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The City of Reno Logo

There are two acceptable forms of the logo. 1. The traditional full-length logo. 2. The diminutive logo, which is a shortened version of the full-length logo. This logo is used for sub-brand management and department logos.

General Specifications & Policies

1. The City logo will be displayed on all City public information, promotional material and City assets, e.g., facility and other signage including transit signage, construction signs, vehicles, etc. 2. City departments will adhere to the graphic standards outlined in this guide. 3. City departments will discontinue the use of all other department logos unless they meet the criteria for continued use outlined in this guide. Long-established department logos, approved by the City Manager, can be used in conjunction with the City logo as specified.

City of Reno Moniker

4. Public safety departments with State statutory and other requirements for unique identifiers for their employees, e.g., badges and uniform patches, will continue to use their current identifier and incorporate the City logo with its use as specified in this guide. 4. The logo is not to be applied to any commercial articles for resale without the City Manager’s Office approval.

Diminutive logo


full-length logo

City of Reno Brand Style Guide  
City of Reno Brand Style Guide  

City of Reno Brand Style Guide: Logos, colors, positioning, formats.