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Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch MEMBER



A Neighbourhood Watch can be anywhere: a street, cul-de-sac or block of apartments. There are people who want to reduce and prevent crime. The Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator, in cooperation with the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary, can host a meeting to make sure you and your neighbours have all the details to get started.

Fire Safety Every home needs a fire escape plan. Everyone needs to know what to do and where to go if there is a fire. Make sure you have working smoke alarms on every level of your home, outside sleeping areas and inside sleeping areas. Test them monthly and change your batteries at least twice a year, or sooner if the alarm chirps to warn you the battery is low.

Fire Prevention 576-3905


Municipal Awareness Day, May 10 Roundabouts

Traffic calming

A roundabout is a circular intersection where two or more roads meet. Traffic circulates through them counter-clockwise, to the right of a center island. All entering vehicles must yield to traffic already in the roundabout.

Traffic calming is the art of using a physical traffic management technique to reduce the impacts of traffic on neighbourhoods.

Roundabouts increase traffic flow, leading to less idling and air pollution, and reduce the potential for serious crashes.

speed imits

Traffic calming tools: child at play signs speed humps deflectors sidewalk bump-outs traffic lights pedestrian crosswalks and lights roundabouts


St John's City Guide Summer 2017  

The City Guide is full of information for residents from the City of St. John's. In this issue read about Summer Recreation Programs, Fire S...

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