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MANITOWOC SENIOR CENTER 3330 Custer Street, Manitowoc, WI 54220 Phone: 920-686-3060 ax: 920-683-4504 92 Fax: Published in the interests ts of all area older adu adults.

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Crafts, Raffle Baskets Book & Puzzle Sale Bake Sale Lunch Served Get a jump start on your holiday shopping at the Holiday Fair! Crafts ~ Woodworking ~ Weaving Watercolor Paintings ~ Raffle Baskets Book & Puzzle Sale ~ Bake Sale & much more! All proceeds help fund Center programming & updates throughout the year.

Open to the public! 3330 Custer Street, Manitowoc

Closed November 24 & 25 for Thanksgiving

Hours & Information 920-686-3060 Monday - Friday: 8:00am - 4:00pm 2nd Sunday of each month 12:30pm - 4:30pm Phone: (920) 686-3060 Fax: (920) 686-3069 Gift Shop Hours Open to the Public Monday - Friday: 9:00am - 3:30pm


Manitowoc Senior Center Information

Membership Fees Annual Fee: Must be at least 55 years

$24.00 for city residents $30.00 for non-residents

Lifetime Fee: Must be at least 55 years

$100 city residents $130 for non-residents

Short-Term Passes: Daily Pass: $2.00 Weekly Pass: $5.00


Facebook Page Disclaimer www.facebook/ manitowocseniorcenter The City of Manitowoc Senior Center Facebook page was created by the city to enhance and encourage communication with the city. This page will primarily be used for outgoing communication and to keep you informed. From time to time, there may be pictures posted from events, classes or groups at the center. If you wish that your picture not be posted on this site, please let us know at the senior center office.

Senior Center and Recreation Dept. Team Leader Denise Larson 686-3061 Administrative Support Specialist Penny Fabian 686-3063 Administrative Support Specialist Melissa Franz 686-3064

City of Manitowoc Committee on Aging Pat Clark-Chairperson Don Duchon Ron Von Drachek Donna Kickland June Kramer Ruth Malzahn Mary Schultz

Manitowoc Community Meals

Phone: 683-4384 For Reservations and Cancellations Please phone 683-4384 by 12:00 Noon the day before. Transportation available daily ~ Menu may vary slightly Manitowoc Community Meals are served Monday through Friday at 12:00 Noon at the Manitowoc Senior Center, 3330 Custer Street, in cooperation with the Manitowoc County Nutrition Program. A donation by participants insures continuation of the meal program. Participation is not related to income. For more information, or to begin receiving meals on wheels, contact the Aging Resource Center at 683-4180.

Mark Your Calendar Health Blood Pressure……….1st & 3rd Tue at 9:30am *Foot Care……………...Tue & Thurs afternoons

Exercise (additional nominal fees apply) Advanced Tai Chi………..Mon& Wed at 2:55pm Beginners Tai Chi……..Tue & Thurs at 2:55pm Chair Yoga………………………...Mon at 1:30pm EZ Does it Line Dancing…...Thurs at 10:00am Functional Strength Class…..Thurs at 1:00pm Line Dance Lessons..……..…....Wed at 1:00pm Senior Shape Up……...Tue & Thurs at 8:45am Yoga………………………...Wed & Fri at 9:00am

Education Bible Study………………..…..Thurs at 10:00am *Computer Lessons…..….Thurs at 1pm & 2pm *Insurance Counseling……..2nd & 4th Tue am *Legal Counseling……….1st Fri of each month


Recreation Birthday BINGO……….Last Mon at 1:00 pm Breakfast BINGO………………..Fri at 9:30am BINGO…………………………...Wed at 1:00pm Canasta………………….….Thurs at 12:30pm Cribbage…………………………..Fri at 1:00pm Cribbage………………….…..Thurs at 1:00pm Dominoes…………...Mon & Thurs at 1:00pm Hand & Foot……...Wed & Thurs at 12:30pm Hearts……………...Mon & Thurs at 10:00am Mahjong………………………...Wed at 1:00pm Monthly Movie…………….3rd Tue at 1:00pm Mystic Moods Orchestra…...Wed at 10:45am Pinochle……………………..….Mon at 1:00pm Scrabble………………………....Fri at 10:00am Sheepshead………....Tue & Thurs at 1:00pm Silver Memories Choir Practice Mon at 1pm **on non-performing days Skat……………………………….Tue at 1:00pm Table Tennis……………..….Fri after 10:00am Wii Bowling………...Daily 8:00am to 4:00pm

* By appointment only.

Crafts Services Provided: Photocopies & printed documents: 20¢/sheet (Black/White) All printed items may be picked up at front desk.

Local phone calls: 10¢/call * No long distance phone calls please. Paper Shredder—no charge Maritime Metro Bus Passes: $25/month Assist to Transport Tickets: $2/each one-way Nutrition site or add’l stop tickets 75¢/each


Caring Cards…………………..Mon at 9:00am Ceramics (monthly fee)………..Mon at 9:00am Senior Crafts……………………Tue at 9:00am Tie Quilters……………………..Mon at 9:00am Wood Carving…………………..Tue at 9:30am Watercolor Painting…………Thurs at 9:00am Weaving………………………….Tue at 1:00pm Creative Crafts Class (add’l class fees apply)…………...Tue at 1:00pm

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November Trip: Xmas Around World…….….Thursday, November 17, Bus Departs 8:00am December Trip: Xmas Remembered……….Tuesday, December 13, Bus Departs at 8:15am January Trip: Wonder Bread Years………...…...Friday, January 27, Bus Departs 11:30am February Trip: Sun Drop University…....Wednesday, February 15, Bus Departs at 9:00am ** For all Trips: Please arrive at the Senior Center 15 Minutes prior to departure time to allow for sign-in and bus loading. Thank You.

Calendar of Events






Tune in to the Breakfast Club on WCUB Tuesday morning at 9:10am !!



8:45a Senior Shape-Up 9a Senior Crafts 9:30a Wood Carving 9:30a Blood Pressure 10:50a Jazzercise 12:30p Foot Care 1p Skat/Sheepshead 1p Weaving 1p Creative Craft Class 2:55p Beg. Tai Chi

9a Yoga 10:45a Mystic Moods 1p Bingo 1p Mahjong 1p Hand & Foot 1:00 Line Dance Class 2:55p Adv. Tai Chi


8 Bake Sale




8:30a Coffee & Canvas 9a Ceramics 9a Tie Quilters 9a Caring Cards 10a Hearts 1p Dominoes/Pinochle 1p Crochet 1:30p Chair Yoga 2p Knitting 2:55p Adv. Tai Chi

8:45a Senior Shape-Up 9a Senior Crafts 9:30a Wood Carving 10:50a Jazzercise 12:30p Foot Care 1p Skat/Sheepshead 1p Weaving 1p Creative Craft Class 2:55p Beg. Tai Chi

9a Yoga 10a Elder LawMedicare & POA 10:45a Mystic Moods 1p Bingo 1p Mahjong 1p Hand & Foot 1:00 Line Dance Class 2:55p Adv. Tai Chi

8:45a Senior Shape-up 9a Watercolor 10a EZ Does It/Hearts 10a Bible Study 12:30p Hand & Foot 12:30p Foot Care 1p Dominoes/cribbage 1p Sheepshead 12:30-3p Flu Clinic 2:55p Beg. Tai Chi

9a Yoga 9:30a Breakfast Bingo Sponsored by HomeCare Health 10a Scrabble 10a Coloring Club 1:00p Cribbage 1:30p Red Hat Tea


15 8:45a Sr Shape-Up 9a Senior Crafts 9:30a Blood Pressure 9:30a Wood Carving 10a Travelogue 10:50a Jazzercise 1p Skat/Sheepshead 1p Weaving 1p Creative Craft Class 1p Monthly Movie 2:55p Beg. Tai Chi







9a Ceramics 9a Tie Quilters 9a Caring Cards 10a Hearts 1p Dominoes/Pinochle 1p Crochet 1:30p Chair Yoga 2p knitting NO Adv. Tai Chi

8:45a Senior Shape-Up 9a Senior Crafts 9:30a Wood Carving 10:50a Jazzercise 1p Skat/Sheepshead 1p Weaving 1p Creative Craft Class NO Beg. Tai Chi

9a Yoga 10a Elder LawMedicaid 10:45a Mystic Moods 1p Bingo 1p Mahjong 1p Hand & Foot 1:00 Line Dance Class NO Adv. Tai Chi




9a Ceramics 9a Tie Quilters 9a Caring Cards 10a Hearts 1p Dominoes/Pinochle 1p Birthday Bingo 1p Crochet 1:30p Chair Yoga 2p knitting NO Adv. Tai Chi

8:45a Senior Shape-Up 9a Senior Crafts 9:30a Wood Carving 10:50a Jazzercise 1p Skat/Sheepshead 1p Weaving 1p Creative Craft Class 2:55p Beg. Tai Chi

9a Yoga 10:45a Mystic Moods 1p Bingo 1p Mahjong 1p Hand & Foot 1:00 Line Dance Class 2:55p Adv. Tai Chi

9a Ceramics 9a Tie Quilters 9a Caring Cards 9a Party Comm. Mtg 10a Hearts 11a Dr. Heimerl Talk 1p Dominoes/Pinochle 1p Crochet 1:30p Chair Yoga 2p Knitting 2:55p Adv. Tai Chi

9a Yoga 10a Elder Law- Wills, Probate & Estates 10:45a Mystic Moods 1p Bingo 1p Mahjong 1p Hand & Foot 1:00 Line Dance Class 2:55p Adv. Tai Chi

3 8:45a Sr Shape-up 4 No Activities All 9a Watercolor Day 10a Hearts No EZ Does It Linedance Holiday Fair Setup 10a Bible Study 10:30-12p Mayor’s 2017 Budget Listening Session—Open to all 12:30p Foot Care No Afternoon Activities Holiday Fair Setup

8a November Trip 8:45a Sr Shape-up 9a Watercolor 10a EZ Does It/Hearts

10a Bible Study 12:30p Hand & Foot 1p Dominoes/cribbage 1p Sheepshead 12:30p Foot Care 12:30-3p Flu Clinic 1:30p Parkinson's Group 2:55p Beg. g. Tai Chi


9a Yoga 9:30a Breakfast Bingo Sponsored by North Ridge 10a Scrabble 10a Coloring Club 1:00p Cribbage


Closed November 24 & 25 for Thanksgiving


9 1pm Cards 1pm Bingo (in classroom)





RSVP by calling 686-3060 by Nov. 8th. OPEN TO THE PUBLIC of ALL AGES. SPOTLIGHT ON SAN ANTONIO: May 29 - June 2, 2017 (5 Days) $ 1,979 Dbl Visit the legendary Alamo. Old West at a dude ranch in Bandera. Dine on Texas wines and cuisine at an olive orchard. Reg. Deadline: Dec. 29, 2016

IRISH SPLENDOR: March 7-14th, 2017 (8 Days) $2,949 Dbl. Spend the night in a stately castle. Relax by a roaring peat fire. See the Cliffs of Moher, Dublin & Blarney Castle. Reg. has ended however, there may be seats available or other dates available. *price subject to change. Full Itineraries for all trips are available at the Center! Questions? Call 686-3060 or 1-800-852-5655 ALL TRIPS OPEN TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC! Help support the center by booking your trip with us.

Specializing in Memory Care 2210 Dufek Drive • Manitowoc, WI


Kim Jacobson Jacobson Insurance Services LLC 9006 Tannery Rd Two Rivers, WI 54241-9721 Phone: 920-553-3743


*Discount eligibility, rates and coverages vary by state. **Life insurance not available in N.Y. S1041 Not all companies are licensed or operate in all states. Not all products are offered in all states. Go to for company licensure and territory information.

Experience dignity, comfort, enchanced quality of life and more precious time with the ones you love. Your personal care team will provide compassionate physical, spiritual and emotional support for you and your entire family. Together we will walk this journey.


A Caring nonprofit partnership of Bellin Health, HSHS St. Mary’s Hospital Medical Center and HSHS St. Vincent Hospital

Personalized Medication Counseling Home Delivery


Christianson &Deja Your Locally Owned Community Funeral Home and All-Care Cremation Center

For ad info. call 1-800-950-9952 •

Gabriel Insurance Services Medicare Advantage Medicare Supplements • Individual Health Auto • Home • Life • Business

Deb Gabriel Owner & Licensed Agent 2002 Marshall Street Manitowoc, WI 54220 (920) 973-4623 .com

Manitowoc Senior Center, Manitowoc, WI

A 4C 01-1253

SAVE $5.00

Thursday, November 17

Tuesday, December 13

SAVE $5 off the price of the trip by 7 registering within the 1st two weeks of registration!

Join us as we travel to Museum of Science & Industry in Chicago for the fantastic Christmas Around the World exhibit! Christmas Around the World began in 1942 with a single tree, newly decorated every day for 12 days to represent the countries fighting alongside America during World War II. After 74 years, the display has certainly grown, but the spirit remains unchanged. Lunch is not included, but there is a food court available. Depart at 8:00a | Return 6:00p Members: $67.00 | Nonmembers: $82.00 Registration July 13—November 1

Ride with us to the beautiful Rosewood Theater in southeastern Wisconsin for a classic “Christmas Remembered” show. Christmas means many things to different people. Together, we will celebrate and look back at the songs, hymns, and carols that make this a magical time for all. Prior to the show, participants will have the opportunity to browse at the resort’s gift shops. Lunch options include: Pan Seared Tilapia, Pork Medallions, Baked Mac & Cheese, or Burgundy Beef Tips.

Friday, January 27!

Depart at 8:15a | Return at 5:45p Members: $84.00 | Nonmembers: $99.00

Take a trip back in time for The Wonder Bread Years, starring John McGivern (The Princess Diaries, Around the Corner with John McGivern)! The Wonder Bread Years, a fast paced and hilarious production, is a fresh and funny salute to Americana. Audiences across the country are enjoying this show, that not only restores a much-needed sense of wonder, but leaves the audiences laughing and savoring the past like never before. From sitting at the kids table to riding in the way back of the Country Squire Wagon, The Wonder Bread Years is a comic bullseye for Baby Boomers everywhere. This show will take place at the Schauer Arts Center in Hartford. No meal is included in this show, but the bus will stop for a quick bite on the way home. Depart at 11:30a | Return at 7:00p Members: $71.00 | Nonmembers: $86.00 Registration August 17—December 8

8 Wednesday, February 15, 2017! Join us as we get lost in time at the Doc’s Harley Davidson Classic Car & Cycle Museum! This fun museum is packed with cool 60’s muscle cars, and many other classic cars and motor cycles. In addition to the museum, Doc’s also has a zoo, with some not so traditional animals including fainting goats, a camel, a watus (yes..a watus), a miniature donkey, and of course, a hog! After lunch at the Timeline Saloon, participants may go back to the museum or zoo to explore a bit more, or visit the antique mall attached to the restaurant. The last stop of the day will be at Sun Drop University at Twigs Beverage in Shawano. Watch how soda is bottled in old fashioned glass bottles, visit the tasting bar and purchase some soda to take home (if you wish)! There is a “snow date” for this tour of Wednesday, February 22. Lunch is included, please choose from the Depart @ 9:00a | Return @ 4:45p following: Pulled Pork (ff), Grilled Chicken Members: $ 53.00 | Nonmembers: $68.00 Sandwich (ff), Hamburger (ff), Chicken Registration October 12—January 31 Caesar Salad.

You’re invited to this year’s Winter Wonderland Christmas Party We will get you into the holiday spirit with beautify harp music performed by students of the Holy Family Conservatory of Music, followed by delicious catered meal! Also ~ Back by popular demand, White Elephant Exchange! We invite you to bring a wrapped gift from your home. It should be something you already have, but just don’t use anymore! It can be useful or silly. You might end up with something you didn’t know you needed. We’ll start with entertainment at 11:00am Eat at Noon, followed by the white elephant exchange. Sign up now! Cost: $10|Mbr * $15|Guest Registration Deadline is Thursday, December 7th.


Monday with Dr. Heimerl ~ Nov. 14th at 11am 50 Unhealthiest Foods on the Planet:

You are what you eat is a slogan we have all heard of and brushed off. This statement couldn't be more true. But many times we think we are eating healthy only to find out we are not. The food you eat can either be the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison! CALL 652-0116 to RSVP

The Lakeshore Senior Pedalers averaged eleven riders each week throughout the biking season, totaling over 5,000 miles, despite six rides either being cancelled or shortened due to rain. We had an extremely interesting tour at the Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum on one of our rides. Another highlight of this season was the interurban trail from Port Washington to Cedarburg, with its unique architecture on their main street and enchanting outdoor deli with lovely flower garden and cozy atmosphere. Another yearly favorite, attended by seventeen riders, was the Fox River Trail from Greenleaf and riding along the Fox River through DePere and Green Bay. Each year we meet new people who enjoy biking and we never have a lack of conversation while riding and eating. We look forward to the next biking season! Watch for our organizational meeting held in April at the Senior Center!

Providing Compassionate Care and Support

Serving Manitowoc County Since 1969 Richard P. Mozinski

Jerilyn M. Dietz 903 Washington St. • Manitowoc, WI

AseraCare - Bellevue Equal opportunity provider of healthcare services. AHS - 10653-13

Jack M. Cashman

(920) 684-1234

2633 Development Dr., Ste 10, Bellevue, WI

920-497-4672 •

Apartments For Rent

Immediate Occupancy • 1 Bedroom Apartments Parkview Haven 1325 N. 8th Street • Manitowoc, WI Affordable housing for persons 62 and older or those who are mobility impaired, who meet HUD section 8 income limits. Rent based on 30% of adjusted income.



AtriumHealth and Senior Living of Two RIvers at Northland Lodge • Age 55 and up

Assisted Senior

• 1 and 2 bedroom apartments with Living with Style balconies and views of the city or woodlands • Daily Continental breakfast and 2 chef prepared meals daily included in your rent! • All utilities included


Colleen Mancheski to place an ad today! or (800) 950-9952 x2687

For ad info. call 1-800-950-9952 •

We are now accepting tenant applications! Come and see what we can do for you.

Manitowoc Senior Center, Manitowoc, WI

B 4C 01-1253


Fun & Games Theme: ASTROLOGY

ACROSS 1. Fisherman's ____ in San Francisco 6. Rejuvenating spot 9. Tom, as opposed to tabby 13. Drawing support 14. Center of activity 15. John Hancock, e.g. 16. Novelist Jong 17. Pilot's announcement 18. Bar order, with "the" 19. *Bull 21. *Part of Watery Trigon 23. Once around 24. Bank deposit 25. Skedaddle 28. Russian parliament 30. Psychologist of classical conditioning fame 35. Author Murdoch 37. It "was made for you and me" 39. Judd of country music 40. "Well" to Sofia Loren 41. Formed a curve

43. Ski lift 44. Haile Selassie's disciple 46. *One point of constellation 47. Spilled the beans 48. Base that dissolves in water, chem. 50. U in I.C.U. 52. Spanish river 53. Type of rich soil 55. Romanian money 57. *Castor and Pollux 60. *"Wandering Star" 63. Conical dwelling 64. Make a knot 66. Socialite Hilton 68. Change the Constitution 69. Cathode-ray tube 70. Speak like Cicero 71. Hand-me-down 72. "For ____ a jolly..." 73. Famous for biting an ear

DOWN 1. Bitty 2. Robert Wagner or Stefanie Powers, 1979-1984 3. "Heat of the Moment" band 4. Happen again 5. Like bell-bottoms 6. "____ So Fine," song 7. "He ____ in his thumb, and pulled out a plum" 8. Old-time calculators 9. Catchall abbr. 10. Flu symptom 11. Baron Munchhausen, e.g. 12. Architectural add-on 15. Result of beach bathing 20. Palate lobe 22. One of The Alps 24. Holy place 25. *Balance in the sky 26. "He's ____ ____ nowhere man," Beatles 27. Capital of Belarus 29. *Named after God of War 31. Giant kettles 32. Relating to a lobe 33. Yemeni neighbor 34. *Celestial maiden 36. Bristle 38. Jerry Lewis' sidekick 42. DeWALT product 45. Like U.S. and U.S.S.R. in WWII 49. It can be positive or negative 51. Mrs. Potts of "Beauty and the Beast" 54. Pronunciation of letter H 56. Opposite of binary 57. Emeralds and rubies 58. "All for one, one for all" sword 59. "Cobbler, cobbler, ____ my shoe" 60. Four-legged friends, e.g. 61. *Each astrological age contains 12 of these 62. Mambo king Puente 63. *Taurus abbreviation 65. Anger management issue 67. D.C. bigwig

More Fun & Games

11 Advertiser of the Month

River Hill Apartments 1500 North 3rd Street 920-682-7320 Senior Friendly one bedroom apartments!

Let’s tease your brain... ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Primary Evidence James comes into his brother’s room with his chest held high and a camera in hand. “I just got proof that the Benson twins are the ones who just TP’d our house,” he gloats. John asks him a few question sand then says, “I’m sorry, bro, but you didn’t get your proof.” Why not? Answer on pg. 18 NO PEEKING...CLUES BELOW 1. The camera has film in it. 2. John asked his brother where he was when he took the picture. 3. It was dark outside. 4. James ended up with a picture of himself.

Please join us for an important and informative three-part series on topics of Elder Law presented by Steimle Birschbach, LLC and Gabriel Insurance Services.

Wed. November 9th at 10am Medicare, Durable Power of Attorney and Health Care Power of Attorney Deb Gabriel with Gabriel Insurance Services will begin the day by discussing all things Medicare; how to qualify, when to apply, and more. Attorney Petri will then discuss Durable and Financial Powers of Attorney. She will explain what they are, why & when they are needed. She will also discuss how the DPOA can be of assistance during a person’s life and the importance of the HCPOA to family members.

Wed. November 16th at 10am WILLS, PROBATE & ESTATES

Open to the public of all ages.

Find out what wills do and do not include and how, with proper planning, a family can avoid probate proceedings.

Free to attend however, reservations are requested. Please call 686-3060.

Wed. November 23rd at 10am MEDICAID Attorney Petri will update you on the current rules of Medicaid and Estate Recovery, and what you can do now to plan for your long term care.


2017 Budget Listening Session

Members of the public are invited to the Manitowoc Senior Center to join in Mayor Nickels’ 2017 Budget Listening Session on Thursday, November 3rd from 10:30a—Noon. This session will be an open forum where participants are welcome to ask questions, express their concerns, or just come for an update on the 2017 budget. The budget is also available to view online by visiting the City’s website, On the homepage, click the first button on the top left side of the page that reads OpenGov.

Tuesdays at 1pm beginning November 8th Join Vivian and the Tuesday Afternoon Rowdy Rippers for a special “Make-it & Take-it” Holiday craft. Please note there will be an additional $5 fee, as participants will receive a kit of materials needed to complete that project. All participants must sign up no later than Tuesday, November 8. This is a quilting type class. All levels of quilters or sewers are welcome to participate, but some experience is necessary. All participants must be present for the first class. Class fees: $10 Members/$20 Nonmembers Additional material fee (kit): $5 per person

Quilt Sizes & Prices Are you looking for a very special and unique gift for the holidays? A handmade quilt is a great gift that never goes out of style! To make you special quilt, all you have to do is bring in your clean fabric (cut and sewn to the correct size) for the top and bottom layers, your filling of choice, matching thread and yarn. The Quilting Group will take care of the rest and call you when your quilt is finished. The quilting service is available to anyone, not just members. Finishing time varies based on volume of quilts at any given time. Provided by Steimle Birschbach, LLC, limited half-hour appointments will be available to senior citizens on the first Friday of each month at the Manitowoc Senior Center. Attorneys will be providing only generalized information and no attorney-client relationship will be created. *Appointments are necessary and can be made by calling 686-3060.

Crib (42”x62”) $ 10.00 Twin (66”x96”) $ 15.00 Double (81”x96”) $ 20.00 Queen (90”x102”) $ 22.00 King (108”x102”) $ 25.00 (Cash or Check only please) Materials can be dropped off at the Senior Center, 3330 Custer Street, Monday through Friday 8a-4pm. Questions? Call 686-3060

Do you have questions or concerns about life, health, auto or home insurance? Do you need some help understanding Medicare and its coverage? Heather Buchow of J. Johnson & Associates is available to answer your questions (seniors only) on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month. Appointments are 20 minutes in length and can be made by calling 686-3060.


The Fall 2016 leaf pickup is scheduled to begin in October and scheduled to be picked up once a week on your street sweeping day. Pick up will run October 10th through November 18th. The goal is to complete pickup in each section each week. Depending on weather, volume of leaves and equipment, there may be times a section is not completed. Please be patient, leaves will be picked up the following week. There will be a residential NO PARKING BAN from 7a-3p on the day of your pickup, which is the same day as your street sweeping parking ban. Vehicles parked on the street between 7a and 3p will be ticketed. This is being implemented to facilitate picking up the leaves much faster. NO BRUSH OR GARDEN WASTE WILL BE PICKED UP Residents may take brush and garden waste to the Manitowoc County compost sites or contact a private hauler. Call 6834333 for compost site information. STREETS WITH A PARKING LANE If you street has a parking lane, leaves should be placed in the parking lane of the street in front of your residence, the evening before your street sweeping day. No leaves will be removed from the terrace (grassy area between the sidewalk and the curb). Leaves will be picked up on your street sweeping day form the parking lane only. Please do not place leaf piles near or over catch basins. STREETS WITHOUT A PARKING LANE If there is no parking lane on your street, there is no change, and leaves should continue to be placed on the terrace. Please make sure that you do not pile leaves around trees, light poles an any other obstacles in the terrace.

Plans are currently underway for the placement of a memorial honoring the Red Arrow 32nd Infantry Division on the south side of Red Arrow park. Memorial bricks and trees are a great way to honor and remember veterans from any branch of the service or era (including the Red Arrow 32nd Infantry Division), family members, or to show the community that you (or your company), supports veterans and the memorial at Red Arrow Park. . Bricks are available in several different sizes and price ranges. There is limited availability for memorial trees, consisting of sixteen Crimson King Maples and sixteen Autumn Blaze Maples. Whether a family member of friend, honoring them with a tree is a beautiful way of remembering their life and service to our country. A plaque will be placed in front of the tree in their honor. For more information regarding the project, please contact Friends of Red Arrow (VFW 659) at 920.901.0791 or visit

14 TAX AIDE VOLUNTEERS NEEDED The AARP Manitowoc County TaxAide Program will be returning to the Manitowoc Senior Center for the 2017 Tax Season! However, we are in need of several volunteer greeters and tax preparers. Preparers work with taxpayers directly, filling out tax returns. All claims are filed on the computer. Experience isn't necessary — AARP will train you on the latest tax preparation forms and software. Training for new tax preparers is held in Green Bay where volunteers are trained and IRS certified to prepare simple state and federal returns. AARP does reimburse for mileage. Greeters welcome clients, help organize their paperwork, manage the overall flow of service. Training for greeters includes reading a booklet and taking a simple five question test. Experience is NOT necessary! Please contact the Manitowoc Senior Center at (920) 686-3060 if you are interested!

Thank you Karin Charland for the generous donation of a sewing machine to the weaving room!

Your Hometown Choice for Nursing and Rehabilitation Services!

of Two Rivers

• 24 Hour Skilled Nursing Care • Inpatient and Outpatient Therapy Services

920-793-2261 1 Hamilton Drive • Two Rivers

• Great Breakfasts • Daily Specials • Homemade Desserts! • Soup & Salad Bar Daily • Dine-in or Carry-out 2013 N. Rapids Rd., Manitowoc


10% Off Entire Bill with this ad

North Ridge Medical and Rehabilitation Center • Physical, Occupational, & Speech Therapy !"#$%#&%' ( )#*+ ! ,''• Exceptional Patient Outcomes

• Extensive Nursing Experience . /012#++$03#4' 54#6 • Outstanding Wound Care

1445 N. 7th Street, Manitowoc For more information or to schedule a tour please call 920-682-0314 For ad info. call 1-800-950-9952 •

Manitowoc Senior Center, Manitowoc, WI

C 4C 01-1253


FOOT CARE AT THE MANITOWOC SENIOR CENTER The Manitowoc Senior Center, in conjunction with Holy Family Memorial, will be holding flu/pneumonia shot clinics at the Senior Center. Thursday, November 10 12:00p-3:00p Thursday, November 17 12:00p-3:00p Flu Shot: $32 | Pneumonia: $85 Payment can be made day of (payable to HFM) with cash or check. If you have Medicare or supplement, please bring your cards with you to the clinic (sorry Medicaid is not accepted). Shots will be administered by Holy Family Memorial nurses. Appointments are not necessary.

Foot Care is available Tuesday & Thursday Afternoons Proper foot care is important and affects how the rest of the body feels. If you need some help with your foot care, please call to schedule an appointment with Pat Nickels, retired LPN. Pat is pleased to provide this necessary service to seniors in our community. Proper foot care and nail trimming helps to prevent infection and disease, and is especially important for individuals with diabetes or poor circulation. Appointments are necessary and may be made by calling 686-3060. Cost is $25 and includes soaking of feet, trimming, and lotion with a mini massage of calves and feet. Appointments last about half an hour. Please bring a towel with you to your appt.

Enjoy “50 Reasons to get out of bed in the morning”, a fun little book created by the staff of Silver Lake College in the 1980’s. Buy yourself a gift, just for fun. Must an aarpie have a reason for buying him/herself a gift? Absolutely not! How about rewarding yourself for just being you? After all it’s a perfectly valid reason—although it might be well to avoid telling the clerk that (or at least try to look humble as you say it). Maybe you need an extra lift, and pampering yourself from time to time is great—and delightful. You can be just as frivolous or as practical as your big heart desires...or you little billfold allows. Only you will know. Incidentally (and it’s really not incidental), remember that you’ll have to get out of bed before you shop. You might even meet some friends along the way who are doing the same thing. Perhaps a fellow aarpie would like to go with you. Buy yourself a gift from our Holiday Fair on November 6!

Visit nursing homes, hospitals, shut ins. Imagine the people who cannot get out and do the things they would like to do. Show a little compassion; take a little time to “drop in” and visit. You’ll feel good about yourself because you’ve mad the day brighter for somebody else. The socializing is very good for you and it’s wonderful for make that extra effort. And when you walk in the door, remember Reason number four (that rhymes but the reason is far more important than the rhyme): Volunteer...think seriously about singing up. The more you give, aarpie, the more you’ll have left—and the bigger person you will become (even if you start at 98 pounds! Consider joining one of the Center’s Entertainment Groups, which go out to area nursing homes/assisted living facilities.


Puzzle Solutions Crossword Solution

Sodoku Solution

? ? ? ? ? ?

Stop in an check out our new curio cabinet display, an extensive, and quite beautiful, rock collection. This varied collection belongs to Senior Center member Bernie Brouchoud and includes rocks from all over the world!

1500 North 3rd Street, Manitowoc, WI 54220 • 55 and above tenants and/or disabled. • One Bedroom Apartments • Heat/Electric/Wi-Fi Included • Elevator • Exercise Room • Pet Friendly • Group Activities: Wii, Movie Night, and Games

Office and Model Open Weekdays 8am to 2pm Call Tina today at 920-682-7320

(920) 684-8771 Manitowoc We Proudly Display A Large Selection Of Apartment Size Sofas & Dining Sets

Largest Selection of Power Lift Recliners in the Area

Family Owned and Operated Since 1919

• In-House Therapy Services & Programs, available 7 days a week • All Private Suites, complete with private bathrooms !"#$%&'$()*+,-!./$'00'#)!1,+)0%#,*+2#) Plan Your Recovery by calling 920-683-4115 2021 S. Alverno Road ~ Manitowoc •

For ad info. call 1-800-950-9952 •

Manitowoc Senior Center, Manitowoc, WI

D 4C 01-1253


You don’t have to stop your daily walks due to cold, snow and ice. Walk safely and keep your routine with the Safe Winter Walking Program. Please be sure to bring clean, dry tennis shoes for walking. Free and open to all who wish to participate.

Questions: (920) 686-3060

* *

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Walking refreshes the mind, reduces fatigue and increases energy More than half of the body’s muscles are designed for walking; it’s a natural movement that is virtually injury-free Walking provides an enjoyable time for sharing and socializing with friends or family Regular, brisk walking can help prevent, minimize the risk of, or control type 2 diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, obesity and many forms of cancer Walking strengthens bones and can help prevent or control osteoporosis Walking relieves stress and tension Regular walking will help you maintain a healthy weight and a positive body image, especially when combined with healthy eating

The Lakeshore Holiday Parade will take place on Wednesday, November 23, beginning at 6:30p on the corner of S. 12th & Washington Streets. The parade will head east, then north on S. 8th and proceed on N. 8th Street, ending at the Rahr West Museum. Parade will take place regardless of weather events. Hope to see you there for this annual tradition!

Calling all Crafty People!


Our Silver Memories Choir is in need of a new pianist. This would require about an hour of your time every Monday-Sept through May. Practices are from 1p to 2p -2x week and the entertainment outings are from 2p to 3p at local assisted living and nursing homes - 2x week. If you can help out or know of someone who could, please call us at 920.686.3060. Thank You.

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Are y inter ou ested in le arnin g how t o s c ra pboo k or m ake card s?

Call: 920.686.3060

Our Senior Crafts Group is looking for new members! Do you enjoy creating crafts using a variety of tools and supplies? Do you have some fresh ideas for what we should sell in our gift shop? All supplies used are donated to us. All you need to do is put it together. Use your imagination, the sky is the limit on what you could create! All items made are sold in our gift shop as a way of raising funds for the center. The group meets every Tuesday Morning at 9am in the sewing room. Stop by, meet the group and see what it’s all about! Everyone Welcome!

SCRABBLE!! Every Friday morning at 10am! Join the group today! No seriousness here. Socialize! Have Fun! Feel Good! Improve memory and cognitive skills. lower blood pressure. Reduce Stress! Open to all members of any level of playing.

Monday Nov. 7th At 8:30am

November’s s will Coffee & Canva tic Feature a majes ng ti watercolor pain as an with the moon kdrop. enchanting bac . * Members Only

ever No charge; how donations to the appreciated. Way is greatly Student United

Below is the answer to the Brain Teaser from page 11. No peeking if you haven’t tried to figure it out yet! Primary Evidence: James took the photo from inside the house, and the camera flash reflected off a dark window, which acted as a mirror. The Benson twins were never caught in the act, and James ended up with a photo of himself.

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Tuesday, T d December D b 6 @ 1pm 1 Join us for a special Oldies but Goodies—Christmas Line Dance program put on by the Senior Center’s Wednesday Line Dance class. Enjoy such musical performers such as Franki Yankovic, Perry Como, Elvis Presley, and the Carpenters, as well as some fantastic Christmas music. Invite your friends, relatives, and neighbors to join us for an afternoon of sentimental and lively music. Refreshments will be served after the show. Free & open to the public! We are happy to announce the return of Zumba Gold to the Manitowoc Senior Center! Welcome your instructor, Laura Kriese. Come for a FREE introductory class on Monday, December 12th at 8:30am! Regular classes will be held Mondays at 8:30am beginning January 9th! The perfect time to start that new years fitness resolution! Class fee will be $5/month (members only) *Please note: We do need a minimum of 10 people per month in order to hold the class. So gather up your friends and plan Zumba Gold as part of your weekly fitness routine! Join the Adult Coloring Club every Friday morning at 10am in the Coffee Shop. Bring Fridays at your colored pencils, markers, coloring book 10:00am and join others who enjoy the art of coloring! This group is perfect for those who wish to reduce stress & anxiety, tell stories, laugh, socialize or work on your coloring skills. *Feel free to bring treats to share. Coffee will be available for purchase as well.

In the Senior Center Lobby Beginning at 8m (while supplies last) Funds raised go to senior center programming and updates. Thank you for your support

Manitowoc County Human Services Dept. will be taking appointments for Home Energy Assistance at the Manitowoc Senior Center on the mornings of Nov 3 & 10. Appointments can be made by calling 686-3060. Documents to Bring: 2016-2017 Income Guidelines:

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

SSN for everyone in household Photo ID Heating Cost Electric Cost Know water heater fuel source

6. Gross Income 7. Most recent Federal Tax Return/Homestead Credit 8. Lease/Rental Agreement if heat/electric is included

20 Exercise of the Month: Upper Body Exercise - Side Arm or Lateral Raises Benefits: Improves functional ability help you perform everyday activities, particularly lifting objects. From putting something heavy on a shelf to hauling boxes. Strong shoulders give you the functional ability and strength to lift. This also can minimize your injury risk from straining while attempting to lift a heavy item or catching an item in the air. It Sitting Lateral Raise also strengthens stabilizer muscles including the rotator cuff, upper and mid back muscles, chest and arm muscles. Your abdominals are also activated while they try to steady your body. SO.. How do you do it? You can do this exercise while standing or sitting in a sturdy, armless chair or on a bosu ball as you see here. Keep feet flat on the floor even, shoulder -width apart. Hold hand weights straight down at your sides with palms facing inward. Slowly breathe out as you raise both arms to the side to shoulder height. You can also stand while performing this exercise. Hold the position for 1 second. Breathe in as you slowly lower Standing Lateral Raise arms to the sides. Repeat 10 to 15 times. Rest. Then repeat 10 to 15 more times. Tips: When using weights, take 3 seconds to lift or push a weight into place, hold the position for 1 second, and take another 3 seconds to return to your starting position. Don't let the weight drop; returning it slowly is very important. Breathe out as you lift or push a weight and breathe in as you relax. Don't hold your breath during strength exercises. This could affect your blood pressure, especially if you have heart disease. Use smooth, steady movements to bring weights into position. Avoid jerking or thrusting movements. As always, check with your doctor before beginning any exercise program. Source: &

Heating & Air Conditioning Manitowoc


Caring Hearts Keep Your Loved One At Home 24/7 Coverage • Personal Care/Housekeeping • Errands, More Barb: 920-683-0260 or 920-901-6293

ONLY $25.00

For ad info. call 1-800-950-9952 •

Manitowoc Senior Center, Manitowoc, WI

E 4C 01-1253

21 November 1 Roger Paul Ardis Rosado Joyce Schleis November 3 Ronald Hansen Dawn Holsen Elizabeth Keon November 4 Faye Jaeckel Betty Schuler November 5 Rose Meihsner November 6 Lydia Starre Bill Wendorff Pauline Rusch November 7 Patricia Anhalt Dennis Kloida Germaine Suchomel Clifford Stock Robert Stubbe Jerry Zigmund November 8 Sharon Dippel David Reinbold Carol Zigmund November 9 Gaenell Medina

November 10 Charlotte Moldenhauer

Mary Zellmer Diane Albright Joanne Griebling Norbert Schuh Laverne Weber November 11 Marian Langer Janet Stone Marlene Dramm Shirley Jacobs Marilyn Muench Bill Torsch November 12 Janice Borgwardt Eileen Weina November 13 Kenneth Tate Judy Gollata November 15 Monica Herzog November 16 Robert Arndt Margaret Coombs Norma Drumm Delores Gerard Beverly Schmidt November 17 Allen Ziebell Judith Gueldner Mathew Leitner Dan Siewert Maryann Uren

November 18 Delores Cisler Arlene Kuehnle Judy Shallue Jean Smith November 19 Bet Schultz Caryn Nickels November 20 Adeline Morella Pearl Quinn Joann Budnik Susan Dick Candace Handl Bonnie Novak Judy Rebarchek November 21 Joan Budnik Donna Kickland Marlene Revolinsky Rozanne VanDeurzen

November 25 Ruth Gosz Theresa Arndt Joan Dvorak Joan Maltby Francis Post November 26 Connie Augustine James Staudt Joseph Van Ells November 27 Harlas Luckow Catherine Peters Ernest Ruffell Judith VonDrachek November 28 Beverly Greycarek November 29 Diana Mrozinki November 30

November 22 Sue Lemberger Bev Badker Marlen Christensen LaVerne Leitermann November 23 Cheryl Ellerman Kay Ratajczak Nancy Uhlers November 24 James DeWein Dee Heidorf Jane Mrozinski Sandy Stadelman

Is your name missing from this list? Your membership may not be active. Please give us a call to find out! Also if someone’s name shouldn't be on here please let us know, kindly. THANK YOU!

Join us for Birthday Bingo on Monday, November 28 at 1pm. To those celebrating a birthday this month, bring a cake to share and you will receive two free Bingo cards to play. Cards are $0.50 each (max of 4 cards per person). All money taken in is given out as prizes! Birthday Bingo is held the last Monday of each month at 1pm. All members are invited to participate!

22 Ingredients 4 cups self-rising flour 1 tablespoon sugar 1 tablespoon baking powder 3/4 teaspoon salt 2/3 cup vegetable shortening, chilled 1 (15oz) can sweet potatoes, drained 2 cups buttermilk, chilled 1/4 cup all purpose flour 2 tablespoon unsalted butter, melted

Directions ~Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Line large baking sheet with parchment paper ~Whisk self-rising flour, sugar, baking powder and salt in a mixing bowl. Cut in shortening until mixture resembles sand and pebbles. Pat sweet potatoes dry and chop; toss with flour mixture. Gently mix in buttermilk. ~Knead dough gently 3 or 4 times on a lightly floured counter. Roll out to 3/4 inch thickness. Cut with a 2 1/2 inch biscuit cutter. Pat together dough scraps and cut out more biscuits. Bake until tops are golden brown, 14-18 minutes. Brush with butter and serve hot.

Ingredients Milk 2 packages of Pumpkin Spice Jell-O instant pudding 2 containers of Cool Whip Graham Crackers Supplies: 3 oz. clear plastic cups or similar Gallon size Ziploc bags Directions 1.Prepare both packages of Jell-O according to the directions on the box and mix in one container of thawed Cool Whip. Place the Jell-O in the refrigerator to cool. 2. While the Jell-O is cooling put your graham crackers in a Ziploc bag and crush them with a rolling pin or spoon. Here’s a quick tip for filling the cups, put them in a muffin pan to keep them upright and transport them safely. Sprinkle the bottom of each cup with a layer of crushed graham crackers. Spoon the chilled pudding into the cups leaving enough room at the top for the cool whip. 3. Next, take one container of thawed Cool Whip and scoop it into a gallon size Ziploc bag. Squeeze all the Cool Whip towards one of the bottom corners, then snip off the end to create a pastry bag. Squeeze the bag and squirt the Cool Whip on top of each cup. When finished, sprinkle the remaining crushed graham crackers on top of your mini pumpkin pies. ~This recipe makes about 20 if using the small 3oz. Cups.~


Connect with us online! Keep up to date with new programs & happenings, as well as any cancellations, by visiting us online! The digital version of News Notes is available on our website and Facebook prior to it being available in print. LIKE

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Sue Beeman, Dennis Duggan, Dorothy & Randy Ebert, Sandy Fonda Rosemary Helke, Nancy Hibbard, Janet Johnson Dan & Diane Keating, Janice Krall Charlotte Ann LeClair, Patricia Marx Ginger Novak. Wilma Rehbein Laurie Sickinger, Mary Smith Lydia Starre, Joane Thompson David & Judith Wanek, Janice Wehausen

Kenneth McGlin The Lakeshore Red Hatters meet for Tea the 2nd Friday of every month at the Senior Center at 1:30. All ladies are welcome. October hostesses were Bonnie Willems, Debbie Wellems, Dorothy Vandenhueval and Lynn Troska. They served chili, which really hit the spot with the cool weather here. There were a lot of pirates around. They were all different and I suppose they all traveled different areas of the world doing what pirates do. The October birthdays were Audrey Behnke, Evie Schnieder, Joyce Morrison. Joy Krejcarek, Kathy Welch, Debbie Willems and Terry Prigge. The November hostesses are Diane Cisler, Evie Schneider and Sue Schuh. The luncheon for November is on Friday Nov. 11th at Greenstreet, at 11:30a. At the Nov. Tea, Jean Moore from the Historical Society will be the program. She will talk about the civil war. We received a thank you note from the DVC. The Christmas Party will be at Seven Lakes on Dec 9 at 11:30a. The cost is $16.00. Terry Prigge will be collecting at the November meeting. There is some talk about exchanging gifts this Christmas. Think about it and we will discuss it and decide. On Dec 3rd there will be a craft show at Franklin School. That will be a good time to Christmas shopping. Funny bone Ticklers As the Dr. leaned in to examine the Red Hat lady, she got a little frisky, “You remind me of my 3rd husband.” she said, coyly. “Third husband,” the Dr. asked, “How many have you had?” The Red Hat lady replied, “Two.” Have a great Red Hat day, Terry

November Movie: The Meddler Showtime: Tue. Nov. 15th at 1:00pm With a new iPhone, an apartment near the Grove, and a comfortable bank account left to her by her beloved late husband, Marnie Minervini has happily relocated from New Jersey to Los Angeles to be near her daughter Lori, a successful (but still single) screenwriter, and smother her with motherly love. But when the dozens of texts, unexpected visits, and conversations dominated by unsolicited advice force Lori to draw strict personal boundaries, Marnie finds ways to channel her eternal optimism and forceful generosity to change the lives of others - as well as her own - and find a new purpose in life. Director/Writer, Lorena Scafaria, wrote this movie based on her real life relationship with her mother. PG 13—Comedy, Drama (100 minutes) Free for members. Nonmember guests may attend for $1/ea. A Big Thank You to our sponsor HomeCare Health for providing yummy treats during the movie.

Manitowoc Senior Center Entertainment Group Schedule The following groups entertain at area assisted living and nursing homes each month. You are invited to join them for their performances at any of the locations. For more information about the groups, call Penny or Melissa at 686-3060. November 7 November 8 November 8 **November 21 November 17 November 23

EZ Does It Young at Heart Caring Bingo Silver Memories EZ Does It Red Hats

Harborview Maritime Gardens St. Francis Convent TBD Kindred/Northridge Laurel Grove (MC)

** Silver Memories is looking for a Piano Accompanist. If you can help out, please let us know. Thank You.

Golden K Kiwanis Club Speakers November 1st @ 9am Raigan Grane Blood Center of Wisconsin November 8th @ 9am Russ Green National Marine Sanctuary November 15th @ 9am Rev. Dario Hernandz Mi Pueblo Hispanic Community Center November 22nd @ 9am Bill Kiel, Jr. President of Carron Net

Save Your Tabs For H A B I T A T

For more info: 901-8652 Visitors Welcome.


HANDS CONTEST We have hidden our Senior Center Hands Logo somewhere in this newsletter. If you have the patience to hunt for it and are lucky enough to find it, fill out an entry form at the front counter and hand it in. We will have a random drawing of all the correct entries on the third Friday of the month to win a gift certificate for a local store. Good Luck! [Last Month’s Logo was located on pg. 11 in the coloring club border] CONGRATULATIONS to last month’s Winner: Jack Kloida One entry per person, per month, please.

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