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SUFFOLK HEALTH DEPARTMENT DESCRIPTION The Suffolk Health Department is part of the Western Tidewater Health District which includes Isle of Wight County, Southampton County, the City of Franklin, and the City of Suffolk. The Health Department aims to achieve and maintain personal and community health by emphasizing health promotion, disease prevention, and environmental protection. The City of Suffolk provides local funding to support the operation of the Suffolk Health Department as well as matching funds for the Healthy Families Grant program. FY 2019 ACCOMPLISHMENTS 

Provided Immunization services to 572 citizens and Family Planning Services to 756 citizens.

Served 117 mothers and 80 infants with a total of 1,803 visits for low-income, first-time mothers, as part of the Nurse/Family Partnership program.

Collaborated with state, regional, and local emergency response partners to enhance readiness to respond to bioterrorism, infectious disease outbreaks, and other public health emergencies.


To increase male involvements in pregnancy prevention and planning efforts to improve statewide family planning involvement. (Leisure, Health, and Wellness)

To increase the number of teens served in family planning clinics and in community education settings. (Leisure, Health, and Wellness)

To enter 100% of immunization records for children less than 6 years of age into the Commonwealth’s Web Vision Immunization Registry System. (Leisure, Health, and Wellness)

To ensure that 100% of children in the Healthy Families program have a primary health care provider within two months of enrolling in the program. (Leisure, Health, and Wellness)

To reduce environmental and communicable disease hazards at food establishments, hotels, swimming pools, migrant labor camps and campgrounds. (Leisure, Health, and Wellness)

STATISTICS/PERFORMANCE MEASURES Teens served by Family Planning Clinics Percent of Immunization data entered in State Webvision system Percent of food establishments inspected by due date

FY 18 Actual 102 100% 56%

FY 19 Projected 102 100% 75%

FY 20 Estimate 102 100% 60%


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Adopted FY20 Operating and Capital Budget  

Adopted FY20 Operating and Capital Budget