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MANITOWOC SENIOR CENTER 3330 Custer Street, Manitowoc, WI 54220 Phone: 920-686-3060 Fax: 920-683-4504 Published in the interests of all area older adults.

*NEW CLASS * Beginning Wednesday March 15th at 10:00am *membership not required* See Pg. 17 for full details

With Mayor Nickels

MARK YOUR CALENDAR Interested in the Biltmore Estate Trip this September? Come to the Travel Showcase on April 20th at 1:30pm. Travel Showcase is free to attend and open to the public. See pg pg. 15 for details.

Tuesday, March 28 @ 1p See page 9 for details See Pg. 14 for details.

Monday, March 27th at 8:30am Start out your Monday creating a spring inspired cityscape watercolor painting with the Student United Way. Coffee and all painting supplies are provided.

Sign up Now! No Charge * Members only Donations to SUW the day of class accepted. Thank you for your support.

Hours & Information 920-686-3060 Monday - Friday: 8:00am - 4:00pm Phone: (920) 686-3060 Fax: (920) 686-3069 Gift Shop Hours Open to the Public Monday - Friday: 9:00am - 3:30pm


Manitowoc Senior Center Information

Membership Fees Annual Fee: Must be at least 55 years

$25.00 for city residents $35.00 for non-residents

Lifetime Fee: Must be at least 55 years

$100 city residents $130 for non-residents

Short-Term Passes: Daily Pass: $2.00 Weekly Pass: $5.00

Facebook Page Disclaimer www.facebook/ manitowocseniorcenter The City of Manitowoc Senior Center Facebook page was created by the city to enhance and encourage communication with the city. This page will primarily be used for outgoing communication and to keep you informed. From time to time, there may be pictures posted from events, classes or groups at the center. If you wish that your picture not be posted on this site, please let us know at the senior center office.

Staff Senior Center and Recreation Dept. Team Leader Denise Larson 686-3061 Administrative Support Specialist Penny Fabian 686-3063 Administrative Support Specialist Melissa Franz 686-3064

City of Manitowoc Committee on Aging Pat Clark-Chairperson Don Duchon Ron Von Drachek Donna Kickland June Kramer Ruth Malzahn Mary Schultz 2017 Meetings: March 13th May 8th September 11 November 13 at 9:30am

Manitowoc Community Meals

For Reservations and Cancellations Please phone 683-4384 by 12:00 Noon the day before. Transportation available daily ~ Menu may vary slightly Manitowoc Community Meals are served Monday through Friday at 12:00 Noon at the Manitowoc Senior Center, 3330 Custer Street, in cooperation with the Manitowoc County Nutrition Program. A donation by participants insures continuation of the meal program. Participation is not related to income. For more information, or to begin receiving meals on wheels, contact the Aging Resource Center at 683-4180.

Senior Center Activities and Services Health Blood Pressure………………..1st & 3rd Tue 9:30am *Foot Care…………...………...Tue/Thur Afternoons



Bible Study………………………………Thur 10:00am *Computer Lessons………………..Thur 1pm & 2pm *Insurance Counseling…………..2nd & 4th Tue am *Legal Counseling……………..1st Fri of each month *By appointment only

Adult Coloring ………………………...Fri 10:00am Birthday BINGO……………………...Last Mon pm Breakfast BINGO……………...………..Fri 9:30am BINGO…………………………...……...Wed 1:00pm Canasta……………………….……….Thur 12:30pm Cribbage…………………………...………..Fri :00pm Cribbage……………………….………..Thur 1:00pm Dominoes…………………..…..Mon/Thur 1:00pm Hand & Foot……………...…..Wed/Thur 12:30pm Hearts…………………...……..Mon/Thur 10:00am Mahjong………………….……………...Wed 1:00pm Monthly Movie………………….….3rd Tue 1:00pm Mystic Moods Orchestra…………...Wed 10:45am Pinochle…………………………….…...Mon 1:00pm Scrabble…………………………...…....Fri 10:00am Sheepshead…………………......Tue/Thur 1:00pm Silver Memories…………....Practice Mon 1:00pm Skat………………………….…………….Tue 1:00pm Table Tennis……………….…………Fri after 10am Wii Bowling………….…………...Daily 8am to 4pm

Services Provided:


Photocopies in office: 20¢/sheet (Black/White) Printed documents in library: 20¢/sheet (B/W) Local phone calls: 10¢/call * No long distance phone calls please. Paper Shredder—no charge Maritime Metro Bus Passes: $26/month Assist to Transport Tickets: $2/each one-way Nutrition site or add’l stop tickets 75¢/each

Caring Cards……………………………Mon 9:00am Ceramics (monthly fee)………….…...Mon 9:00am Crochet…………………………………..Mon 1:00pm Knitting……………………………….….Mon 2:00pm Senior Crafts……………………….……Tue 9:00am Tie Quilters……………………….……..Mon 9:00am Wood Carving……………………….…..Tue 9:30am Watercolor Painting………….……….Thur 9:00am Weaving…………………………….…….Tue 1:00pm Creative Crafts Class *…..…………...Tue 1:00pm *additional class fees apply

Exercise (Monthly fee) Advanced Tai Chi ($5)………….. Mon/Wed 2:55pm Beginners Tai Chi ($5)……………Tue/Thur 2:55pm Chair Yoga ($4)…………………………....Mon 1:30pm EZ Does it Line Dancing ($4)………...Thur 10:00am Functional Strength Class ($4)……....Thur 1:00pm Line Dance Lessons ($4)...…...............Wed 1:00pm Yoga ($5)……………………………....Wed/Fri 9:00am Senior Shape Up ($1 per class)…..Tue/Thur 8:45am Zumba Gold ($5)……..…………………...Mon 8:30am



Page 7 & 8 March Trip: Art Immersion…………………………..Thurs, March 23, Bus Departs at 8:45am April Trip: Nationwide Travelers Spring Show……....Sun, April 9, Bus Departs at 10:00am April Trip: Progressive Meal & Pabst Mansion……Thurs, April 20, Bus Departs at 7:30am May Trip: House on the Rock…………..……………..Thurs, May 18, Bus Departs at 7:00am May Trip: Brewers vs. Blue Jays …………………… Wed, May 24th, Bus Departs at 9:30am June Trip: Memories Dinner Theater……………...Tues, June 20, Bus Departs at 11:00am ** For all Trips: Please arrive at the Senior Center 15 Minutes prior to departure time to allow for sign-in and bus loading. Thank You.

Connect with us online!

Keep up to date with new programs & happenings, as well as any cancellations, by visiting us online! The digital version of News Notes is available on our website and Facebook prior to it being available in print. . Like us on Facebook www.facebook/manitowocseniorcenter ☺ Get our News Notes sent directly to your email inbox! Call to have your email address added to the list!

Calendar of Events




THURS 8:45a Sr Shape-up 9a Watercolor 10a EZ Does It/Hearts 10a Bible Study 12:30p Hand & Foot 12:30p Foot Care 1p Funct. Strength 1p Dominoes/cribbage 1p Sheepshead 2:55p Beg Tai Chi


9a Yoga 10:45a Mystic Moods 1p Bingo Spons By River Wood Place 1p Mahjong 1p Hand & Foot 1p Line Dance Class 2:55p Adv Tai Chi





8:45a Senior Shape-Up 9a Senior Crafts 9:30a Wood Carving 9:30a Blood Pressure 10:50a Jazzercise 12:30p Foot Care 1p Skat/Sheepshead 1p Weaving 1p Creative Craft Class 2:55p Beg Tai Chi (New Class begins today)

9a Yoga 10:45a Mystic Moods 1p Bingo 1p Mahjong 1p Hand & Foot 1p Line Dance Class 2:55p Adv Tai Chi

138:30a Zumba Gold





8:45a Retired Teachers 9a Ceramics/Caring Cards 9a Tie Quilters 9:30a C.O.A Meeting 10a Hearts 11a Dr. Heimerl Talk 1p Dominoes/Pinochle 1p Crocheting 1:30p Chair Yoga 2p Knitting 2:55p Adv Tai Chi

8:45a Senior Shape-Up 9a Senior Crafts 9:30a Wood Carving 10:50a Jazzercise 12:30p Foot Care 1p Skat/Sheepshead 1p Weaving 1p Creative Craft Class 2:55p Beg Tai Chi

9a Yoga 10:45a Mystic Moods 11a *NEW* Brain Fitness Class 1p Bingo Sponsored by Felician Village 1p Mahjong 1p Hand & Foot 1p Line Dance Class 2:55p Adv Tai Chi

8:45a Sr Shape-up 9a Watercolor

9a Yoga 9:30a Breakfast Bingo Spons by NorthRidge 10a Scrabble 1p Cribbage





8:30a Zumba Gold 9a Ceramics 9a Tie Quilters 9a Caring Cards 10a Hearts 1p Dominoes/Pinochle 1p Crocheting 1:30p Chair Yoga 2p Knitting 2:55p Adv Tai Chi

8:45a Sr Shape-up 9a Watercolor 10a EZ Does It/Hearts 10a Bible Study 12:30p Hand & Foot 12:30p Foot Care 1p Funct. Strength 1p Dominoes/cribbage 1p Sheepshead 2:55p Beg Tai Chi

9a Yoga 9:30a Breakfast Bingo Spons by Rivers Bend 10a Scrabble 1p Cribbage REMINDER: Sign up for Brain Fitness beginning Mar. 15th 9a Yoga 9:30a Breakfast Bingo Spons by Homecare 10a Scrabble 1p Cribbage 1p Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine Open to the public

1:30p Red Hat Tea

8:45a Sr Shape-Up 9:30a Blood Pressure 9-10:30a Senior Crafts OPEN HOUSE 9:30a Wood Carving 10:50a Jazzercise 12:30p Foot Care 1p Monthly Movie 1p Skat/Sheepshead 1p Weaving 1p Creative Craft Class 2:55p Beg Tai Chi


8:30a Zumba Gold 9a Ceramics 9a Tie Quilters 9a Caring Cards 9:15a Party Com. Mtg 10a Hearts 1p Dominoes/Pinochle 1p Crocheting 1:30p Chair Yoga 2p Knitting 2:55p Adv Tai Chi




8:45a Senior Shape-Up 9a Senior Crafts 9:30a Wood Carving 10:50a Jazzercise 12:30p Foot Care 1p Skat/Sheepshead 1p Weaving 1p Creative Craft Class 2:55p Beg Tai Chi

9a Yoga 10:45a Mystic Moods 1p Bingo 1p Mahjong 1p Hand & Foot 1p Line Dance Class 2:55p Adv Tai Chi

8:30a Zumba Gold 8:30a Coffee & Canvas 9a Ceramics 9a Ceramics/Caring Cards 10a Hearts 1p Dominoes/Pinochle 1p Birthday Bingo 1p Crocheting 1:30p Chair Yoga 2p Knitting 2:55p Adv Tai Chi



9a Yoga 10:45a Mystic Moods 1p Bingo 1p Mahjong 1p Hand & Foot 1p Line Dance Class 2:55p Adv Tai Chi

10a EZ Does It

10a Hearts 10a Bible Study 12:30p Hand&Foot 12:30p Foot Care 1p Funct. Strength 1p Dominoes/cribbage 1p Sheepshead 2:55p Beg Tai Chi 8:45a Sr Shape-up 9a Watercolor 10a EZ Does It 10a Hearts 10a Bible Study 12:30p Hand&Foot 12:30p Foot Care 1p Funct. Strength 1p Dominoes/cribbage 1p Sheepshead 2:55p Beg Tai Chi




8:45a Sr Shape-up 9a Watercolor 10a EZ Does It 10a Hearts 10a Bible Study 12:30p Hand&Foot 12:30p Foot Care 1p Funct. Strength 1p Dominoes/cribbage 1p Sheepshead 2:55p Beg Tai Chi

9a Yoga 9:30a Breakfast Bingo Spons by Mtwc Health & Rehab 10a Scrabble 1p Cribbage 2:30p Arthritis Talk Open to the public

9a Yoga 9:30a Breakfast Bingo Spons by Compasus 10a Scrabble 1p Cribbage Last Day of Indoor Walking at Citizens Park Gym. 8:30a10:30a

Age 60 & under Cost: $7.00


Join the Ranks of the Great Explorers! Fantastic archeological treasures set amidst the soaring Andean peaks – this can only be Peru. Discover Lima’s colonial heritage and see why the “City of Kings” is a World Heritage Site. Travel to Machu Picchu aboard the famed Vistadome train. Spend a night at the base of this “Lost City of the Incas” in a luxury hotel and enjoy an exclusive culinary demonstration & so much more. March 3, 2018 * 10 Days * $4999 Dbl. Itineraries available in the Senior Center lobby or view online at :

Immerse yourself in one of the world’s most iconic cities – London. On your 5-night adventure, delve into the city’s rich history and culture. See the Tower of London, St Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Abbey on a city tour. Enjoy a privately guided tour of Blenheim Palace, the birthplace of Winston Churchill. Stand suspended over the River Thames on London’s famous Tower Bridge & more! October 4, 2017 * 7 Days * $3149 Dbl. Itineraries available in the Senior Center lobby or view online at:

DID YOU KNOW.. All Collette Vacation Tours are open to the public of all ages? Everyone.. young and young at heart.. can enjoy these amazing trips!

Sign up early and save $100 on London and $200 on Peru!

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Experience dignity, comfort, enchanced quality of life and more precious time with the ones you love. Your personal care team will provide compassionate physical, spiritual and emotional support for you and your entire family. Together we will walk this journey.


A Caring nonprofit partnership of Bellin Health, HSHS St. Mary’s Hospital Medical Center and HSHS St. Vincent Hospital

Personalized Medication Counseling Home Delivery


Christianson &Deja Your Locally Owned Community Funeral Home and All-Care Cremation Center

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Gabriel Insurance Services Medicare Advantage Medicare Supplements • Individual Health Auto • Home • Life • Business

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Manitowoc Senior Center, Manitowoc, WI

A 4C 01-1253

Senior Center Day Trips



Thursday, March 23, 2017 Participate in a one-of-a-kind Art Immersion Experience at Northeastern Wisconsin’s Artisan and Business Center in Green Bay! Participants will work with a team of professional artisans who will help each participant create slab clay box, while focusing on skills and techniques to create a functional piece of artwork. Boxes will be fired after the tour and delivered to the Senior Center for pickup. No experience is necessary! A tour of the Depart @ 8:45am | Return @ 4:15p Artisan Center, along with special Members: $81.00 | Nonmembers: $96.00 artisan demonstrations and deliRegistration Open Now—March 8, 2017 cious box lunch will be provided.

Sunday, April 9, 2017 Join Nationwide for their annual Spring Showcase, held at Fox Valley Lutheran High School. This year’s musical entertainers include Take 2 and Still Cruisin’. Take 2 is a husband and wife duo, who upon retiring from their teaching careers, formed their duo. The couple performs on the Celebration Belle and at special events around the Midwest. Still Cruisin’ is also a husband and wife duo who have been performing throughout Wisconsin for over 20 years. They play tributes to the greats, such as Elvis, Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash, Connie Francis, Zac Brown and many more! A family style chicken dinner will be served prior to the show. *Due to the special nature of this trip, no Bus Bucks or early bird registration will be Depart at 10:00a | Return approximately 5p accepted. **Bus will depart from $48.00 per person, inclusive (members & nonmembers) the Manitowoc Senior Center. Registration January 11—March 22

Thursday, April 20, 2017! You won’t want to miss this fantastic trip, learning the heritage and culture of Milwaukee through food! The first stop will be at Sciortino’s Bakery & Glorioso’s Deli for a little shopping and tasting. After that, enjoy a tour of the spectacular Pabst Mansion. After the Mansion, we will stop at Wisconsin Cheese Mart for tastings of cheese, sausage & beer, along with some shopping and a spice demonstration. Lunch will consist of a traditional Polish entrée at Polonez Polish restaurant. The final stop will be at Kopps Frozen Custard, a Milwaukee tradition since 1950. A step on guide will join the group at the first stop and will stay with us until the end. The guide will provide spectacular insight on the rich history of the area. Pricing includes all food, transportation & admission. Depart at 7:30a | Return approximately 4:00p Members: $95.00 | Nonmembers: $110.00 Registration January 11—April 5

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Join us for a one-of-a-kind experience as we take a self-guided tour through the House on the Rock, in Spring Green. The House on the Rock was built by Alex Jordan as a weekend retreat. Alex, a collector all of his life, amassed an impressive collection of beautiful, amazing, and some just plain bizarre items. Lunch will be on your own in the food court at The House on The Rock. Comfortable shoes are a must, as there will be a substantial amount of walking on this tour (including up and down ramps and stairs). If you have never been to The House on The Rock, it should definitely be on your list of things to do! From the Infinity Room, the multi-level carousel, the massive “music boxes, to the original house, the entire experience truly is a wonder to behold! Depart at 7:00a | Return approximately 5:30p Members: $75.00 | Nonmembers: $90.00 Registration January 18—May 9

Join us on our annual Brewer game trip as the Brewers take on the Toronto Blue Jays. The game begins at 12:10pm. Your seats will be located on the first-base line in the out-field loge. Lunch is on your own at Miller Park or feel free to bring your own lunch. Unopened beverages in plastic containers are also allowed (no cups/thermos or alcohol). The bus will stop at Culvers on the way home, time permitting.

Hurry! Filling Fast! Once full, we will begin a wait list!

Depart at 9:30am | Return approximately 6:00pm Members: $48.00 | Nonmembers: $63.00 Registration February 1—April 28 * Early Bird pricing does not apply

Tuesday, June 20, 2017 Join us for our June Tour “In the Time of Old Age”, a comedy presented at Memories Ballroom in Port Washington. This tender and heartwarming comedy shows that just when you think the parade has passed you by, life gives you another chance. Two gentlemen, a Jewish widower and an IrishAmerican World War II Veteran, unexpectedly come into a fortune. With their new status and the help of a beautiful lawyer, they have some fun pulling off a brilliant sting on a bank manager of questionable integrity and morality, all to the benefit of the elderly. An all-you-can-eat chicken dinner is included with the show. Depart at 11a | Return approximately 5p Members $75.00 | Nonmembers $90.00 Registration February 8—May 24

Community Update and Q & A Session with Mayor Justin Nickels Tuesday, March 28 @ 1pm Join Mayor Nickels at the Senior Center on Tuesday, March 28 for an update on our wonderful community, as well as a question and answer session. This session is free and open to the public, however, preregistration is appreciated. Call 686-3060 to secure your spot.


Presented by: Dr. Joshua Heimerl, D.C.

Monday, March 13 at 11:00am Join Dr. Heimerl as he presents varying healthcare topics which are important to those 50 years and older. This monthly series concentrates on topics such as; healthy habits, beating aches and pains, diet and nutrition, and anti aging. Come and learn what you can do to stay healthy and active in your senior years. Please call (920) 652-0116 to register. Seating is limited. Open to the public

Providing Compassionate Care and Support

Serving Manitowoc County Since 1969 Richard P. Mozinski

Jerilyn M. Dietz 903 Washington St. • Manitowoc, WI

AseraCare - Bellevue Equal opportunity provider of healthcare services. AHS - 10653-13

Jack M. Cashman

(920) 684-1234

2633 Development Dr., Ste 10, Bellevue, WI

920-497-4672 •

Apartments For Rent

Immediate Occupancy • 1 Bedroom Apartments Parkview Haven 1325 N. 8th Street • Manitowoc, WI Affordable housing for persons 62 and older or those who are mobility impaired, who meet HUD section 8 income limits. Rent based on 30% of adjusted income.



AtriumHealth and Senior Living of Two RIvers at Northland Lodge • Age 55 and up

Assisted Senior

• 1 and 2 bedroom apartments with Living with Style balconies and views of the city or woodlands • Daily Continental breakfast and 2 chef prepared meals daily included in your rent! • All utilities included


Colleen Mancheski to place an ad today! or (800) 950-9952 x2687

For ad info. call 1-800-950-9952 •

We are now accepting tenant applications! Come and see what we can do for you.

Manitowoc Senior Center, Manitowoc, WI

B 4C 01-1253


Fun & Games Theme: March Madness

ACROSS 1. Kindergarten disrupters 6. Lending letters 9. Secondary school 13. Balance in the sky 14. Sheepish sound 15. Darlings 16. Continental divide 17. Caustic soda 18. Binary digits code 19. *Requirement to play in March Madness 21. Unhitch 23. Baseball bat wood 24. Fail to mention 25. Bad-mouth 28. "____ and turn" 30. Colonnade 35. "Oh, my!" 37. "____ ____ good example" 39. Socially acceptable behaviors 40. *Major bball outfitter 41. Sea swallows

43. Constricting snakes 44. *____ and shoot, without dribbling 46. Exertion 47. Wise one 48. Newspaper VIP 50. Florida Keys and such 52. *March Madness winner's reward 53. TV's "____. O" 55. Male child 57. *Winningest coach 60. *One region 64. BBQ spot 65. Be in debt 67. Famous ballerina painter 68. Winery process 69. Did a marathon 70. Pack animal 71. Secretary station 72. Armageddon 73. *Senior to freshman

DOWN 1. Coalition of countries 2. Puerto ____ 3. Cain's victim 4. ____-____-la refrain 5. Least crazy 6. Up to the task 7. Foot the bill 8. Sleep in one's eye 9. Acapulco money 10. "____'em" in pool 11. Huron's neighbor 12. Tire measurement 15. *Occasional Cinderella team from OH 20. Uncredited author? 22. Not a thing 24. Emu relative 25. *March Madness, a.k.a. "The Big ____" 26. Homer's famous poem 27. Female principle, Hinduism 29. *1 or 16, e.g. 31. Lots 32. Response to pain 33. Candidate's concern 34. A useful part 36. Religious offshoot 38. Tolstoy's Karenina 42. Styluses 45. *Show off 49. Beluga yield 51. Equestrian gear 54. Annoy a bedfellow 56. Inhabit 57. *College athletes don't earn one 58. Singer "on the dock of the bay" 59. Sound on a farm 60. Fix 61. Archaic exclamation of surprise 62. Ditto 63. Ivan the Terrible, e.g. 64. Bachelor's dwelling 66. Like a dim star

More Fun & Games

11 Advertiser of the Month

Southbrook Manor 3400 Yorkshire Lane, Manitowoc 920-682-1600 Upscale, Affordable Independent Senior Living

Can you solve these riddles? Answer on pg. 16 1. A guy has 367 dollars, you take away 32 dollars. How many dollars do you have? 2. A bus driver was heading down a street in Colorado. He went right past a stop sign without stopping, he turned left where there was a "no left turn" sign and he went the wrong way on a one-way street. Then he went on the left side of the road past a cop car. Still - he didn't break any traffic laws. Why not?

AARP SMART DRIVER COURSE Manitowoc Senior Center Wednesday, May 3rd 8:15am to 12:30pm At the

Manitowoc Senior Center Why take the AARP Smart Driver Course? The AARP Smart Driver™ Course is the nation’s first and largest refresher course for drivers age 50 and older. It has given millions of drivers the skills and tools they need to drive safely on today’s roads, allowing them to remain independent for many years to come. In fact, 97% of those who take it change at least one driving behavior. And the best part? There are no tests to pass - just useful information to keep you safe on the road! Call 686-3060 to register today! Cost: $15/AARP Mbr $20/Non-Mbr. Payment can be made on the day of class via cash or check payable to AARP.

Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine Presentation Friday, March 10th at 1:00pm at the Manitowoc Senior Center Have you heard that acupuncture has worked for others and wondering what I can do for you? Interested in learning about acupuncture and Oriental medicine? Then join Brittany for an informational talk on the different facets of Acupuncture. This talk is free and open to the public of all ages. Please Call 920- 629-6126 to RSVP Today. Save the date: Upcoming Presentations will also be held on April 11th at 10am and May 12th at 1pm

Presented by Brittany Schultz, owner of Acupuncture by the Lake


Sunday, September 24-Friday, September 29, 2017 Tour Highlights... Biltmore Estate Basilica of St. Lawrence Antler Village & Winery Blue Ridge Parkway Visitor’s Center Guided Tour of Asheville, NC Fold Art Center Thomas Wolfe Memorial Kentucky Artisan Center Join the Senior Center, in cooperation with Nationwide Travelers, on a spectacular, six day tour of the Biltmore Estate, America’s largest privately owned home, and the historic Asheville area and enjoy the spectacular fall colors of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. Day 1—Depart the Senior Center and head for Asheville. Stay the night at the Drury Inn, Louisville. Day 2—Continue on to North Carolina and check into the Country Inn & Suites, Asheville West. Day 3—Visit the Biltmore Estate, including a tour of the home and gardens. Also visit the Antler Village and Winery. Day 4—Enjoy a guided t our the Historic Asheville Area, including sites such Art Deco City Hall, Thomas Wolfe Memorial and a guided tour of the Basilica of St. Lawrence. Afterwards, we will depart for the Blue Ridge Parkway and stop at the Blue Ridge Parkway Visitor's Center. Day 5—Depart for the Kentucky Artisan Center, a 20,000 square foot where you can explore all things Kentucky, including crafts, history and shopping. Spend the evening at the Drury Inn, Indianapolis. Day 6—Arrive back home!

Tour Costs Per Person

$850—Double $810—Triple $770—Quad $1104—Single

Travel Showcase A Travel Showcase highlighting this trip will be held at the Senior Center Thursday April 20 @ 1:30p

Please RSVP to 686-3060

Reservations can be made with a $100 deposit at the Manitowoc Senior Center. Please make check payable to Nationwide Travelers. Trip cancellation protection is available for an additional $50 per person. To reserve using a credit card, please call Nationwide at (800) 2365511 and reference Tour 13354. Please note that a 4% service charge is added to credit card payments.


Wednesday, April 12th at 11:00am

Entertainment By:

Sponsored By:

Join us in welcoming spring and celebrating our home-state with a Spring Fling Pot Luck and entertainment by the Palace of Reifs Mills Theatre, a fun & comical play entitled ~ A Slice of Wisconsin! The Center will provide brats, burgers & cranberry punch and you provide the sides! Let us know if you want a brat or burger and choose from a list of sides and desserts to bring when you register! (Please be sure that your dish is enough to serve at least 12 people) Registration deadline: Wed. April 5th Cost: $3 Member | $5 Guest

We had a wonderful time on Valentineâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Day at the Center! Thank you to all who celebrated with us! We hope you enjoyed the sing-along and the delicious bountiful Sundae Bar! A special thanks to Vicki Lenaertz for playing the piano, Karen Berzinsky for donating the party favors, Vickie Holschbach for the festive cookies, Joyce Morrison for organizing the music, to the party committee members (Joyce Morrison, Diane Cisler, Vickie Holschbach, Donna Kickland & Ann Luckow)

for all your hard work and dedication and also to Culvers of Manitowoc for donating the frozen custard for the celebration.

14 The City of Manitowoc Parks & Cemetery Divisions are now accepting applications for full and part-time seasonal positions. Duties will mainly consist of lawn maintenance. Seasonal starting and ending times may vary and are flexible, but would range from April through October. The number of hours per day could also vary and are flexible, but would range between 6 AM and 4 PM. Wages begin at $9 or $10 per hour, depending on the position. Individuals must be 16 years old and employees must be able to use a push mower, trimmer, etc. and possess a valid Wisconsin Driver’s License. Interested individuals may apply online For more information, call the Parks Division at (920)686-3580.

The Ladies of the Senior Crafts Group would like to invite you to their OPEN HOUSE on Tuesday, March 21st from 9am-10:30am. Come and see what this group is all about and how they benefit the Senior Center! Did you know items that you purchase in our gift shop with a ticket marked with an 8C are items made by our Senior Crafts group? The funds raised from those sales go directly to the Senior Center funding which help with our programing and updates throughout the year. They also invite everyone of all creative levels to join the group which meets each Tuesday morning at 9am in the sewing room. Join us! ~ Coffee & brownies will be served.

Your Hometown Choice for Nursing and Rehabilitation Services!

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1445 N. 7th Street, Manitowoc For more information or to schedule a tour please call 920-682-0314 For ad info. call 1-800-950-9952 •

Manitowoc Senior Center, Manitowoc, WI

C 4C 01-1253


Thursday, April 20 @ 1:30pm Visiting the Biltmore is as close to time travel as one can experience. The Biltmore Estate was created by George Verderbilt. Plans began for the 250 room Biltmore House, its four acres of floor space, qualifying it as the largest private home in America. The home is still privately owned by Vanderbilt’s descendants. Because of the continuity of the family’s ownership, the Biltmore House is still filled with the original furnishing, art and artifacts. Join Joyce Ohrmundt of Nationwide Travelers for a Travel Showcase focusing on the spectacular Biltmore Estate, Asheville, NC and Blue Ridge Mountains. Free and open to the public. Please preregister at (920) 686-3060. See page 12 for the full trip itinerary.

You don’t have to stop your daily walks due to cold, snow and ice. Walk safely and keep your routine with the Safe Winter Walking Program. Please be sure to bring clean, dry tennis shoes for walking. Free and open to all who wish to participate. The last date of the Safe Winter Walking Program will be on Friday, March 31. Thank you to all who have made this season a success! Questions: (920) 686-3060

Enjoy “50 Reasons to get out of bed in the morning”, a fun little book created by Judy Sigman, who was a “senior” student at Silver Lake College in the 1980’s. This book was Judy’s first attempt at writing and was a culmination on a number of courses she had taken at the school. Currently, Judy serves on the Board of Directors of the Manitowoc Symphony Orchestra. If you enjoy reading the “50 Reasons to Get Out of Bed in the Morning”, stop in at the Senior Center! We have some copies to give out, which Judy so graciously donated to the Center!

Do something you’ve never done before… Who cares where it will lead? Well, the authorities just might, I suppose—use a little caution. Just get out of bed in the morning and do it! Remember, it has to be something you have never done before in your life— something you’ve always wanted to do, but have always put off doing. You might even want to research this project, in order to really accomplish it. And, if you do it with enough style and energy, some day what you’ve accomplished may become the project that somebody else will be researching. The Senior Center offers many different classes and activities you are sure to find something new to do!

Baby-sit for working parents...Could you use a little extra income? Here’s a good— maybe perfect—way to earn it. Babysitting allows working parents to pursue their careers while you have the fun of pursuing their children. And it’s a very nice feeling to know your needed (nice??’s essential). If you want the extra action to go with the extra income, you're almost sure to get it—this job is guaranteed to keep you on the move! Should you be willing and find it more convenient, offer your own home. Remember, an “offering” in this sense is not a child-proof your place first. You could always volunteer in a school classroom too!

Crossword Solution

Sodoku Solution

? ? ? ? ? Below are the answers to the brain teasers from page 11. No peeking if you haven’t tried to figure it out yet! 1. 32 dollars because you took 32 2. He was walking.


For More re Information call 715-574-4724 7151500 North 3rd Street, Manitowoc, WI 54220 • 55 and above tenants and/or disabled. • One Bedroom Apartments • Heat/Electric/Wi-Fi Included • Elevator • Exercise Room • Pet Friendly • Group Activities: Wii, Movie Night, and Games

An Assisted Living Community

Office and Model Open Weekdays 8am to 2pm Call Tina today at 920-682-7320

Tender Reflections - Manitowoc WELCOMING NEW RESIDENTS NOW! 2210 Dufek Drive, Manitowoc, WI 54220

(920) 684-8771 Manitowoc We Proudly Display A Large Selection Of Apartment Size Sofas & Dining Sets

Largest Selection of Power Lift Recliners in the Area

Family Owned and Operated Since 1919

• In-House Therapy Services & Programs, available 7 days a week • All Private Suites, complete with private bathrooms !"#$%&'(%)*+,-."/0%(11($*"2-,*1&$-+,3$* Plan Your Recovery by calling 920-683-4115 2021 S. Alverno Road ~ Manitowoc •

For ad info. call 1-800-950-9952 •

Manitowoc Senior Center, Manitowoc, WI

D 4C 01-1253

17 Easter Eggstravaganza

at Citizen Park 930 N 18th Street, Manitowoc

Saturday, April 15th, 2017 Registration Begins at 10:00am Cost: $1.00 per child EGG HUNT TIMES Ages 3 & under 11:00 Ages 4-6 11:20 Ages 7-10 11:40

Sponsored by the Manitowoc Jaycees and H. P. Enterprises and the Lincoln Park Zoo

Brought to you by:

FOOT CARE APPTS Foot care is available on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. This service is provided by Pat Nichols, retired RN. She will soak, trim and apply lotion to your delicate little toes! If you wish to have your twinkling toes pampered, call us at 686-3060 to schedule your appointment today. Cost $25 Open to the senior community. *Please bring a towel with you.

ARTHRITIS Fri., March 24th at 2:30pm Join us for this informational presentation where you will learn about the cause of arthritis and treatments, along with what to do in your daily life when living with arthritis. Brought to you by Occupational Therapists of ATI Physical Therapy. Please call ATI at 652-9554 to rsvp. *Free and open to the public of all ages.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE! Mon & Tues, April 3 & 4—No Tai Chi Wed. April 12th—No Mystic Moods Wed. April 12th—No Line Dance Lessons with Joyce *Make up class will be Thursday, April 13th at 1pm Wed. April 12th—BINGO will be held in the Classroom at 1pm

18 8

Tuesdays, beginning Tuesday, March 14 @ 1pm Join Vivian and the Tuesday Afternoon Rowdy Rippers for the March Craft, a Mystic Knots Quilt. This beautiful quilt would make a very nice gift, or a fantastic addition to your collection. The April craft will incorporate the leftover pieces and scraps from the Mystic Knots Quilt, so be sure to save them! The Creative Craft Class is open to quilters of all levels, from those just beginning to very experienced quilters. Vivian is very knowledgeable and a great instructor and will be there to guide participants from start to finish. Although there are a couple of sewing machines available, participants are encouraged to bring their machines from home. Upon registration for the class, participants will receive a list of necessary supplies for the craft for the month. Preregistration is necessary and all attendees must be present for the first class on March 14. Preregistration is required.

Members $12.00


Non-members $24.00

Have you always wanted to scrapbook, but don’t know where or how to start? We are looking for a group of people who are interested learning about making their memories into art. Scrapbooking is a fun and creative way to preserve your families memories for years to come. There is no need to become overwhelmed or think of it as a daunting task, it is about having a good time. Card making would also be covered in this class. Who doesn’t love receiving beautiful, hand made cards? If you are interested in participating in a scrapbooking class and meeting new people with similar interests, please call us at 686-3060 tor stop at the desk to let us know. We will make a class determination based on the amount of interest we receive.

2. When is an Irish Potato not and Irish Potato? 3. Why can’t you borrow money from a leprechaun? 4. Why did St. Patrick drive all the snakes out of Ireland?

Knock Knock Who’s there? Irish! Irish Who? Irish you a Happy St. Patricks’ Day 1. Paddy O’Furniture 2. When it’s a French Fry 3. Because they’re always a little short. rt. 4. He couldn't afford plane fare.

1. What is Irish and left out on the lawn all summer?


The Recreation Dept. will once again be offering Mini Golf Leagues, beginning in the Spring of 2017! Mini Golf leagues are for all ages to participate, and if you wish, you may play on the “open” days with your younger friends or grandchildren, who may also join the leagues! Nobody to play with? No problem! We can help you find a team, or you can go at it alone! Spring League ¨ Registration March 1-April 14 ¨ League Meeting April 18 @ 6pm ¨ Play May 7-June 25 Summer League ¨ Registration May 1-June 23 ¨ League Meeting June 27 @ 6pm ¨ Play July 2-June 25 Senior Tour — Ages 55 and over ¨ Play on Tuesday, Sunday or Open Junior Tour—Ages 18-54 ¨ Play on Monday, Wednesday or Open Minor Tour—Ages 14-17 ¨ Play on Friday or Saturday Putt Putt Tour—Ages 8-13 ¨ Play Monday, Wednesday or Open Open play means you can play anytime as long as your round is in Saturday before closing time. League fees are $25 per person, due upon registration. Register at the Manitowoc Recreation/Senior Center, 3330 Custer Street, prior to the registration deadline for each league.

Aquatic Center Summer 2017 Sneak Peak Weekend June 3 & 4 June 10 Opening Day! Daily Summer Hours 12:30-6:30pm Lap Swim & Tot Time July 3-August 16 Mon & Wed, 10:00a-12:00p Admission $3.50 (Ages 3-17 & 55+) $4.00 (Ages 18-54) Stay tuned for more information regarding special events & programs!

Mini Golf 2017 Hours Spring & Fall Hours May 1-June 9 Mon-Fri, 5:00-8:00pm Sat & Sun, 12:30-7:00pm Summer Hours June 10-September 4 Sun-Thurs, 12:30-8:00p Fri & Sat, 12:30-10:00p p Admission $5.00 per person


MONDAY MORNINGS at 8:30am The lower impact, east-to-follow, Latin-inspired dance fitness-party that keeps you in the groove of life. Cost: $5/mth *Members Only Minimum of 10 participants to hold class. Please consider registering early to avoid cancellation of the activity.

ôReduce Stress ôImprove Balance ôIncrease Energy & Vitality ôHeighten Focus & Alertness ô Lower Blood Pressure ôImprove Circulation ôIncrease Mobility ôTone & Strengthen Muscles A new Beginner’s Tai Chi class will be starting on Tuesday, March 7th. Tai Chis is a form of martial arts that involves slow, controlled, and low-impact movements, which is great for those with limited mobility. New participants may only begin during the first three weeks. Classes are held on Tuesday & Thursday afternoons at 2:55pm. Class size is limited. Registration is required and open only to Senior Center Members. Cost is $5 per month Call 686-3060 to register

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED The Meals on Wheels program is looking for an office volunteer on Tuesday & Wednesdays, from 8:45a-12:45p. Duties would include verifying routes, doing the forecast for the next day & kitchen help when needed. Call Chris at 683-4384.

Heating & Air Conditioning Manitowoc


Caring Hearts Keep Your Loved One At Home 24/7 Coverage • Personal Care/Housekeeping • Errands, More Barb: 920-683-0260 or 920-901-6293

ONLY $26.00

For ad info. call 1-800-950-9952 •

Manitowoc Senior Center, Manitowoc, WI

E 4C 01-1253

21 March 1 Sandra Andrew Jane Fiecko Marjorie Freiberg Sandra Moffatt Delores Shimon Jean Trammell Cindy Waack Robert Wenger March 2 Violet Evraetz Katie Parworth March 3 Catherine Brandt Charlene Brey Allen Chizek Keith Tess Ronald VonDrachek March 4 Therese Strauss March 5 John Henry Mark Kuntsmann Robert Schaus

March 10 Karen Kinyon Roy Luebke Jean Schuette Tamara Sterwald Stella Wagner March 11 Bernadine Breckeimer March 12 Marilyn Jacobson Dan Keating Darlene Wellner March 13 Raymond Carey Charles Spiering Linda Wenger March 14 Marie Domek Doris Gass Carol Koch Gary Rebarchek Mary Schultz David Wanek

March 6 Cynthia Frank

March 15 Phyllis Hickmann Janice Klabunde

March 7 Anna Leiker

March 16 Patti Matte

March 8 Benjamin Jakel

March 17 Delores Boeckman Pat Miller Sue Schuh

Join us for Birthday Bingo on Monday, March 27th at 1pm. To those celebrating a birthday this month, please bring a cake to share and you will receive two free Bingo cards to play. Cards are $0.50 each (max of 4 cards per person). All money taken in is given out as prizes! Everyone, regardless of whether or not they are celebrating a birthday, is invited to play! Birthday Bingo is held the last Monday of each month at 1pm.

March 18 Lois Zabel March 19 Lloyd Junk Kate Mealy Joanne Szydel Karen Wisnowski March 20 Mary Chizek Gladys Mazanec Sharon Tollefson March 21 Bill Anderson Margaret Augustine Verlene Kollath Peg Mertz Rita Meunch

March 26 Karen Knatzke Kay Petersohn March 27 Joan Aubol Janice Gollata Bruce Klokow Joyce Robbins Charlotte Sobel March 28 Kathryn Couture Patricia Marquardt March 29 Earl Alsteen Susan Luther Barbara Pokorsky Nadine Schermetzler Karen Steffen

March 22 Edith Kornely

March 30 Helen Dunderdale-Hall

March 23 Karen Berzinsky Kenneth Kouba Ruth Malzahn Sally Meyer

March 31 Herman Balaban Merrily Hyde Dave Krall Laurie Langley Doris Reindl Ruth Wedeman

March 24 Leona Alsteen Sandy Bixler Lucille Hein Dianne Ploederl March 25 Glenn Shedivy

Is your name missing from this list? If so, your membership may not be active. Please give us a call to find out! Also if someoneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s name shouldn't be on here please let us know. THANK YOU!

Happy Belated Birthday! Bob Albrightâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;Feb. 10


Ingredients 1 pound bacon 1 cup mayonnaise 1 cup sour cream 1 tomatoâ&#x20AC;&#x201C; peeled, seeded and diced

Directions 1. Place bacon in a large, deep skillet. Cook over medium high heat until evenly brown. Drain on paper towels. 2. In a medium bowl, combine mayonnaise and sour cream. Crumble bacon into the sour cream and mayonnaise mixture. Mix in tomatoes just before serving.

Ingredients 6 oz. package strawberry Jell-O 2 cups boiling water 2 1/2 cups salted pretzels (before crushing) 1/4 cup granulated sugar 1 stick (8 TBSP) unsalted butter 8 oz. package cream cheese, softened 1/2 cup granulated sugar 8 oz. tub of cool whip, thawed 1 lb. fresh strawberries, hulled and sliced. Directions 1. Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees. Combine strawberry Jell-O with 2 cups boiling water and stir until completely dissolved. Set aside to cool to room temperature. 2. Crush 2 1/2 cups pretzels in a sturdy Ziploc bag, use a rolling pin. 3. In a medium sauce pan, melt 8 TBSP butter then add 1/4 cup sugar and stir. Mix in crushed pretzels. Transfer to a 13x9 glass casserole dish, pressing the pretzel mix evenly over the bottom of the dish and bake for 10min at 350 degrees, then cool to room temp. 4. While pretzel mix is cooling, use a hand mixer to beat 8oz cream and 1/2 cup sugar on med/high speed until fluffy and white. Fold in 8oz Cool Whip until no streaks of cream cheese remain. Spread mixture over cooled pretzels. Refrigerate 30 min. 5. Hull and slice 1 lb. strawberries then stir them into your room temperature Jell-O. Pour and spread strawberry Jell-O mixture evenly over your cooled cream cheese layer and refrigerate until Jell-O is set (2-4) hours.


Jean Andrews, Marvin Baker, Marlene Baer, Dorothy Bauer Sandra Gruenke, Diane Kemp Richard Knox Frank & Bonnie Kuhl, Jim Lazarus Geraldine Leist, Barbara Peronto Barbara Pokorsky, Morrie Ribble Robert Wenger

Al Fenlon Nancy Groll Charlotte Kattreh Ruth Sieker

Those we love don’t go away, They walk beside us every Day.

All ladies are welcome to join the Lakeshore Red Hatters. We meet the 2nd Friday of every month at 1:30 p.m. at the Senior Center. The hostesses for February were Shirley Oswald, Bev Gilbertson and Delores Boeckman. They served a delicious tea. The February birthday was Irene Kotarek. The guest speaker was Lynn Kaminski from the Manitowoc county Health Dept. She talked about all the services provided by the health dept. Some of them were restaurant inspections, inspect hotel pools and whirlpools. Children’s immunizations, provide radon testing for homes, support for breast feeding mothers, work with WIC programs and many others. March committee are Joyce Morrison, An Smaglik and Marilyn Neumeyer. The lunch for March will be on Thursday, March 16th at Friar Tucks at 11:30am. It was discussed and decided not to have monthly reimbursements. We will have a Rummage sale at the March Sale. We will have general and Red Hat merchandise. Proceeds will go to the treasury. If you want to sell something on your own and keep the money, you must stay with your merchandise. We will have the Silver Lake Art Students at the April tea to help us become artists. Sounds like an exciting tea. I can hardly wait. We now have a collection of addresses of all Red Hatters. If you missed the February tea call, Carol Parker is at Shady Lane. She broke her leg. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers. If you can, visit her. Funny Bone Ticklers A Red Hatter was Celebrating her 72nd birthday. Her young grandson called to wish her a happy birthday. He asked her how old she was, and when she said 72 he was very quiet and then asked her , “Did you start at one?” Have a great Red Hat Day, Terry

Tuesday, March 21 @ 1pm Hacksaw Ridge is the extraordinary true story of Desmond Doss who, in Okinawa during the bloodiest battle of WW!!, saved 75 men without firing or carrying a gun. He was the only American soldier in WWII to fight on the front lines without a weapon, as he believed that while the war was justified, killing was nevertheless wrong. As an army medic, he single-handedly evacuated the wounded from behind enemy lines, braved fire while tending to soldiers and was wounded by a grenade and hit by snipers. Doss was the first conscientious objector to ever earn the Congressional Medal. There are some very graphic scenes of violence and gore in this movie.

Thank you to our sponsor, HomeCare Health Services, for providing refreshments during the movies!

Rated R 2 hours 11 minutes

Manitowoc Senior Center Entertainment Group Schedule The following groups entertain at area assisted living and nursing homes each month. You are invited to join them for their performances at any of the locations. For more information about the groups, call Penny or Melissa at 686-3060. March 6

Silver Memories


March 6

EZ Does It

Tender Reflections

March 14

Caring Bingo

Laurel Grove/Memory Care

March 20

Silver Memories

Maritime Gardens

March 22

Red Hats

Riverwood Place

Golden K Kiwanis Club Speakers March 7th @ 9am Mayor Justin Nickels March 14th @ 9am Manitowoc Mayoral Candidate Barry Nelson March 21st @ 9am Manitowoc County Health Nurse—Julie Reimer March 28th @ 9am Karen Rohrer Tree House Theater

Save Your Tabs For H A B I T A T

For more info: 901-8652 Visitors Welcome.


HANDS CONTEST We have hidden our Senior Center Hands Logo somewhere in this newsletter. If you have the patience to hunt for it and are lucky enough to find it, fill out an entry form at the front counter and hand it in. We will have a random drawing of all the correct entries on the third Friday of the month to win a Gift Certificate for Dollar Tree, the sponsor for this month’s contest. Good Luck! [Last Month’s Logo was located on page 18 in the Tai Chi picture.] CONGRATULATIONS to last month’s Winner: Jim Bursek! One entry per person, per month, please.

Manitowoc Senior Center March