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1952). Unless both 5B16 and the Castillo of Old ChichĂŠn are later than the Temple of the Warriors, which the best interpretation of the evidence does not support, then probably quite a few years passed between the construction of 5B16 and the Castillo of Old ChichĂŠn and the later Temple of the Sculptured Jambs. The Temple of the Sculptured Jambs was obviously designed from the two earlier structures.

Structures 5B13 and 5B14, Ruppert 1952:Figs. 74, 75

The remaining buildings in the Southwest Group are 5B13, 5B14, and 5B15 (Ruppert 1952:108-109). The first two of these structures, a colonnade and a two-chambered structure with a triple entrance, delimit the northern boundary of the northwest court. Structure 5B15 is a small mound, paved on top with flagstones, located in the middle of the courtyard in front of these two northern buildings and structure 5B16. Since no sculpture or other diagnostic details are known from structures 5B13 and 5B14, these two buildings must be compared with others on the basis of floor plan, column size, and capital measurements. Using these three criteria, structure 5B13, with columns 36-40 cm. in diameter and capitals measuring 55 by 40 by 23 cm., is most closely associated with 5C2, a small colonnade with columns 38 cm. in diameter and capitals 54 by 38 by 18 cm. (Ruppert 1952). Structure 5C2, like structure

5B13 of the Southwest Group, stands on the north side of a court in the Initial Series Group. Adjacent to both of these small colonnades in both groups is a two-chambered structure, 5B14 in the Southwest Group and 5C1 in the Initial Series Group. No vault stones were seen in structures 5B13 or 5C1, and none was reported for 5C2 (Ruppert 1952), which may indicate these three buildings were not covered with vaulted roofs. The columns of structure 5B14, which was a vaulted building, are 55 cm. square, the same size as columns in the gallery of the Temple of the Jaguar Atlantean Columns (5B21), an association that may have temporal significance. Similarities between the Southwest Group and the Initial Series Group extend beyond these four structures to the general arrangement of buildings on the northern plazas in the two groups. An elevated temple structure, for example, stands to the southeast of the


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Architecture and Chronology at Chichén Itzá, Yucatán  

Architecture and Chronology at Chichén Itzá, Yucatán