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The City of Reno Brand Identity Usage Guide

The purpose of this guide is to establish and maintain the consistent use of the official City of Reno logo, color palette, typeface, and nickname “The Biggest Little City in the World”, thereby, supporting the City of Reno government’s brand identity. While branding is more than a logo, branding City of Reno services with consistent identifiers increases public awareness of what the City of Reno provides for residents and visitors. The following pages defines the appropriate usage of the City of Reno logo. In addition, provisions for co-branding are defined in the following pages. In some specific cases, such as public safety departments, the City of Reno logo shall appear alongside the department’s logo. The exempt departments may only utilize the approved templates that reflect this co-branding. Any questions, and for assistance on the implementation of co-branding, please contact the City Manager’s Office of Communications and Community Engagement. The brand standards shall be implemented immediately where applicable, and shall be applied through the course of regular product replacement and re-order schedules. The logo must be applied as defined in this manual. For any situation not covered in this manual, please contact Paul Klein at or (775) 333-7741.

City of Reno Brand Style Guide  

City of Reno Brand Style Guide: Logos, colors, positioning, formats.

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