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MANITOWOC SENIOR CENTER 3330 Custer Street, Manitowoc, WI 54220 Phone: 920-686-3060 Fax: 920-683-4504 Published in the interests of all area older adults.

Tuesday, February 14th at 1:00pm Enjoy a fabulous sing-a-long with piano music provided by Vicki Lenaerts and vocals provided by YOU, lead by the Party Committee Members. Following the entertainment we will enjoy a festive & sweet Ice Cream Sunday Bar! {Frozen Custard donated by Manitowoc Culvers} HURRY!! Sign up deadline: Feb. 10th Cost: $3/Mbr $5/Guest

New Beginner’s Tai Chi

Starting March 7! See page 18 for details!

Monday, February 20th 8:30am The perfect start to your Monday morning! Join the Student United Way for this month’s Coffee & Canvas. We will be creating a Whimsical Heart Tree with watercolor, which you can keep for yourself or give to your sweetheart. All supplies provided. No Charge * Members only * Register by Feb. 15th! Donations to SUW the day of class accepted.

Important information regarding Membership fees, effective January 1, 2017! Effective January 1, 2017, the Manitowoc Senior Center’s Annual Membership rates have increased. Lifetime Membership fees will remain the same. Annual Membership City Resident—$25 Non Resident—$35

Lifetime Membership City Resident—$100 Non Resident—$130

Hours & Information 920-686-3060 Monday - Friday 8:00am - 4:00pm Phone: (920) 686-3060 Fax: (920) 686-3069 Gift Shop Hours Open to the Public Monday - Friday 9:00am - 3:30pm


Manitowoc Senior Center Information

Membership Fees Annual Fee: Must be at least 55 years

$25.00 for city residents $35.00 for non-residents

Lifetime Fee: Must be at least 55 years

$100 city residents $130 for non-residents

Short-Term Passes: Daily Pass: $2.00 Weekly Pass: $5.00


Facebook Page Disclaimer www.facebook/ manitowocseniorcenter The City of Manitowoc Senior Center Facebook page was created by the City to enhance and encourage communication with the City. This page will primarily be used for outgoing communication and to keep you informed. From time to time, there may be pictures posted from events, classes or groups at the Center. If you wish that your picture not be posted on this site, please let us know at the Senior Center office.

Senior Center and Recreation Dept. Team Leader Denise Larson 686-3061 Administrative Support Specialist Penny Fabian 686-3063

City of Manitowoc Committee on Aging

Administrative Support Specialist Melissa Franz 686-3064

Pat Clark-Chairperson Don Duchon Ron Von Drachek Donna Kickland June Kramer Ruth Malzahn Mary Schultz

Manitowoc Community Meals

Phone: 683-4384 For Reservations and Cancellations Please phone 683-4384 by 12:00 Noon the day before. Transportation available daily ~ Menu may vary slightly Manitowoc Community Meals are served Monday through Friday at 12:00 Noon at the Manitowoc Senior Center, 3330 Custer Street, in cooperation with the Manitowoc County Nutrition Program. A donation by participants insures continuation of the meal program. Participation is not related to income. For more information, or to begin receiving meals on wheels, contact the Aging Resource Center at 683-4180.

Senior Center Activities and Services




Blood Pressure………………..1st & 3rd Tue 9:30am

Adult Coloring ………………………...Fri 10:00am Birthday BINGO……………………...Last Mon pm Breakfast BINGO……………...………..Fri 9:30am BINGO…………………………...……...Wed 1:00pm Canasta……………………….……….Thur 12:30pm Cribbage…………………………...………..Fri :00pm Cribbage……………………….………..Thur 1:00pm Dominoes…………………..…..Mon/Thur 1:00pm Hand & Foot……………...…..Wed/Thur 12:30pm Hearts…………………...……..Mon/Thur 10:00am Mahjong………………….……………...Wed 1:00pm Monthly Movie………………….….3rd Tue 1:00pm Mystic Moods Orchestra…………...Wed 10:45am Pinochle…………………………….…...Mon 1:00pm Scrabble…………………………...…....Fri 10:00am Sheepshead…………………......Tue/Thur 1:00pm Silver Memories…………....Practice Mon 1:00pm Skat………………………….…………….Tue 1:00pm Table Tennis……………….…………Fri after 10am Wii Bowling………….…………...Daily 8am to 4pm

Exercise (Monthly fee) Advanced Tai Chi ($5)………….. Mon/Wed 2:55pm Beginners Tai Chi ($5)……………Tue/Thur 2:55pm Chair Yoga ($4)…………………………....Mon 1:30pm EZ Does it Line Dancing ($4)………...Thur 10:00am Functional Strength Class ($4)……....Thur 1:00pm Line Dance Lessons ($4)...…...............Wed 1:00pm Yoga ($5)……………………………....Wed/Fri 9:00am Senior Shape Up ($1 per class)…..Tue/Thur 8:45am Zumba Gold ($5)……..…………………...Mon 8:30am

Education Bible Study………………………………Thur 10:00am *Computer Lessons………………..Thur 1pm & 2pm *Insurance Counseling…………..2nd & 4th Tue am *Legal Counseling……………..1st Fri of each month

Services Provided: Photocopies in office: 20¢/sheet (Black/White) Printed documents in library: 20¢/sheet (B/W) Local phone calls: 10¢/call * No long distance phone calls please. Paper Shredder—no charge Maritime Metro Bus Passes: $26/month Assist to Transport Tickets: $2/each one-way Nutrition site or add’l stop tickets 75¢/each

Crafts Caring Cards……………………………Mon 9:00am Ceramics (monthly fee)………….…...Mon 9:00am Crochet…………………………………..Mon 1:00pm Knitting……………………………….….Mon 2:00pm Senior Crafts……………………….……Tue 9:00am Tie Quilters……………………….……..Mon 9:00am Wood Carving……………………….…..Tue 9:30am Watercolor Painting………….……….Thur 9:00am Weaving…………………………….…….Tue 1:00pm Creative Crafts Class……..…………...Tue 1:00pm (additional class fees apply)


Page 7 & 8 February Trip: Sun Drop University………….....Wed, February 15, Bus Departs at 9:00am March Trip: Art Immersion…………………………..Thurs, March 23, Bus Departs at 8:45am April Trip: Nationwide Travelers Spring Show……....Sun, April 9, Bus Departs at 10:00am April Trip: Progressive Meal & Pabst Mansion……Thurs, April 20, Bus Departs at 7:30am May Trip: House on the Rock…………..……………..Thurs, May 18, Bus Departs at 7:00am May Trip: Brewers vs. Blue Jays …………………… Wed, May 24th, Bus Departs at 9:30am ** For all Trips: Please arrive at the Senior Center 15 Minutes prior to departure time to allow for sign-in and bus loading. Thank You.

Connect with us online!

Keep up to date with new programs & happenings, as well as any cancellations, by visiting us online! The digital version of News Notes is available on our website and Facebook prior to it being available in print. . Like us on Facebook www.facebook/manitowocseniorcenter ☺ Get our News Notes sent directly to your email inbox! Call to have your email address added to the list!

Calendar of Events









9a Yoga 10:45a Mystic Moods 1p Bingo River Wood Place 1p Mahjong 1p Hand & Foot 1p Line Dance Class 2:55p Adv Tai Chi

8:45a Senior Shape-up 9a Watercolor 10a EZ Does It/Hearts 10a Bible Study 12:30p Hand & Foot 12:30p Foot Care 1p Funct. Strength 1p Dominoes/cribbage 1p Sheepshead 2:55p Beg Tai Chi

9a Yoga 9:30a Breakfast Bingo Sponsored by River’s Bend 10a Scrabble 10a Adult Coloring 1:00p Cribbage REMINDER: Sign up for Valentine’s Day Sing-a-long!






8:30a Zumba Gold 9a Ceramics 9a Tie Quilters 9a Caring Cards 10a Hearts 1p Dominoes/Pinochle 1p Crocheting 1:30p Chair Yoga 2p Knitting 2:55p Adv Tai Chi

8:45a Senior Shape-Up 9a Senior Crafts 9:30a Wood Carving 9:30a Blood Pressure 10:50a Jazzercise 1p Skat/Sheepshead 1p Weaving 1p Creative Craft Class 2:55p Beg Tai Chi

9a Yoga 10:45a Mystic Moods 1p Bingo 1p Mahjong 1p Hand & Foot 1p Line Dance Class 2:55p Adv Tai Chi REMINDER: Sign up for the Falls Prevention BINGO on Wed. the 22nd!!

8:45a Senior Shape-up 9a Watercolor 10a EZ Does It/Hearts 10a Bible Study 12:30p Hand & Foot 12:30p Foot Care 1p Funct. Strength 1p Dominoes/cribbage 1p Sheepshead 2:55p Beg Tai Chi

9a Yoga 9:30a Breakfast Bingo Sponsored by HomeCare Health 10a Scrabble 10a Adult Coloring 1:00p Cribbage 1:30p Red Hat Tea REMINDER: Sign up for Coffee & Canvas!


8:30a Zumba Gold 8:45a Retired Teachers 9a Ceramics 9a Tie Quilters 9a Caring Cards 10a Hearts 11am Dr. Heimerl 1p Crocheting 1p Dominoes /Pinochle 1:30p Chair Yoga 2p Knitting 2:55p Adv Tai Chi





8:45a Senior Shape-Up 9a Senior Crafts 9:30a Wood Carving 10:50a Jazzercise 1p Valentines Day Sing-a-long 1p Skat/Sheepshead 1p Weaving 1p Creative Craft Class 2:55p Beg Tai Chi

9a BUS TRIP 9a Yoga 10:45a Mystic Moods 1p Bingo Spons. By: Felician Village 1p Mahjong 1p Hand & Foot NO Line Dance Class 2:55p Adv Tai Chi

8:45a Sr Shape-up 9a Watercolor

9a Yoga 9:30a Breakfast Bingo Sponsored by North Ridge 10a Scrabble 10a Adult Coloring 1:00p Cribbage






8:30a Zumba Gold 8:30a Coffee & Canvas 9a Ceramics 9a Tie Quilters 9a Caring Cards 10a Hearts 1p Dominoes/Pinochle 1p Crocheting 1:30p Chair Yoga 2p Knitting 2:55p Adv Tai Chi

8:45a Senior Shape-Up 9:30a Blood Pressure 9a Senior Crafts 9:30a Wood Carving 10:50a Jazzercise 1p Monthly Movie 1p Skat/Sheepshead 1p Weaving 1p Creative Craft Class 2:55p Beg Tai Chi

9a Yoga 10:45a Mystic Moods 11am Falls Prevention BINGO 1p Bingo 1p Mahjong 1p Hand & Foot 1p Line Dance Class 2:55p Adv Tai Chi

8:45a Sr Shape-up 9a Watercolor 10a EZ Does It 10a Hearts 10a Bible Study 12:30p Hand&Foot 1p Funct. Strength 1p Dominoes/cribbage 1p Sheepshead 1p Parkinsons Support 2:55p Beg Tai Chi

9a Yoga 9:30a Breakfast Bingo Sponsored by Health & Rehab & Almost Family. 10a Scrabble 10a Adult Coloring 1:00p Cribbage



8:30a Zumba Gold 9a Ceramics 9a Tie Quilters 9a Caring Cards 10a Hearts 1p Dominoes/Pinochle 1p Crocheting 1p Birthday Bingo 1:30p Chair Yoga 2p Knitting 2:55p Adv Tai Chi

8:45a Senior Shape-Up 9a Senior Crafts 9:30a Wood Carving 10:50a Jazzercise 1p Skat/Sheepshead 1p Weaving 1p Creative Craft Class 2:55p Beg Tai Chi

10a EZ Does It

10a Hearts 10a Bible Study 12:30p Hand&Foot 1p Funct. Strength 1p Dominoes/cribbage 1p Sheepshead 2:55p Beg Tai Chi

Age 60 & under Cost: $7.00


Join the Ranks of the Great Explorers! Fantastic archeological treasures set amidst the soaring Andean peaks – this can only be Peru. Discover Lima’s colonial heritage and see why the “City of Kings” is a World Heritage Site. Explore Andean art forms and the local way of life from ancient time to the present in the Sacred Valley. Participate in workshops and learn about local music and dance. Savor an authentic Pachamanca dinner, a unique process where food is placed on hot stones and buried in the ground to cook. Travel to Machu Picchu aboard the famed Vistadome train. Spend a night at the base of this “Lost City of the Incas” in a luxury hotel and enjoy an exclusive culinary demonstration. Immerse yourself in Cuzco, a city that blends Inca and Spanish colonial influences. Meet the indigenous Uros people of the floating islands on Lake Titicaca. Discover the exquisite cuisine of Peru, which has been awarded the top food travel destination in the world four years in a row. Scheduled for March 3, 2018 * 10 Days * $4999 Dbl. ~ Full itineraries available in the Senior Center lobby.

Sign up early and save $100 on London and $200 on Peru!

Immerse yourself in one of the world’s most iconic cities – London. On your 5-night adventure, delve into the city’s rich history and culture. See the Tower of London, St Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Abbey on a city tour. Live like a local and hop on “the Tube” before choosing between a visit to Kensington or a visit to Whitehall and the Churchill War Rooms. Enjoy a traditional pub dinner and ale tasting. Explore Oxford, home to the renowned university, and visit the college where Harry Potter was filmed. Enjoy a privately guided tour of Blenheim Palace, the birthplace of Winston Churchill and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Stand suspended over the River Thames on London’s famous Tower Bridge. Every day in London brings a new adventure. Scheduled for October 4, 2017 * 7 Days * $3149 Dbl. ~ Full itineraries available in the Senior Center lobby.

DID YOU KNOW.. All Collette Vacation Tours are open to the public of all ages? Everyone.. young and young at heart.. can enjoy these amazing trips!

SAVE $5.00

SAVE $5 off the price of the trip by 77 registering within the 1st two weeks of registration!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017! Join us as we get lost in time at the Doc’s Harley Davidson Classic Car & Cycle Museum! This fun museum is packed with cool 60’s muscle cars, and many other classic cars and motorcycles. In addition to the museum, Doc’s also has a zoo, with some not so traditional animals including fainting goats, a camel, a watus (yes..a watus), a miniature donkey, and of course, a hog! After lunch at the Timeline Saloon, participants may go back to the museum or zoo to explore a bit more, or visit the antique mall attached to the restaurant. The last stop of the day will be at Sun Drop University at Twigs Beverage in Shawano. Watch how soda is bottled in old fashioned glass bottles, visit the tasting bar and purchase some soda to take home (if you wish)! There is a “snow date” for this tour of Wednesday, February 22. Lunch is included, please choose from the Depart @ 9:00a | Return @ 4:45p following: Pulled Pork (ff), Grilled Chicken Members: $ 53.00 | Nonmembers: $68.00 Sandwich (ff), Hamburger (ff), Chicken Registration October 12—January 31 Caesar Salad.

Thursday, March 23, 2017 Participate in a one-of-a-kind Art Immersion Experience at Northeastern Wisconsin’s Artisan and Business Center in Green Bay! Participants will work with a team of professional artisans who will help each participant create slab clay box, while focusing on skills and techniques to create a functional piece of artwork. Boxes will be fired after the tour and delivered to the Senior Center for pickup. No experience is necesDepart @ 8:45am | Return @ 4:15p sary! A tour of the Artisan CenMembers: $81.00 | Nonmembers: $96.00 ter, along with special artisan Registration Open Now—March 8, 2017 demonstrations and delicious box lunch will be provided.

Sunday, April 9, 2017 Join Nationwide for their annual Spring Showcase, held at Fox Valley Lutheran High School. This year’s musical entertainers include Take 2 and Still Cruisin’. Take 2 is a husband and wife duo, who upon retiring from their teaching careers, formed their duo. The couple performs on the Celebration Belle and at special events around the Midwest. Still Cruisin’ is also a husband and wife duo who have been performing throughout Wisconsin for over 20 years. They play tributes to the greats, such as Elvis, Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash, Connie Francis, Zac Brown and many more! A family style chicken dinner will be served prior to the show. *Due to the special nature of this trip, no Bus Bucks or early bird registration will be Depart at 10:00a | Return approximately 5p accepted. **Bus will depart from $48.00 per person, inclusive (members & nonmembers) the Manitowoc Senior Center. Registration January 11—March 22

8 Thursday, April 20, 2017! You won’t want to miss this fantastic trip, learning the heritage and culture of Milwaukee through food! The first stop will be at Sciortino’s Bakery & Glorioso’s Deli for a little shopping and tasting. After that, enjoy a tour of the spectacular Pabst Mansion. After the Mansion, we will stop at Wisconsin Cheese Mart for tastings of cheese, sausage & beer, along with some shopping and a spice demonstration. Lunch will consist of a traditional Polish entrée at Polonez Polish restaurant. The final stop will be at Kopps Frozen Custard, a Milwaukee tradition since 1950. A step on guide will join the group at the first stop and will stay with us until the end. The guide will provide spectacular insight on the rich history of the area. Pricing includes all food, transportation & admission. Depart at 7:30a | Return approximately 4:00p Members: $95.00 | Nonmembers: $110.00 Registration January 11—April 5

Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Member’s pricing in the January NN was listed as the early bird pricing for this trip Sorry for any confusion with this!

Join us for a one-of-a-kind experience as we take a self-guided tour through the House on the Rock, in Spring Green. The House on the Rock was built by Alex Jordan as a weekend retreat. Alex, a collector all of his life, amassed an impressive collection of beautiful, amazing, and some just plain bizarre items. Lunch will be on your own in the food court at The House on The Rock. Comfortable shoes are a must, as there will be a substantial amount of walking on this tour (including up and down ramps and stairs). If you have never been to The House on The Rock, it should definitely be on your list of things to do! From the Infinity Room, the multi-level carousel, the massive “music boxes, to the original house, the entire experience truly is a wonder to behold! Depart at 7:00a | Return approximately 5:30p Members: $75.00 | Nonmembers: $90.00 Registration January 18—May 9

Join us on our annual Brewer game trip as the Brewers take on the Toronto Blue Jays. The game begins at 12:10pm. Your seats will be located on the first-base line in the out-field loge. Lunch is on your own at Miller Park or feel free to bring your own lunch. Unopened beverages in plastic containers are also allowed (no cups/thermos or alcohol). The bus will stop at Culvers on the way home, time permitting. Depart at 9:30am | Return approximately 6:00pm Members: $48.00 | Nonmembers: $63.00 Registration February 1—April 28 * Early Bird pricing does not apply

9 Tuesday, June 20, 2017 Join us for our June Tour “In the Time of Old Age”, a comedy presented at Memories Ballroom in Port Washington. This tender and heartwarming comedy shows that just when you think the parade has passed you by, life gives you another chance. Two gentlemen, a Jewish widower and an IrishAmerican World War II Veteran, unexpectedly come into a fortune. With their new status and the help of a beautiful lawyer, they have some fun pulling off a brilliant sting on a bank manager of questionable integrity and morality, all to the benefit of the elderly. An all-you-can-eat chicken dinner is included with the show. Depart at 11a | Return approximately 5p Members $75.00 | Nonmembers $90.00 Registration February 8—May 24

Attention Meals Participants The suggested donation for both home delivered meals and congregate meals has increased to $4.00 per day for those over the age of 60. For those under 60 years of age, the price has increased to $7.00.


Fun & Games Theme: Super Bowl

48. *Like Super Bowl 50 50. Virginia Institute of Marine Sci1. October stones 6. "The ____ bone's connected to the ence 52. Epitome of easiness back bone" 53. Margarita fruit 9. Show appreciation 55. Throw one under it? 13. Set to zero 57. *Expensive big game purchase 14. Down Under bird 61. *Three-time Super Bowl MVP 15. James Blunt's "____ Beautiful" 65. Some are bright 16. Actor Owen 66. Chain letters 17. Credit card rate 68. Defier 18. Bone-chilling 69. Mr. Ed's remark 19. To begin with 70. Young newt 21. *NFL Comissioner 23. Doh, re, mi, fa, ____, la, ti, doh 71. Do like phoenix 72. Sunbathes 24. Beacon light 73. High or low card 25. Actors' group 74. "The Second Coming" poet 28. First name in jeans 30. Russian grandmaster 35. Heidi's shoe 37. Bulgarian money 39. Actress Watts 40. Indian music 41. 100 centimes 43. *Teams have an offensive and defensive one for the game 44. Frenchman's love 46. Charlie "Bird" Parker's sax 47. Pop group "'N ____"


DOWN 1. Black and white "killer" 2. Fox coat, e.g. 3. "Clueless" catch phrase 4. *Played this year at ____ Stadium 5. End of "cholesterol" 6. Asia's "____ of the Moment" 7. Rascal 8. Rid of impurities 9. Like most U.S. campuses 10. A siren's song, e.g. 11. Seed cover 12. Banana skin 15. Beefeater 20. Elf perch 22. Acorn producer 24. Mollusks with two shells hinged together 25. Scrawny one 26. Remember this battle 27. "Taras Bulba" author 29. Wang or Bradley 31. *Walter Payton does it in "The Super Bowl Shuffle" 32. Tissue growth 33. Yemeni neighbor 34. *Given name of man the trophy is named after 36. Cheap trinket 38. Not in favor 42. Fast food option 45. Dog stand staple 49. Jodie Foster's '08 movie "____'s Island" 51. *Game day 54. Mythological princess of Colchis 56. Fixed look 57. Not a word? 58. One of #65 Across 59. Bit attachment 60. Links to a posted photo 61. First one on a ship 62. Pavarotti's song 63. Hitler's Eagle's ____ 64. Aphrodite's lover 67. *Represented last year by Seahawks


More Fun & Games Advertiser of the Month

Southbrook Manor 3400 Yorkshire Lane, Manitowoc 920-682-1600 An Upscale, Affordable Independent Senior Living

Here’s a good one! Answer on pg. 18—NO PEEKING

1. Why is Valentine’s Day the best day for a celebration? 2. What do you call a very small valentine? 3. Do skunks celebrate Valentine’s Day? 4. Why did the pig give his girlfriend a box of candy?

Better Health for Seniors with Dr. Heimerl at the Manitowoc Senior Center Monday, February 13th at 11:00am

Dr. Joshua Heimerl D.C. presents varying healthcare topics that are important to those 50 years and older. This monthly seminar series concentrates on topics such as: healthy habits, beating aches and pains, diet and nutrition, and anti-aging. Come listen to find out what topic you can learn to stay healthy and active in your senior years!

Do you like to Polka? You’re in Luck! Sunday Mornings from 7-9am on WCUB It’s Polka Time with Craig Ebel!

Save the Date!! Next Coffee & Canvas Event is scheduled for Monday, March 27th at 8:30am Taking registrations now!

Please call to register (920) 652-0116 Seating is limited. Open to the public.

FOOT CARE AT THE MANITOWOC SENIOR CENTER Tuesday & Thursday Afternoons 12:30pm—3:30pm Cost: $25 *bring a towel with you to the appt.


12 Tax Counseling

Income tax preparation will be available at the Manitowoc Senior Center. The program is sponsored by AARP in cooperation with the IRS and Wisconsin Department of Revenue. Tax counselors are trained to prepare basic Federal and State returns, including Homestead returns. Returns will be filed electronically only. Appointments are available on Wednesday mornings from 8:30am to 11:30am, beginning February 8th. Please bring with you all the following:     

Proof of Identification (Photo ID), Social Security Card for you, spouse & dependants. W2's, 1099's and any other income and expense records along with last year’s returns. Copy of last year’s federal and state income tax returns. Proof of Account Routing and account numbers for direct deposit (ex: blank check) Property Tax bill or rent certificate signed by your landlord.

Everyone will be asked to pick up and fill out intake forms ahead of time to bring with you to your tax appointment. These are available at the senior center office. Reservations are necessary and can be made by calling 686-3060. Pease arrive 10 minutes before your appointment. Appointments are 1 hour. * Please understand that these appointments are reserved for the elderly at 50 and older, the disabled and low income ($50K or less). Our preparers are trained to prepare basic returns. They are unable to complete returns involving rental property income, sale of home for loss, bankruptcy, foreclosure, etc. This is a free service provided by VITA/TCE the AARP Tax-Aide. Barb Koch will be taking appointments for the Homestead Tax Credit on Monday afternoons, beginning January 30, 2017. Half hour appointments can be made by calling the Senior Center at 686-3060 and are available on a first come, first served basis for those age 55 and older. Items to bring to your appointment include:

Homestead Tax Appointments

  

Current tax bill (if you own your home) or Completed rent certificate (if you rent) 2016 Social Security Benefit statement

  

Homestead Forms (if you have them) Pension statements Statements/proof of any other income

Please be sure to have all of these items together prior to coming to your appointment! *Donations accepted. All donations benefit the Manitowoc Senior Center. Provided by Steimle Birschbach, LLC, limited half-hour appointments will be available to senior citizens on the first Friday of each month at the Manitowoc Senior Center. Attorneys will be providing only generalized information and no attorney-client relationship will be created. *Appointments are necessary and can be made by calling 686-3060.

Do you have questions or concerns about life, health, auto or home insurance? Do you need some help understanding Medicare and its coverage? Heather Buchow of J. Johnson & Associates is available to answer your questions (seniors only) on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month. Appointments are 20 minutes in length and can be made by calling 686-3060.


Sunday, September 24-Friday, September 29, 2017 Tour Highlights... Biltmore Estate Basilica of St. Lawrence Antler Village & Winery Blue Ridge Parkway Visitor’s Center Guided Tour of Asheville, NC Fold Art Center Thomas Wolfe Memorial Kentucky Artisan Center Join the Senior Center, in cooperation with Nationwide Travelers, on a spectacular, six day tour of the Biltmore Estate, America’s largest privately owned home, and the historic Asheville area and enjoy the spectacular fall colors of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. Day 1—Depart the Senior Center and head for Asheville. Stay the night at the Drury Inn, Louisville. Day 2—Continue on to North Carolina and check into the Country Inn & Suites, Asheville West. Day 3—Visit the Biltmore Estate, including a tour of the home and gardens. Also visit the Antler Village and Winery. Day 4—Enjoy a guided Tour the Historic Asheville Area, including sites such Art Deco City Hall, Thomas Wolfe Memorial and a guided tour of the Basilica of St. Lawrence. Afterwards, we will depart for the Blue Ridge Parkway and stop at the Blue Ridge Parkway Visitor's Center. Day 5—Depart for the Kentucky Artisan Center, a 20,000 square foot where you can explore all things Kentucky, including crafts, history and shopping. Spend the evening at the Drury Inn, Indianapolis. Day 6—Arrive back home!

Tour Costs Per Person

$850—Double $810—Triple $770—Quad $1104—Single

Travel Showcase A Travel Showcase highlighting this trip will be held at the Senior Center Thursday April 20 @ 1:30p

Please RSVP to 686-3060

Reservations can be made with a $100 deposit at the Manitowoc Senior Center. Please make check payable to Nationwide Travelers. Trip cancellation protection is available for an additional $50 per person. To reserve using a credit card, please call Nationwide at (800) 2365511 and reference Tour 13354. Please note that a 4% service charge is added to credit card payments.

14 Closings and/or cancellations for the Manitowoc Senior Center and Recreation Department will be announced on WOMT (1240 AM) and WCUB (980 AM). In the event of inclement weather, cancellations may also be checked by visiting our website Please note that although activities may be cancelled, the Senior Center/Recreation building will remain open. Meals on Wheels is cancelled if the Manitowoc Public School District cancels classes. Please use your best judgment in deciding to travel to the Senior Center. If you think the weather may be too bad to drive safely, it probably is. Exercise caution and stay home in questionable weather. We want everyone to stay safe!

You don’t have to stop your daily walks due to cold, snow and ice. Walk safely and keep your routine with the Safe Winter Walking Program. Please be sure to bring clean, dry tennis shoes for walking. Free and open to all who wish to participate. Questions: (920) 686-3060

15 Tuesdays beginning February 14 at 1pm Join Vivian & the Tuesday Afternoon Rowdy Rippers for the adorable February craft, Puppy Love. These adorable little guys will bring you joy year round! Vivian will guide you as you create this delightful little craft, which can be adapted to suit your tastes. A supply list will be provided upon registration for the class. The Creative Craft Class is open to individuals of any skill level, from beginning sewers to the most experience quilters. Although it is not required, it is beneficial for participants to bring their own sewing machine, as availability of sewing machines at the Center is limited. It is required that all participants be in attendance at the first class on February 14, as that is when specific instructions will be given. Materials to complete the craft are not provided. Registration is required. Class Fees: $12 Members | $24 Nonmembers

Sample squares of Puppy Love quilt.

Be sure to stop in and see our new, beautiful watercolor display entitled “Skies”. These paintings, composed by various members of our fantastic Thursday morning watercolor group, can be seen hanging in the lobby of the Senior Center. Most, but not all, of the paintings are for sale (framed and matted). What a fantastic and original gift! If you are interested in participating in the class and creating beautiful paintings of your own, new members of all experience levels are always welcome!

Enjoy “50 Reasons to get out of bed in the morning”, a fun little book created by the staff of Silver Lake College in the 1980’s.

Walk a pet, or a fellow aarpie… Exercise is good for the pet and great for you (and may not even be bad for your budget because you can often supplement your income a little by walking other people’s pets). While you’re out walking, you’ll have the chance to meet others who are doing the same… here’s an opportunity to make new friends who share your interest in animals. And, as for your fellow aarpies (no leashes for them, though) encourage them to help you make this walk a daily routine. Your friends, the pets, and you will all feel healthier—and that means happier too! Don’t have a pet? No problem! Volunteer to walk dogs at the Lakeshore Humane Society! Those dogs need you!

Discover activities to be accomplished at home...Confinement to home, due to health or the seasons doesn’t mean an aarpie can’t be active. Volunteer for services that can be carried out in the home. Phone homebound individuals, it may be the only contact that person has all day. There’s a market out there for craft items (you can sell them in the Senior Center Gift Shoppe!) and there’s a chance for additional income. THINK! ’Someone out there needs me’ Consider that one again and again. It’s a truly unselfish act and helping others will make you feel good about yourself. The Senior Center is always looking for fill-in callers for home bound people!


Sodoku Solution

Crossword Solution

? ? ? ? ? Adult Coloring Club Looking for something relaxing to do on a Friday morning? Meet others with similar interests in coloring in the Coffee Shop on Fridays at 10am. Bring your coloring books & pencils! Coffee available for purchase. Enjoy ~ Relax!


Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women. You can make healthy changes to lower your risk of developing heart disease. Controlling and preventing risk factors is also important for people who already have heart disease. To lower your risk do the following:  Watch your weight  If you drink alcohol, drink only in moderation  Quit smoking and stay away from  Get active and eat healthy secondhand smoke  Control your cholesterol and blood pressure The Senior Center offers many heart healthy activities, including several different types of exercise classes and a fitness room with various equipment. The fitness room is open to all members during our regular business hours. For those just starting to get active, we have a Beginner’s Tai Chi class, which will be starting March 7.

While many of the symptoms of a heart attack are similar between men and women, women may experience more subtle signs of a heart attack. Many heart attacks involve discomfort in the center of the chest that lasts more than a few minutes or that goes away and comes back. It can feel like uncomfortable pressure, squeezing, fullness or stabbing pain. However, not all heart attacks are preceded by chest pain. Heart attack symptoms for both men and Heart attack symptoms in women include: women include the following:  Dizziness or nausea  Chest discomfort  Unexplained weakness  Discomfort in other areas of the upper  Recurring chest discomfort body; one or both arms, the back, neck,  Sense of impending doom jaw or stomach  Discomfort or pain between the  Shortness of breath with or without chest shoulder blades, neck, arm or discomfort jaw  Pounding heart, change in heart rhythm  Sleep disturbance  Heartburn, nausea, vomiting, abdominal It’s important to remember that each heart pain attack is different. Your symptoms may not fit a  Breaking our in a cold sweat cookie-cutter description. Trust your instincts if  Dizziness or lightheadedness you think something is wrong. If you or someone you're with has chest discomfort or other heart attack symptoms, call 911 right away, even if you aren’t sure! While your first impulse may be to wait or drive yourself or the heart attack victim to the hospital, it's best to get an ambulance.



The caring cards group would like to thank everyone who donated all the new and used cards in 2016. Besides the 19 nursing homes, they also included 750 cards to the Veteran’s home in King, WI, and 150 to Meals on Wheels. The Veteran’s home also replied with a nice “Thank you” letter expressing their appreciation.

A new Beginners Tai Chi class, will be starting on Tuesday, March 7, 2017. Tai Chi is a form of martial arts that involves slow, controlled and low-impact movements, which can be easy for seniors, even those with limited movement. Benefits of participating include: relaxation and balance of mind and body, better balance, and reduction in falling down. Tai Chi also helps participants have a sense of wellbeing, helps fight the effects of arthritis, and helps to improve circulation and posture. Beginner’s Tai Chi is held at the Manitowoc Senior Center on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 2:55-3:55p. Tai Chi is open only to Senior Center members and new participants can begin only up to the third week of class. Registration is required. Please either call the Senior Center at (920) 686-3060 or stop at the front desk to have your name added to the registration list. Cost is $5 per month.

We have moved our DVD collection from the TV Room and into the Senior Center Library. The DVDs are located straight ahead, as you walk through the library door. If you are not familiar with our collecWe are always tion, take some to look at accepting donations of used the movies we offer. There is sure to be something for DVDs to add to everyone! our collection.

Below are the answers to the jokes from page 11. 1. Because you can really party hearty! 2. 3. Sure, they’re very scent-imental!

2. A valentiny! 4. It was Valenswine’s Day!

We are seeking new members to join our

Party Committee! Are you looking for a great way to get involved at the center and meet new people? Maybe you enjoy planning parties & have fun theme ideas or would just love to help! The Party committee is comprised of easy going, enthusiastic individuals who brainstorm together to create entertaining social activities for our members and guests! We sure could use you to Join the Party! Interested? Contact Penny at 686-3063 or stop in and let us know.



Aging & Disability Resource Center Associated Bank First National Bank Manitowoc Public Library Holy Family Wellness Center Holy Family Harbortown Clinic Holy Family Hospital Manitowoc Area Visitor’s Center Shipbuilders Credit Union St. Vincent DePaul Wells Fargo United One Credit Union US Bank YMCA News Notes are also available at various nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and senior housing complexes throughout the area. Each location receives a limited amount of News Notes, so availability is not guaranteed.

Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine Presentation Friday, March 10th at 1:00pm at the Manitowoc Senior Center Have you heard that acupuncture has worked for others and wondering what I can do for you? Interested in learning about acupuncture and Oriental medicine? Then join Brittany for an informational talk on the different facets of Acupuncture. This talk is free and open to the public of all ages. Please Call 920- 629-6126 to RSVP Today. Save the date: Upcoming Presentations will also be held on April 11th at 10am and May 12th at 1pm

Presented by Brittany Schultz, owner of Acupuncture by the Lake

AARP SMART DRIVER COURSE at the Manitowoc Senior Center Wednesday, May 3rd — 8:15am to 12:30pm Why take the AARP Smart Driver Course? The AARP Smart Driver™ Course is the nation’s first and largest refresher course for drivers age 50 and older. It has given millions of drivers the skills and tools they need to drive safely on today’s roads, allowing them to remain independent for many years to come. In fact, 97% of those who take it change at least one driving behavior. And the best part? There are no tests to pass just useful information to keep you safe on the road! Call 686-3060 to register today! Cost: $15/AARP Mbr $20/Non-Mbr. Payment can be made on the day of class via cash or check payable to AARP.

Help Brighten the day of area assisted living and nursing home residents with music!


The Senior Center’s choir, The Silver Memories, is gearing up for a new season of entertainment at area nursing homes and assisted living facilities under the new direction of Kelly Knepfel and pianist, Bonnie Shimulunas! The group is always welcoming new members to the group. Currently, they are in need of more men to join the choir! When do they perform? The first and third Mondays of the month. Check the schedule on the last page of this new letter for places and dates. All entertainment is at 2pm. When do they practice? The second and fourth Mondays at the senior center at 1pm All voices and individuals are welcome to join. If you are interested in joining, stop at the desk or just come in for the a choir practice on the second or fourth Monday of each month. Don’t be shy! The Silver Memories is a wonderful way to share the gift of song and music.

Did you know that listening to music provides wonderful health benefits for the senior citizens including enhanced moods, reduced tension and anxiety, increased relaxation, better social interaction as well as overall health benefits such as improved memory and recall, diminished pain and better nights sleep! Who wouldn’t want to be a part of making that happen?! Join the Silver Memories Choir today!

21 February 2 Bernita Heinz February 3 Judy Vlasak Irene Rhol February 4 Laverne Bialek Sulynn Moore February 5 John Docter Reginald Geen February 6 Linda Plekan Sharon Hackmann Donna Specht February 7 Audrey Wyszynski February 8 Linda Synon February 9 Roy Krizizke February 10 Jane Goonan Betty Humphreys Irene Kotarek Warren Reinhardt Gloria Reis

James Tadych February 11 Kathryn Lambries Anne Schuette Jelaine Zastrow

February 18 Richard Luchsinger

February 12 Bonnie Kuik Eileen Neuser

February 20 Robert Bonk Mildred Duchon

February 13 Ervin Baumgart

February 21 Sharon Flueckinger Chuck Curtis John Fischer Leroy Olson Howard Schmitz Mary Stegmann Stephen Stransky Joyce Stuckmann Joyce Vnuk

Mary June Hockhammer

February 14 Dorothy Gintner Gail Sweeting Carol Schultz February 15 Elizabeth Denis February 16 Lois Pieschel Florence Kuehne Patricia Schram

February 19 Rita Klein

February 22 Claudia Halonen Mary Jindra

February 17 Susanna Kane Carol Shedivy

February 23 JoAnne Bertsche Kim Novak February 24 Margaret Lesmonde William Stiefvater Matt Wagner Larry Wilker Wayne Wisnowski February 25 Marian Schneider Violet Braun February 26 Karen Kamke Kenneth Brooks Elaine Novak February 27 Robert Kiphart February 28 LuAnn Helgeson Alice Strzalka Janice Siewert

Is your name missing from this list? If so, your membership may not be active. Please give us a call to find out! Also if someone’s name shouldn't be on here please let us know. THANK YOU!

Join us for Birthday Bingo on Monday, February 27th at 1pm. To those celebrating a birthday this month, please bring a cake to share and you will receive two free Bingo cards to play. Cards are $0.50 each (max of 4 cards per person). All money taken in is given out as prizes! Everyone, regardless of whether or not they are celebrating a birthday, is invited to play! Birthday Bingo is held the last Monday of each month at 1pm.

Bingo— We are in need of a casual volunteer for Friday morning Breakfast Bingo. The commitment would only be about once per month and on a fill-in basis. Duties include making coffee (typically prepared Thursday afternoon, but can be done early Friday morning), selling cards & collecting money, and distributing prizes.

22 Ingredients 1 package Oreos 1/2 stick butter

One 8oz. Package cream cheese — softened 1 package vanilla instant pudding — note: do not make the pudding AND use the milk below. Only add the 3 cups in these directions. One 8oz. container of Cool Whip 3 cups milk TOTAL 1 cup sugar

Directions 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Crush Oreos and place in a 9x13 pan — saving a few for topping Pour melted butter over Oreos Mix pudding, milk, cream cheese, and sugar together with a mixer in a large bowl. Fold Cool Whip into pudding mixture and spread over Oreos Sprinkle remaining crushed Oreos on top. Chill for 2-3 hours for best results.

Ingredients 2 cups orange juice 1 cup vanilla yogurt 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract 2 cups mixed fresh or frozen berries — use mixed berries; like blueberries, raspberries, blackberries….these berries give you energy! Directions 1. Place all ingredients into blender (liquid ingredients first). 2. Blend on high for 2 minutes or until smooth. Scrape down sides and blend for another 30 seconds. 3. Serve and enjoy! JUST A COUPLE SMOOTHIE MAKING TIPS: ✓ USE FROZEN FRUIT: Use frozen fruit instead of ice cubes in smoothies. ✓ FILL UP YOUR BLENDER: You always want to layer your ingredients softest to hardest (frozen). First, add the orange juice, vanilla extract, and yogurt. Then, add the fresh or frozen fruit.

23 Bette Bahnaman Leonard Beck Sharon Handl Joan Holt Beverly Markovics Margaret Reichert Karen Steffen Cindy Waak Diane Zingler

Winifred Buss Anne Cerkas Joan Drumm Melvin Shimon Edward Vetter

Those we love don’t go away, They walk beside us every Day.

The Lakeshore Red Hatters meet the 2nd Friday of every month at 1:30 p.m. at the Senior Center. All ladies are welcome. Queen Kathy started a new tradition, she wore a red hat with a red bird of good luck. This is to wish good luck on all Red Hatters thru the coming year. Neat idea. The hostesses for January were Berdeva Fischer and Ann Luckow. They had a delicious tea and great fun at BINGO. They also had a speaker from Peters Pantry. Chris Behnke gave a very informative program. 60 volunteers help 200 families a week at Peters Pantry. Along with food , these families need paper products and toiletries. This is good to know, because now when we donate, we can include paper products and toiletries. The hostesses for February are Shirley Oswald, Bev Gilbertson, and Delores Boeckman. They are planning on having a public health nurse as the program. It will be our Valentine party, so everyone bring a Valentine card to exchange. It can be store bought or home made. The luncheon will at Greenstreet on Thursday Feb, 23rd. Looking ahead, we will have a rummage sale in March. Donations can be either Red Hat or general stuff. Shirley Oswald will have more information at the February tea. In April we will be able to see how much talent we have when we paint. We will have students from Silver Lake college help create masterpieces. Hope the weather is good and everyone can come. In April is the annual state wide Red Hat Pajama Party in Wis. Dells. It is being held at the Wintergreen Resort on April 20 to the 23rd. I have info and registration blanks and they will be at the February Tea. They are fun and you meet Red Hatters from all over the Midwest. There is all that neat shopping close by. Funny Bone Ticklers A Red Hatter was walking home one night and decided to take a short cut thru a cemetery. Half way thru the cemetery she heard a tapping. Trembling with fear, she spots an old man with a hammer and a chisel, chipping away at a head stone. “I thought you were a ghost,” said the Red Hatter. “ Why are you working so late?” “Oh, those idiots,” grumbled the old man. “they misspelled my name.” Have a great Red Hat day! ~Terry

Mark Wahlberg leads an all-star cast in this unforgettably powerful film inspired by a thrilling story of real-life heroes. For the one hundred and twenty-six people aboard the Deepwater Horizon offshore oil rig, April 20, 2010, began like any normal day. Before day s end, the world would bear witness to one of the greatest man-made disasters in U.S. history. Deepwater Horizon reveals the brave acts of the men and women who rose to the challenge and risked everything to lead others to safety.

Free for members PG-13 97 Minutes


Thank you to HomeCare Health for providing snacks and refreshments during the movie!

Manitowoc Senior Center Entertainment Group Schedule The following groups entertain at area assisted living and nursing homes each month. You are invited to join them for their performances at any of the locations. For more information about the groups, call Penny or Melissa at 686-3060. February February February February February February February February

6 6 14 14 16 16 20 22

$1 for guests/nonmembers

Silver Memories EZ Does It Young at Heart Caring Bingo EZ Does It Senior Friends Silver Memories Red Hats

Artisan Riverwood Place Harborview Maritime Gardens Northridge Health & Rehab Kindred Hearts Northridge

Golden K Kiwanis Club Speakers February 7th @ 9am Steve Ford State Farm Insurance February 14th @ 9am Bob Ziegelbauer Manitowoc County Executive February 21st @ 9am Dan Koski City of Manitowoc Public Infrastructure Director February 28th @ 9am Mike Huck Exec. Director, Lakeshore Community Action Program

Save Your Tabs For H A B I T A T

For more info: 901-8652 Visitors Welcome.


HANDS CONTEST We have hidden our Senior Center Hands Logo somewhere in this newsletter. If you have the patience to hunt for it and are lucky enough to find it, fill out an entry form at the front counter and hand it in. We will have a random drawing of all the correct entries on the third Friday of the month to win a gift card for Family Dollar, the sponsor for this month’s contest. Good Luck! [Last Month’s Logo was located on pg. 13 in the Safe Winter Walking text box.] CONGRATULATIONS to last month’s Winner: Sherry Bethke One entry per person, per month, please.

Manitowoc Senior Center Feb NN 2017