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Salisbury. It makes good business sense.

When businesses need to establish themselves on a firm foundation, or when they need real scope to move and grow, they look to Salisbury. Not just for the space or cost efficiency, but for the satisfying sense of cooperation that comes through working with the City of Salisbury. Yes, our area has many advantages such as its close proximity to transport options, leading research facilities and a dynamic, diverse business base with multi-national corporate presence.

Yet perhaps most importantly, the City of Salisbury understands progressive business and is geared towards assisting it at every step. Base your business here, and you are entering into a lasting partnership focused on your continuing success. It really does make good business sense.

Business advantages


A sense of purpose “R.M. Williams’ Adelaide office and manufacturing plant has been based in Salisbury for over 30 years. We have always enjoyed an excellent relationship with the Salisbury Council, and have found them very supportive of our business and a pleasure  to work with.” Geoff Thiel Chief Operating Officer  R.M. Williams

The moment you start looking into the advantages of establishing a business in Salisbury, you can’t help but be impressed by the assets available and the infrastructure already in place. Where other regions might ask you to compromise, Salisbury is quite simply built for business. Choose to work alongside some of the world’s great businesses and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you’re in good company.

• Industry clusters

Salisbury is South Australia’s major industrial and economic base and is home to 25% of Australia’s defence activity. Technology Park at Mawson Lakes is one of Australia’s leading centres of excellence for defence, electronics and ICT, with around 90 companies employing in excess of 2000 workers. Other major industry and business clusters that have developed and continue to thrive in Salisbury include sectors such as logistics, food and advanced manufacturing and water technologies.

• World-leading research and development institutes Smarter business starts in Salisbury, because leading edge R&D facilities are right here. UniSA Mawson Lakes Campus is home to the Ian Wark Research Institute, the Institute for Telecommunications Research, the Defence and Systems Institute, the Institute for Sustainable Systems and Technologies and the Mawson Institute.

• Workforce Jobs growth in Salisbury is more than double the state average. Labour costs are competitive, and a diverse, highly skilled workforce makes the city its home.

• Major corporate presence Some of Australia’s highest profile brands rub shoulders with international icons in Salisbury. Brands such as BAE Systems Australia and SAAB Technologies do business alongside Inghams, Bickfords, DHL, National Foods Mayne Pharmaceuticals and SingTel Optus.

Business advantages


A sense of progress Economy, efficiency and ease of access… Salisbury is a showcase for what a city can offer business when a progressive, positive attitude is at the heart of commercial dealings. Today the region shines as one of Australia’s fastest-growing business regions, and through a sustainable approach, the future is bright. • Land availability

“The flourishing technology hub of the Northern Region offers the perfect blend of education and research for the community, business and government, creating a vibrant and innovative nexus to support economic, social and environmental development.” Professor Andrew Parfitt Pro Vice Chancellor: Information Technology,  Engineering and the Environment University of South Australia

Salisbury’s investment in Edinburgh Parks has opened up over 300 hectares of fully developed and serviced commercial land; some of the best value industrial land available in Australia. Other strategically positioned competitively priced land includes Technology Park, Pooraka, Cavan and Salisbury South – all with fully serviced, industrial grade roads.

• Fast-tracked development and planning Salisbury has a progressive attitude and efficient, streamlined processes, approving most commercial extensions within 14 days, commercial buildings within 21 days and major projects within 3 months.

• Access to transport links and Adelaide Just 12 kilometres from the Adelaide CBD, Salisbury is a transport hub with easy connectivity to road, rail, air and sea freight facilities.

Whether you’re shifting freight internationally out of Adelaide Airport, by rail to Darwin or by sea, all the transport options are here, with another $10 billion in transport infrastructure planned for the near future.

• Sustainability that saves you money

Salisbury pioneered Australia’s first Integrated Water Management system. Meeting 30% of its needs with recycled water, the region is recognised internationally for its innovation in water conservation. With an established pipe network across the city the recycled water is designed to meet the needs of industrial businesses while providing a significant cost saving advantage. At both Technology Park and Edinburgh Parks, fully commercial and industrial sites are available complete with access to economical recycled water and all essential service.

What City of Salisbury offers your business


A sense of partnership

“Bickfords, Australia’s world class beverage manufacturing, has been part of South Australia’s heritage since 1839. Being located in Salisbury means we are close to our major customers and have ease of access to a Council that will continue to work with us to further grow our business in this region.”

City of Salisbury is here to help you. Set about building your business in Salisbury – you’re never alone.

• Small business advice and assistance

The City of Salisbury’s commitment to supporting sustainable business development is demonstrated through the work of our dedicated Economic Development Team, ready to listen to your needs, consult with you and create a positive and competitive environment to help grow and expand your business.

• Finding talent

• Site selection support

From beneficial business associations to critical research needs, the City of Salisbury is your vital link to networks that can make all the difference in helping your business prosper.

Access the latest property market information and make use of our contacts with developers, agents and government bodies to find the perfect property solution for your needs.

• Accessing grants and alternative finance Our Economic Development Team offers expert guidance regarding options from venture capital and private funding through to applicable government programs.

Tap into help and advice from our dedicated support centre based at Technology Park, ready with all the support you need.

Speak with our dedicated Workforce Development staff and learn about the options available to cater for your personnel needs.

• Networks

• One-Stop Support Centre Based at Technology Park, Mawson Lakes, our support centre provides a number of critical access points for business and innovation – so you can get down to business. Visit for further details.

Angelo Kotses Managing Director Bickfords



A sense of certainty

“BAE Systems is Australia’s largest defence company, with more than 6,500 employees. We established  our Australian headquarters in the City of Salisbury because of its significance as South Australia’s major centre for defence and  high-tech research activities.” Jim McDowell CEO BAE Systems

Salisbury today has a proud • Proximity history of success as a business Salisbury is just 20 minutes by road from the Adelaide CBD, 15 minutes from the port haven, where commerce and of Adelaide and 30 minutes from Adelaide progress is valued and nurtured International Airport. The Adelaide-Darwin rail exchange is just 5 kilometres from Salisbury. through cooperation and • Land affordability shared vision. The facts and statistics you see here make the case for continuing business success in Salisbury very clear. From Salisbury’s perfect location to its affordability and projected growth, a host of factors underpin the solid reasoning behind basing a commercial or industrial interest in Salisbury. It really does make good business sense.

• Lifestyle “Adelaide is the eighth most liveable city in the world.” (The Economic Intelligence Unit 2011)

• Population growth Within Salisbury it is estimated over the next 30 years its population will grow by 169,000, with 79,000 additional jobs. This provides certainty that you can source your staffing needs locally for your growing business.

• Homes Salisbury is a high growth area, with an estimated 20,000 new homes to be built in the future under the State Government’s 30 Year Plan.

Land allotments of less than 5,000m2 are 63% cheaper on average in Outer Northern Adelaide than in metropolitan Adelaide*. (*Knight Frank: 2010.)

• Rent At $75/m2 net, average Prime Rents in Outer Northern Adelaide are on average 23% cheaper than in metropolitan Adelaide*. (*Knight Frank: 2010.)

• Student population As home to the University of South Australia, Mawson Lakes Campus and TAFE, Salisbury has a student population of over 4,000.

• Research Both the University of South Australia and the Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DTSO) are based in Salisbury. UniSA’s Mawson Lakes Campus is home to five Research Institutes, including the world recognised Ian Wark Institute.

• Defence The current Defence Policy Statement confirms that 25% of Australia’s Defence is located in South Australia. The relocated 7RAR Battle Group at Edinburgh Parks alone generates $100 million revenue and a minimum 1,600 jobs each year. In addition, Salisbury is only 15 minutes to the home of Techport Australia, Australia’s premier naval industry hub.

• Land Supply

Edinburgh Parks, is one of Australia’s largest advanced industrial precincts and has more than 300 hectares of fully developed land available and is the home for a range of industry sectors including Food, Logistics, Manufacturing, Automotive and Defence. At both Technology Park and Edinburgh Parks, fully developed commercial and industrial sites are available complete with access to economical recycled water and all essential services. Other key fully developed commercial sites are at Pooraka, Cavan, and Salisbury South.

• Fast approvals The City of Salisbury approves commercial building applications within 14 to 21 days, and major projects within 3 months.





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The City of Salisbury Enviable lifestyle, economic strength and resilience are why Australia is the perfect location in the Asia Pacific Region.

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is Adelaide’s business and industrial hub and is only 20 minutes from the central business district. Salisbury  is linked to the State’s capital by two major arterial road systems and by rail. In addition, Salisbury is  only 15 minutes to the  Port of Adelaide.

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