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of this colonnade were later removed in preparation for the construction of two rooms south of the east end of the House of the Phalli. Builders added more rooms south of these, and then completed the south court with the construction of the range of rooms joining the east and west sides of the patio on the south side. A colonnade similar to the one at the north end of the patio was built at the south end of the court, and the west patio completed the corner between the House of the Shells and the southern range of rooms. The two chambers above the western end of the House of the Phalli probably were added during the later phases of construction of this group. The general building sequence in the courtyard south of the House of the Phalli is fairly clear, but little evidence exists to indicate the position of these buildings in the architectural

House of the Phalli, Structures of the South Courtyard (5C14, left; 5C5 and 5C15)

history of the site. The low relief sculpture shares more with the sculpture from the Warriors complex than the earlier buildings of the Great Ball Court, but knowledge of the later sculpture of Chichén Itzá is insufficient to place these columns in a sequence with certainty. Large atlantean columns, like those found in structure 5C15, are not known from well-dated contexts at Chichén Itzá, and therefore do not help to place the courtyard in the general sequence for the site. No unequivocal information yields a relative date for the buildings north of the House of the Phalli, but inferential evidence suggests the northern court was developed late in the architectural history of the site. Probably no great amount of time passed between the construction of the gallery patio structure 5C11, the Sub-Temple of the Initial Series, the small colonnade structure 5C2, and the two-chambered structure 5C1. The fact that the columns in the patio of structure 5C11 are the same diameter as the columns in 5C2, the capitals of structures 5C1 and 5C2 are

House of the Phalli, south court looking north


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Architecture and Chronology at Chichén Itzá, Yucatán  

Architecture and Chronology at Chichén Itzá, Yucatán