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Placement and Display of Logo

The City of Reno logo must be used on all publications. Placement of the logo is based on both its need for prominence and how the piece will be designed, mailed, presented, or displayed. In general, the logo should always appear on the mail panel of a self-mailing publication and should always be on City envelopes. The logo is a brand element. It should not be used as the central visual element of a publication and should not replace photography or illustration as visual components.


“Staging” refers to the area directly surrounding the City of Reno logo. To ensure the logo’s visibility and integrity, the City of Reno logo must stand clear of all other elements such as type, images, margins and other logos. Some graphic elements can be closer to the logo when good design principles are used.


It is important to understand that the logo is of specific proportion (approximately 1:1.5 width to height) and the proportion must be maintained as the size of the logo increases or decreases. It is important to hold the SHIFT key down when sizing the logo to keep it proportional and prevent distortion of the image.


When referenced in writing, the City of Reno name should appear in the same typeface as the body copy. No effort should be made to stylize the name in a typeface other than the one already being used in the body copy in which the City of Reno name is being referenced.

The website for the City of Reno is It should be written with a capital “R” and when possible listed below the City logo in a Times New Roman font at a 1/3 width of the logo size



City of Reno Brand Style Guide  

City of Reno Brand Style Guide: Logos, colors, positioning, formats.

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