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Cheap Holidays in Pattaya City When is the best time to come to Pattaya on Holiday? Pattaya something for everyone and at all times of the year. Most people from the West, Europe and North America tend to come to holiday in Pattaya form the months of November to Late February March (High season). The weather is normally cooler and sunny. The beaches are full as are the bars and everyone is having a good time including the hoteliers and property renters. When you come on holiday to Pattaya, let's face it. It's a cheap holiday compared to where you live and the weathers warm and the people friendly. But have you considered just how much cheaper your holiday would be if you came in low season? How much more extra would you have to enjoy yourself? Consider for a moment what is cheaper and the savings you can make. The cost of the flight at least 15% less in low season. Hotel accommodation. Again big savings to be made. In low season it's not unusual to see hotels offering rooms at 40% below the high season rate. Property rental owners also reduce there rental rates in Pattaya considerably compared to the rental rates in high season. An example of this: View Talay 5. In high season the average rental is between 19,000Baht up to as high as 35,000Baht for a 48sqm studio apartment. That's a lot of money! In low season you can rent in View Talay 5 from 14,000Baht with sea views. I won't tell the % savings as I'm sure you can see for yourself. View Talay 2. High season rental from: 15,000 to 28,000Baht for a 37sqm studio room. Low season, from 8,000 to 14,000Baht and plenty in between these prices One more thing! When renting your much more likely to get the condo or villa you want. Unlike in high season. If you haven't booked you holiday home by late August you may well have problems finding what your looking for and at the price you want to pay. So when is the best time to come on holiday to Pattaya Thailand? Well Dates worth considering. April. Ok it's hot but you have Songkran the water festival to cool you down. If you've never experienced Songkran in Pattaya before then you must come, if only once in your life. Warning!! You will get very, very wet! Prices can still be high in this month as everyone tries to take advantage before low season proper arrives. May, June and some of July can be too hot for someone on holiday in Pattaya. Middle of July to the end of October is good. The weather is not so hot. In fact its close to the same as in high season. Yes it will rain, as this time of year is also the monsoon season in Thailand. BUT. Pattaya is not like the rest of Thailand. It does not rain for weeks and weeks may be every other day for a couple of hours which cools things off nicely. Then you can go weeks with out any rain. Remember it can rain in high season too! If you can come on holiday to Pattaya between the months of July to the end of October you will find the following. Cheaper air fairs. Un-crowded peaceful beaches. People pleased to see you. Discounted prices on all forms of entertainment. Cheaper hotel rooms in Pattaya. Cheaper rental accommodation in Pattaya. A better selection of everything that's on offer and at a cheaper price than in high season.

So if you'd like to save money and still have a fantastic holiday then consider coming to Pattaya in low season. For More info check

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