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The building across the plaza, structure 5B1, is one of three two-chambered structures at Chichén Itzá entered through a single, rather than triple, doorway. The other two structures are 1D2 and the Castillo-sub. The facing of the pyramid of structure 5B1 rose in two-meter zones to a height of 6 meters (Ruppert 1952:98), paralleling the height of the facing zones of the Castillo-sub, where nine such zones reach 17 meters in height. Unlike the Castillo-sub, structure 5B1 has a basal batter rising to a triangular molding, and jambs of large horizontal blocks with a concavity in back. Floor plan, height of the facing zones of the substructure, and stone lintel link structure 5B1 with the Castillo-sub; jambs, batter, and molding indicate a later date. On the substructures of the two buildings, the quoins of the Castillo-sub are rounded, while those of structure 5B1 are rectangular, perhaps paralleling the shift seen from rounded quoins in the Chac Mool Temple to rectangular quoins in the Temple of the Warriors. There is little distinctive about the northern colonnade, structure 5A2. The “L” shape is similar to the shape of the gallery of structure 3B3, but the chronological position of this solitary structure is not known. On the basis of column size and capital measurements, 5A2 is associated with structures 5B19, 5B23, 2C5, and 5C9. For example, the columns of structure 5A2 are 45 cm. in diameter, and the capitals measure 62 by 45 by 24 cm. (Ruppert 1952:96). The upper limit for the capitals on the 44 cm. diameter columns in structure 5B19 is 63 by 45 by 24 cm. (Ruppert 1943:232). Such a close correlation in the size of the columns and the capitals can hardly be fortuitous. The sizes of the capitals in structure 5B19 vary, so if 5A2 were not constructed out of the same dismantled structure as 5B19, which is unlikely, it is probably safe to say structure 5A2 is earlier than structure 5B19.

Temple of the Sculptured Jambs (4B1) and Temple of the Turtle (5B2) Ruppert 1952:Figs. 56, 65


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Architecture and Chronology at Chichén Itzá, Yucatán  

Architecture and Chronology at Chichén Itzá, Yucatán