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City of Lee’s Summit Community Input

Strong Neighborhoods with Housing Choices

Maintain thriving, quality neighborhoods that connect a diversity of residents throughout the community. The first question asked of participants regarding neighborhoods was how thriving, quality neighborhoods should be defined in Lee’s Summit. A summary of responses to this question can be found in the following table. Table 7: Top Responses to the Question: What defines thriving, quality neighborhoods?

Response Category Neighborhood Maintenance Relationships Amenities Safety

Number of Responses 11 10 9 7

Participants offered 71 thoughts on what defines thriving, quality neighborhoods. Most often they were defined as being clean and well-maintained. Closely behind neighborhood maintenance were comments on the value of relationships and connections among neighbors. Amenities such as parks and having a sense of safety also were mentioned often. Other response categories mentioned less often were the attractiveness of the community, the presence and quality of infrastructure, and the proximity of quality schools. Community meeting participants were asked to consider what type of residential developments are important to the future of the community. Forty-eight responses described these residential developments. The most common categories from among those responses are reflected in the following table. Table 8: Top Responses to the Question: What types of diverse residential development are important to maintaining thriving, quality neighborhoods in Lee’s Summit?

Response Category Housing Diversity Affordable Housing Amenities

Number of Responses 16 9 7

Most frequently, respondents referenced the need for a variety of housing types, including apartments, duplexes, triplexes, townhomes, gated communities, transitional, and senior housing. Also often mentioned was the need for local housing at price points considered affordable to the wages typically earned by residents. Finally, amenities such as sidewalks, parks, or nearby shopping were mentioned as important to neighborhoods.

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Ignite! Your ideas. Our future. Community Input  

Ignite! Your ideas. Our future. Community Input