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The City of Redmond’s Old Fire House Teen Center has provided safe, supervised, educational, and engaging summer camps for Redmond’s teens for nearly ten years. Our Summer Camps allow teens to spend their vacation time cultivating extracurricular talents and skills, from the arts and music to fitness and technical knowledge.


All Summer Camps take place at the Old Fire House Teen Center unless otherwise noted Definition of terms R: Redmond Resident N: Nonresident


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Digital Photography

Bring your own digital camera and learn the basics of digital photography. Participants learn how to operate their camera and what makes a photograph successful. They will also learn how to manipulate images for printing, emailing, and the web. No experience necessary! Fee: $190R/$218N Age: 15-19 Mon–Fri July 16-20


Video Underground Young Producers Project


Students meet for 5 days to learn media literacy, critical viewing skills, technical training, and analysis of cinema techniques such as camera angles, lighting, shot composition, editing, sound, and story development. Participants will form crews, write, storyboard, direct, shoot, and edit short videos, producing an audio and visual account of their personal and community experiences. Instructor: 911 Media Fee: $280R/$336N Age: 13-19 Mon–Fri July 23-27 10am-3pm

For Those about to Rock Music Camp

Have you ever wanted to form your own band and record your own CD? This camp will get you started. You will have a rare and amazing opportunity to sit and learn with professionals in all areas of the music industry. Get the up-to-date low down about the music industry, including how to form a band, tips and tricks for your instrument, how to write a song, help recording a CD and the chance to play a live show. Don’t miss out! This camp is going to be a blast for kids from 13-19 years old. Open to all playing levels from beginner to advanced. This is a two week day camp. Students are required to bring their own instruments, drum sticks and lunches. Fee: $445R/$534N Age: 12-19 Mon–Fri July 30 - Aug 10 10am–5pm

rock on!

Introduction to ProTools

ProTools is the industry standard software for audio engineering. This course will cover ProTools functions for recording, editing, midi, audio for video, and mixing. Instructor: Dylan Wall - OFH Media Lab Coordinator Fee: $108R/$130N Age: 15-19 Mon–Fri Aug 20-24


Introduction to Parkour


I will go there, I will go there directly and nothing will stop me. This idea of Parkour is the use of the human body to overcome physical and mental obstacles swiftly and efficiently. These beginner-level classes teach about the basics of Parkour, including fundamental movements, proper landing techniques and critical safety information. The fundamentals include running, jumping, and climbing and we build on these fundamentals to improve your ability to pass over, under, around and through obstacles we discover with more complex and efficient movements. Bring a lunch and water to drink. Instructor: Parkour Visions Fee: $195.00(R)/$234.00(N) Age: 14-18 Tue–Fri July 24-27 10am-1pm


Breakdancing: The beginning!

In this class you will have the opportunity to experience first-hand how the art of breakdancing has changed communities, entire cultures and continues to be a positive form of self-expression and physical activity. You will get the basics of breakdance by going over the essential skills that comprise the foundation of every breakdancer’s moves. This session is for B-Boys and B-Girls who want to gain a deeper understanding of Hip-Hop and get out on the floor and make some moves. Instructor: Something Real Fee: $150.00(R)/$180.00(N) Age: 13-19 Mon–Fri Aug 13-17 10am–1pm

Graff Art 101 Camp

In this class we will explore spray-can art, more commonly known as graffiti art. This is not a lesson on vandalism, but a refreshing look into the future and power of modern art, Hip Hop’s influence in commercial media and the new ideas inspired by this 30 year old art form. You will explore some of the basic techniques and theory of this complex medium including: character formation, can control, background images and practice in a live setting. This session is for beginners and intermediate skill level and those who want to get a closer look at the culture of spraycan art in a positive environment and do it legally. Bring a lunch. Loc: OFH Teen Center and Skate Park Instructor: Fab 5 Fee: $190R/$228N Age: 13-19 Tue–Fri Aug 14-17 10am–2pm

Longboard Skate Construction Project

Learn the essentials of producing your very own customized long skateboard. Shape your board with exact measurements, carve and smooth edges, add layers of fiberglass and other materials to give strength, balance the board with weights, then add wheel equipment and grip tape. Wood panels, trucks, bearings, grip tape and other supplies will be provided. Instructor: YMCA Fee: $150.00(R)/$180.00(N) Age: 13-19 Mon–Fri July 16-20 10am–12pm


With this class we explore new ideas of art by creatively recycling ordinary items. All materials will be provided, but if you would like to bring in empty plastic jugs, wax paper cartons, or old magazines we will put them to good use!


Week 1: PAPER—Make your own notebook or sketchpad or woven coasters out of old magazines or scrap wrapping paper. Week 2: WALLETS—Make wallets out of old magazines, juice cartoons, or duct tape Week 3: For the BIRDS—Make milk jug bird houses and feeders or make indoor hanging baskets out of vinyl records. Week 4: OLD T’s & PILLOW CASES—Tie dye and turn your old worn out T-shirt into a scarf or turn an old pillow case into a reusable grocery bag. Instructor: Samantha Smith Fee: $20.00(R)/$24.00(N) Age: 13-18 Saturdays May 26, June 2, 9 & 16 4pm–6pm

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2012 Redmond Teen Summer Camps  

Redmond Teen Summer Camps

2012 Redmond Teen Summer Camps  

Redmond Teen Summer Camps