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City of Lee’s Summit Community Input

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Early education in healthy living and lifestyles promotes positive thinking and lifestyles as adults Healthy kids learn better More productive Education at young age

What actions can the community take to impact perceptions of mental health? • More school/community collaboration (1 checkmark) • Faith based collaboration • Educational forums (1 checkmark) • Easy access to emergency mental health services (1 checkmark) o Ex: crisis hotlines • First responder training (1 checkmark) • Access to affordable mental health care o Equitable pay for mental health professionals • Engage and educate community in social determinative health to identify people at risk o Food, mental health, etc. o Isolation, transport • Support programs that already exist to address, don’t reinvent the wheel • Educate parents and teachers for warning signs/treatment options for suicide and mental health issues o For adolescent ages • Suicide prevention and education/resources • Grow awareness • Service are available and accessible • Better triage/risk factors • Support for first responders and stress of dealing with emergencies (1 checkmark) • Eliminate/reduce stigma for those seeking help (1 checkmark) • Teach kids in school how to deal with stress, etc. (1 checkmark) • Community debate of fluoride in water supply • Impacts of 5GE • Increase access of mental health facilities o Youth • Stigma of causes of mental health • Outreach to community partners needed • Training for police/teachers to deal with mental health crisis • Increase “mental health first aid” course opportunities • Address opioid crisis • Social workers/nurses in every building of school district • Do not legalize marijuana • Discover Health for LS residents • Education for drug and alcohol abuse • Partner with mental health providers to educate • Mental health service easy access in schools • Respite care The Novak Consulting Group Strengthening organizations from the inside out.

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Ignite! Your ideas. Our future. Community Input  

Ignite! Your ideas. Our future. Community Input