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2012 Transit Subsidy Application

The R-TRIP transit subsidy may be used to get to work by any commuter who becomes a new transit rider, and either lives within Redmond city limits or commutes to a Redmond employer site. To be completed by R-TRIP Transit Subsidy Participant In order to be processed, this form must be complete and legible. Please type or print.

This request is for (name): Home Address:







Employer Name: Employer Address: Daytime Phone:


Bus route(s):

Commuting from:

Yes! I would like to receive a free 3-month bus pass to ride transit to/from work. To receive your R-TRIP Transit Subsidy: Complete and sign this form and then mail or fax to:

R-TRIP c/o City of Redmond PO Box 97010 ♦ MS: 4SPL Redmond, WA 98052 Fax: (425) 556-4242 (Attn: R-TRIP)

Program Rules  One subsidy per participant, per lifetime.  Applicant must either live in, or work in the City of Redmond at an employer with a current Redmond business license.  The incentive is only available for new transit riders who have not ridden transit to work regularly for 90 days.  This application must be received within 30 days of becoming a new transit rider.  If the transit rider ceases riding transit prior to the bus pass' expiration date, the pass must be returned to R-TRIP at the address above.  Applicants must be gainfully employed and incentives must be used for commuting purposes (i.e., traveling to and from work), and are not intended for trips taken to school, or other non-commute related trips.  Requests must be received by the 20th of the month in order to receive a transit subsidy for the following month.  Applicants are required to create an account at and log all commute trips on their myCommuteCalendar. After 50 trips the user will receive a $50 incentive.  Fraudulent use of any R-TRIP subsidy or reward, as determined at the sole discretion of the City of Redmond, immediately suspends all subsidies and obligations to the R-TRIP program for the participant.

I agree to the Program Rules and certify the information provided is accurate: Date:


Questions? Call us at (425) 556-2449, or


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