Construction Guidelines in City Right-of-Way During Rebuild

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CONSTRUCTION GUIDELINES IN CITY RIGHT-OF-WAY DURING REBUILDING EFFORTS The City right-of-way (R/W) is generally defined as the area from behind the sidewalk to the centerline of the street. The following guidelines are in place to help ensure safe work areas and adequate access for emergency response vehicles, pedestrians, standing home occupants, street sweeping and home building construction equipment. Material Storage Containers: Shall not be placed in R/W without an encroachment permit. Containers should be placed behind sidewalk whenever possible. A short term (3 months) container permit may be issued when steep lot slopes prevent container placement and/or when there is not adjacent lot rebuild activity. Maximum container size is 8ft x 14ft. Permit issuance will be based on adjacent lot activity. Construction Traffic Routing: Construction-related vehicles and delivery trucks shall use Hopper Avenue as the primary route to enter and exit Coffey Park. Fountaingrove Parkway shall be the primary route to enter and exit the Fountaingrove area. Job and Office Trailers: Not permitted in R/W. Debris Bins: Rolling 4-yard debris bins may be placed in R/W without a permit (1 per lot). Debris bins over 4 cubic yards (max 20 yard) shall not be placed in R/W without a short term (3 month) encroachment permit and must be placed within property frontage boundary with valid copy of permit posted onsite. Debris bin vendors shall be a licensed franchise with City of Santa Rosa. Permit issuance will be permitted at City discretion based on adjacent lot activity (both sides of street). Portable Toilets: Shall be placed behind sidewalk or in landscape area and shall have secondary containment. Building Materials (Lumber, Aggregates, Roofing, etc.) and Equipment: Building materials and equipment shall not be stored in the R/W; short-term loading and unloading of equipment and materials is okay if travel lane and sidewalk are not blocked and materials are immediately placed onsite behind sidewalk. City streets and sidewalks shall not be fenced. Track and vibratory equipment shall not be operated on City streets and sidewalks (rubber mats or plywood shall be used to load/unload this type of equipment). Construction Trash and Debris: R/W shall be kept clean and free of construction debris, dirt tracking and trash. Street, Sidewalk, Curb/Gutter: Removal and replacement requires an encroachment permit.

Additional information regarding the Santa Rosa rebuilding effort available online: |


Storm Water Best Management Practices (BMPs): Shall not be placed in R/W. BMPs should generally be placed at the back of sidewalk to prevent dirt and runoff from leaving the lot. See City Storm Water BMP guidance documents for landowners and contractors. Work Hours/ Noise: Noise issues will be enforced per the City Noise Ordinance Chapter 17-16. General work hours are 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and shall comply with noise levels during this time duration. Temporary Water: Please contact Santa Rosa Water at 707-543-3917 for a temporary meter for construction purposes. Dry Utility Reconstruction Work: PG&E, AT&T, and Comcast will be installing joint trench improvements throughout City streets in the designated fire-impacted areas. Work is scheduled to be complete by the end of 2018. Please coordinate construction activities with applicable utility companies when working in your rebuild area. Traffic and Pedestrian Controls: Work vehicles are permitted along project frontage within parking lanes; short term loading and unloading of equipment and materials is permitted if travel lane is not blocked; Street closures are not permitted; street and sidewalks shall remain unobstructed at all times to insure access for vehicles and pedestrians. For encroachment permit application, visit:

Revised 6/8/18

Additional information regarding the Santa Rosa rebuilding effort available online: |