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City of Lee’s Summit Community Input

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What could the City do to celebrate and encourage diversity within neighborhoods? • What is diversity in this context? • Neighborhood block party? • Need to focus on encouraging before celebrating • Advertising and education are needed • Promote diversity • All citizens follow rules • Invite newcomers to LS to participate in an orientation to LS o Get citizens involved in LS rather than seek services and resources in KS or neighboring communities • Improved transportation capacity • Best of class educational resources o Excellent standards • There is a presumption that there is a barrier here. Is there? o Challenge mindset • Encourage diverse participation in community groups • Neighborhood centered community events • Maybe not cities role (1 checkmark) • Let neighborhoods develop naturally • Continue promoting senior housing options • Equality of regional types of housing o Ex – N, S, E, W L.S. • Planned (balance) development in schools, senior housing, business and recreation • Adopt a Highway • Start at young age • Stronger enforcement of residential codes • Planning neighborhoods around schools • Neighborhood watches • Sponsor police engagement o Kids with cops • Strategic land use • More availability of affordable houses • Mixed housing types and prices to have mix of ages/life states and incomes • Tiny home communities for veterans • Small home improvement loan program • Help neighborhood associations form • More redevelopment in existing neighborhoods • Increased public transportation • Get rid of stigma of multi-family housing • Range of types of homes, more “middle” • Neighborhood competitions • Block parties • Creative destruction (Remove old neighborhoods and replace) The Novak Consulting Group Strengthening organizations from the inside out.

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Ignite! Your ideas. Our future. Community Input  

Ignite! Your ideas. Our future. Community Input