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Exceeding Expectations

Message from the Chief

Exceeding Expectations: Professionalism – Pride – Integrity – Progress

It is with great pride that I present the 2006 Annual Report for the Owatonna Police Department. This past year has been filled with many exciting changes, challenges, and accomplishments. This report is intended to provide an overview of the department, its organization, and our accomplishments over the past year. In true Owatonna tradition, we viewed the challenges to make a difference. We accepted change as leaders in law enforcement with pride, while continuing our commitment to excellence exemplified throughout our Department’s history. I am proud of the contribution that every member of this Department has made to our success during the year 2006. Each and every day, the men and women of the Owatonna Police Department provide the kind of quality service the people of Owatonna have come to expect. They do so with honor and integrity, hallmarks of the Owatonna Police Department. The mission of the Owatonna Police Department is to provide the best police services possible in order to maintain a safe environment that positively impacts the quality of life for our citizens. Our organizational performance measures are maintaining (1) a low crime rate, (2) safe streets, (3) a low response time to priority calls, and (4) quality service. We measure our effectiveness in four areas: Crime Prevention – Our primary function is to prevent crime. Officers must be in the right places, at the right times, doing the right things. Officers are encouraged to have a sense of “ownership” for their patrol districts. We need to employ directed tactics rather than depending on random patrol to solve neighborhood problems. Crime Control – When crime does occur, we are committed to responding appropriately. We always attempt to conduct thorough and complete investigations. We analyze crime and constantly shift resources as needed to respond to emerging trends. Officers are encouraged to employ current strategic policing methodologies as they address crime issues.

Owatonna Police Department – 2006 Annual Report