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Quality Control



To ensure high-quality reproduction, the City logo should always be reproduced from the approved digital artwork available on CORE and through the Office of Communications and Community Engagement. Once given to a printer or installed on your computer, these logos should never be altered in any way. Care should be taken to avoid these common usage errors: • DO NOT alter the logo in any way. • DO NOT outline or use with drop shadow. • DO NOT shade, shadow, or texture the logo. • DO NOT use on a heavily patterned background. • DO NOT use the logo in unapproved colors. • DO NOT rule lines through the logo. • DO NOT make the logo appear three dimensional. • DO NOT place the logo in any position other than upright. • DO NOT use additional graphical elements that would interfere with the linear quality of the City of Reno logo. • The logo must be used in as clean and simple a design as possible. • The logo will only be used in its intended fashion.

City of Reno Brand Style Guide  
City of Reno Brand Style Guide  

City of Reno Brand Style Guide: Logos, colors, positioning, formats.