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the North Ball Court Temple, which ties this building thematically with the House of the Phalli and the Temple of the Little Heads. All this says almost nothing about the relative chronological position of the Temple of the Owls. Morley recovered a fine painted capstone from this structure that might offer clues, but little comparative material exists. The capstone was later burned in a fire at Hacienda Chichén (Morley 1927:235, Tozzer 1957:Fig. 384, Willard 1926: facing page 248). The association of the Temple of the Owls and the Temple of the Little Heads with three structures on the Court of the Columns is suggestive but inconclusive.

Structure 5C6 Ruppert 1952:Fig. 87

Structure 5C6, a gallery with three small rooms, forms the west side of this small court. Few details are available, but the measurements of the columns and capitals associate this gallery with the gallery of structure 5C11 on the other side of the Initial Series Group (Ruppert 1952:Fig. 87, pp. 123, 128). In structure 5C6 the columns 47 cm. in diameter are capped with capitals measuring 70 by 60 by 35 cm, rather odd proportions among the column capitals at Chichén Itzá. The capitals in the gallery of structure 5C11, which rested upon columns 50 cm. in diameter, measure 72 by 57 by 34 cm. (Ruppert 1952:123, 128). The use of capitals that are so nearly the same size in these two structures may indicate that they were constructed about the same time. The complete sequence of construction of the Group of the Initial Series is unknown, but a general outline can be proposed. The Initial Series Group developed around the large Pure Florescent structure, the House of the Phalli, and the House of the Shells (5C5) to the south is most likely also a Chichén Puuc construction. Initial Modified Florescent construction might have been the colonnade south of the House of the Phalli or the Temple of the Owls. Structures 5C6 and 5C11 probably predate structures 5C1, 5C2, and the Sub-Temple of the Initial Series, and possibly they fell into disuse before the construction of the Temple of the Initial Series. The large atlantean columns of the Initial Series Temple were probably retrieved from the south


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Architecture and Chronology at Chichén Itzá, Yucatán  

Architecture and Chronology at Chichén Itzá, Yucatán