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City of Lee’s Summit Community Input

Incentives for improving decaying housing stock

Cultural and Recreational Amenities

Create a community that celebrates, welcomes, and supports cultural and recreation amenities. Why are cultural arts and recreation amenities important to our City? • Attracts more people (1 checkmark) • Increases property value • Spur development • Legacy/Theater/Symphony brings community together • Community values • Real estate • Pride • Basketball courts • Tourism • Attractions available to outsiders • Improves quality of life • Low cost is a plus • Well-rounded city • Excellent park system • Livable streets • Supports businesses (1 checkmark) • Good for kids and families • Developing future talent (1 checkmark) • Social opportunities (1 checkmark) • Important to develop culture in young people • Draws people to visit and live in community (1 checkmark) • Develops sense of community pride • Health • Community can rally behind • Connects with and learns from history • Community pride • Connection • Reflection of our community values • Establishes our identity • Make people want to be here and stay here • Critical to our quality of life (1 checkmark) • External economic influx • Fosters unity/creativity • Develops safety for youths • Introduces young people to arts • Keeps our money/taxes here • Create a real interest by educating people about what art really is (all types of art) The Novak Consulting Group Strengthening organizations from the inside out.

Profile for City of Lees Summit

Ignite! Your ideas. Our future. Community Input  

Ignite! Your ideas. Our future. Community Input