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block of rooms south of the House of the Phalli, indicating that this area too may have been abandoned at the time of construction of the Initial Series Temple. Few clues indicate the time of construction of the buildings of this group within the Chichén sequence, and none appears very early in the Modified Florescent period. Possibly the long, beveled jamb and corner stones in the Temple of the Owls and the Temple of the Little Heads were set during the same period when similar stones appear in the Mercado and the High Priest’s Grave. If so, this may give a loose relative date of these two buildings. The lack of vaulted roofs in most of the other northern buildings in the court indicates buildings late in the architectural sequence. The Temple of the Initial Series is almost certainly one of the latest structures at the site.

Southwest Group The Southwest Group lies west of the Initial Series Group, across the sacbe linking the Monjas with the Temple of the Four Lintels. The thirteen structures that comprise the group form two plaza clusters, a northwest plaza delimited by structures 5B13 to 5B18, and a southeast plaza defined by structures 5B19 to 5B25.

Southwest Group Kilmartin & O’Neill map (detail), Ruppert 1952:Fig. 151

The southeast court probably developed around two structures of the Pure Florescent period, 5B22 and 5B25, buildings similar in plan and orientation to the Red House and the House of the Deer. Vault stones not of the veneer type in one of the structures probably confirm they are Pure Florescent buildings, not simply later copies of Pure Florescent plans. Of the Modified Florescent structures in the court, no details are known of 5B20 and 5B24, so only 5B19, 5B21, and 5B23 remain to be discussed (Ruppert 1952:111-115). 106

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Architecture and Chronology at Chichén Itzá, Yucatán  

Architecture and Chronology at Chichén Itzá, Yucatán