 Operating and Capital Budget  

Adopted FY20 Operating and Capital Budget