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City of Lee’s Summit Community Input

How should we distinguish our community as “world-class” as the community grows? • Provide resources for lower economic families • Define identity – what makes LS special? • Upgrade our lower economic areas • Hold landlords accountable • Continue to focus on education o College level also • Roads • Healthcare • Infrastructure • What are we measuring ourselves against? • Economically stable • Hotels • Dining • Shopping • Entertainment • Collaboration o i.e. “MIC” • Education ecosystem • Schools (1 checkmark) • Maintain downtown character • High expectations • Education • Safe • Highlight inclusion • Branding (simple) o Beyond City effort o Leverage partners to speak as one, not in silos o Find synergy • Green space/parks • Lakes • Entertainment district • Park district • How do we market that we are and are growing as world class? • Capitalize on our “Yours Truly” • Education for kids to learn multi-cultural aspects • Using tech affective/usable • Smart City • Prepare our children to be world class • Better promote what we already have in LS • Keep growing new businesses • Learn from other “best practices” communities (1 checkmark) • Decent branding • A clear, strong identity (1 checkmark) • Keep our unique culture/atmosphere (1 checkmark) • Sustainability The Novak Consulting Group Strengthening organizations from the inside out.

Profile for City of Lees Summit

Ignite! Your ideas. Our future. Community Input  

Ignite! Your ideas. Our future. Community Input