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Volume 22, Issue 2

February 2018

Councilmembers: Pat Sebo, Mayor Protem Larry Boak Alfred Dixon, III Bobby Lester Billy Powell Ricky L. Clark, Jr., City Manager Joe Nettleton, Public Works Director Franklin Allen, Police Chief Pat Daniel, Asst. City Clerk Sandra Meyers, Finance Derry Walker, Code Enforcement Steve Fincher, Attorney Keith Wood, Municipal Judge Jerry Patrick, City Solicitor City Hall (770) 478-3800 Jonesboro PD (770) 478-7407 NON-Emergency # (770) 477-3550

City Council Notes: January 8, 2018 APPROVED: *Annual Personnel Appointments *Asbestos abatement at 112 Broad Street *SESAC Music Performance License *Official Zoning Map *Ordinance to permit Hookah Lounges and Smoking Bars *Ordinance to amend the City Code, Table of Uses, for Hookah Lounges and Smoking Bars (Conditional in C-2) *Ordinance to amend the City Code for Utility Accommodation Policy *Ordinance to amend the City Code to repeal ‘Telecommunication Towers and Antennas’ and to enact new regulations *Ordinance to amend the Code (“Environment, Soil Erosion, Sedimentations and Pollution Control”) as required by the State of GA. *Resolution regarding Local Legislation

Ed Wise

Broad Street Demolition Begins On Tuesday, January 16, at 2:00 pm, demolition officially began on the Broad Street Project just off West Mill and Church Streets. Buildings just south of the Firehouse Museum, including Willprint, Clayton House, and Clayton Center buildings are being demolished to make way for a new City Green, landscaping, sitting areas, and space for potential businesses, as well as a meeting area for local citizens and visitors. Above is a rendering of how a portion of the space could appear when completed. Potential funding sources include Community Development Block (CDBG) Grant, Special Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST) funds, and Liveable Centers Initiative (LCI) monies. Final plans are still on the drawing board. A meeting was held on December 12, 2017, for public input. If you have questions or ideas, please call Ricky Clark or Joy Day at City Hall.

City of Jonesboro Awarded Rural Zone Designation

On January 10, 2018, the Georgia Department of Community Affairs designated nine communities in Georgia as Rural Zones, a new program enacted by the legislature in 2017. Included in those communities was the City of Jonesboro. Portions of each community –primarily downtown areas-are now zoned to allow for tax credits to eligible businesses that create jobs and stimulate economic activity. Rural Zones focus on job creation and private investments in designated areas. The program includes three tax incentives: a Job Tax Credit: $2,000/year/full-time equivalent job created within the zone for five years. At least two net, new full-time equivalent jobs must be created and maintained in order to qualify for the job credits, Investment Credit: Up to $125,000 credit (claimed over 5 years) for investing in the downtown area. This is capped at 25% of the total investment cost, not to exceed $25,000 in credits claimed over five years, and Rehabilitation Credit: Up to $150,000 credit (claimed over 3 years) for rehabilitating structures in the downtown area, capped at 30% of the total investment cost, not to exceed $50,000 in credits claimed over the three years. For more information, please visit: www.dca.ga.gov Way to go, Jonesboro!

Historical Jonesboro Cookbooks for Sale Want to know how Chairman Jeff Turner makes Potato & Cheese Gratin? Or Rosalyn Carter’s recipe for Peanut Brittle? How about Chik-fil-A’s Coleslaw? Not to mention Mayor Joy Day’s Fruit Pizza? You can enjoy those and hundreds of other “Down Home” recipes by purchasing a THROUGH THE YEARS RECIPE BOOK ($17) from Historical Jonesboro (770) 473-0197, Stately Oaks, or at City Hall.

Pat Sebo Elected Mayor Protem By a unanimous vote of the Jonesboro City Council, Councilmember Pat Sebo was appointed Mayor Protem for 2018. Under the City Charter, the Mayor Protem acts in the absence or illness of the Mayor. Mayor Protem is elected yearly by the Council.

Just to remind you…..HOUSE NUMBERS and GARAGE SALES City Code requires that all residences and businesses be labeled with the STREET NUMBER; this is for YOUR protection, should you need emergency assistance. It also aids with your mail delivery. All citizens holding GARAGE SALES need to secure a permit at City Hall prior to the sale. (City Code)



CITY BLOTTER December 2017

THE SECRET GARDEN March 9-11, 16-18

1. Who was the first African American Major League Baseball player? (A) Larry Doby (B) Satchel Page (C) Jackie Robinson (D) Ernie Banks 2. Where was the first “sit-in” at a segregated lunch counter? (A) Charleston, SC (B) Jackson, MISS (C) Greensboro, NC (D) Atlanta, GA 3. At its height, what was the slave population in the U.S.? (A) 4M (B) 1M (C) 500,000 (D) 2M 4. Who was the first African American to serve as a United States Senator? (A) Blanch Bruce (B) Edward Brooke (C) Carol Mosely Brown (D) Hiram Revels 5.Who was the first African American to serve as a United State Supreme Court Justice? (A) Clarence Thomas (B) William Henry Hastie (C) Charles Hamilton Houston (D) Thurgood Marshall 6. Who was the first African American to win an Academy Award? (A) Dorothy Dandridge (B) Halle Berry (C) Hattie McDaniel (D) Sidney Poitier 7. Who was the first African American to perform at the White House? (A) B.B. King (B) “Blind Tom” Wiggins (C) Aretha Franklin (D) Louis Armstrong 8. What year was the 13th Amendment ratified, abolishing slavery? (A) 1862 (B) 1872 (C) 1867 (D) 1865 9. Who signed the Emancipation Act? (A) Abraham Lincoln (B) James Buchanan (C) Ulysses S. Grant (D) Andrew Johnson 10. Who was the first African American Nobel Peace Prize winner? (A) Albert J. Lutul (B) Ralph Bunche (C) Nelson Mandela (D) Martin Luther King, Jr. 11.Garrett Morris is responsible for which two inventions? (A) Traffic light, gas mask (B) Gas mask, stop sign (C) Refrigerator, stop sign (D) Stop sign, traffic light 12.What was the first Black owned company to be traded on the New York stock Exchange? (A) Jumpman (B) BET Black Entertainment Television (C) Johnson & Johnson (D) Ebony, Inc.

THE GLASS MENAGERIE June 1-3, 8-10 THE ASCENSION OF TWYLA POTTS August 10-12, 17-19 FRUITCAKES November 9-11, 16-18 Season tickets available through March 18: $52 adults, $42 seniors(55+) and children (12-) Church, school, and other group rates; please call for information (770) 897-1404 www.thefrontporchplayers.com 1842 Lake Jodeco Road


Citations –623 Warnings—303 Accidents—31 Arrests—108 DUI—6 Property Checks—290 Warrants— 412 Probation—808 Criminal Invest.—21 Training Hours—66

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Free at Last Bail Bonds 8700 Tara Boulevard

Willie Wyatt 1964-2017

Clayton County Humane Society Animal Shelter www.claytoncountyhumane.org 7810 N. McDonough (770) 471-9436 Charlemagne is adorable, but getting lonesome. His littermates have all found homes, leaving him behind. He is a cute playful kitten.

“We understand the urgency of reuniting families” (770) 478-1284 *****

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GET TO KNOW….Your State Legislators Senator Gail Davenport-Dist. 44 Having served 10 years as a Senator, Gail Davenport’s interests are centered on Education, Veterans’ Affairs, children & senior citizens. The Senator grew up in Jonesboro, attended Clayton County Schools, graduated from Spelman College, and has been a Civil Rights and justice advocate for 30 years. She attends Andrews Chapel UMC in Jonesboro. Her goals for Clayton County include maintaining a good quality of life, an excellent education system, working to provide healthcare for everyone, economic development, job growth, providing a livable wage for all citizens, and transportation as a regional issue.

136 South Main Street

YOU’RE INVITED Friday, February 2 5:30-7:30 pm Preview Party and Award Ceremony.

Rep. Mike Glanton ( District 75) Mike Glanton has served as a State Representative for 12 years. His special interests in the Legislature are: Education, economic development, and protectJonesboro ing the interests of Clayton County statewide. Rep. Glanton said: “I am 100% committed to the betterRosenwald ment of Clayton County.” He is a minister and a School family man. His vision for Clayton County is for 155 Smith Street Jonesboro to have a vibrant, live, social downtown. The Rosenwald rural He envisions a unified, diverse and inclusive county school building program in which all come together collaboratively. which began in 1924 was a major effort to improve the quality of public Rep. Demetrius Douglas (District 78) education for African Rep. Douglas has served 10 years in the legislature. Americans in the early His special interests are improving the lives of 20th century South. The schools are named after Julius Rosenwald, a Georgians. He sponsored HB 273 in 2017 requiring northern philanthropist, who, with Booker T. Washington began the elementary students to have daily unstructured redrive to improve education for African-American children in the cess in grades K-5 for at least 30 minutes. Douglas south. Many of the schools are gone today, but Jonesboro’s Rosendesires to see education in GA fully funded. He says wald School still stands. It is currently owned by Clayton County that it is important for all Georgians to have access Schools. A drive is underway by community partners to restore the to affordable healthcare. He supports legislation to school and preserve the history of those who attended the school . expand Medicaid in Georgia; he is concerned about For more information, see https://saving places.org./ citizens' healthcare and our struggling hospitals.

PETS OF THE MONTH Owners: Bobby & Rebecca Gardner 1497 Sunnybrook Drive


Jonesboro City Hall

Pre-Sorted Standard U.S. Postage Paid Jonesboro, GA Permit No. 7

124 North Avenue Jonesboro, GA 30236



DDA Meeting, 6:00 pm, PD


Work Session, 6:00 pm, PD


Hill Family Band, 6 pm, FM

FEB 12

Happy Birthday, Abe Lincoln


City Court, 8 am, PD

FEB 12

Council Meeting, 6 pm, PD

FEB 14

Econ. Vitality Comm., 4:30 pm, CH

FEB 19

Historic Preser. Comm., 5:30 pm, CH

FEB 22

Happy Birthday, George Washington

FEB 22-23

City Council Retreat

FEB 26

City Court, 8 am, PD

FEB 26

Beautification Comm.,5:30, CH

Firehouse Museum Activities Tues. Movie, 6 pm Thurs. Bingo, 6 pm (10 & OLDER) (unless otherwise noted on Calendar) PD =Police Dept. FM = Firehouse Museum LSP = Lee Street Park CH=City Hall


Black History Trivia Answers:

Community Calendar

1. (C) April 15, 1947 at Ebbits Field 2. (C) At Woolworth’s lunch counter 3.(A) 1860 Census 4.(D) 1870, from Mississippi 5.(D) 6.(A) Best Supporting Actress in “Gone With the Wind” 7.(B) 1860, before President James Buchanan 8. (D) December 6, 1865 9. (A) April 16,1863. It abolished Slavery in the District of Columbia. 10.(B) 1950; United Nations official, received the Prize for his efforts as mediator in the Israeli-Arab war in 1948-1949. 11. (A) 12. (B)

Did you hear about the nearsighted porcupine? He fell in love with a pincushion!

What did the valentine card say to the stamp? “Stick with me and we’ll go places!”

“To be Happy and Successful in Life, you need three bones: A Wishbone, A Backbone and a Funny Bone.”

WHO DO I CONTACT? Water, Sewer Issues: Clayton County Water Authority (770) 960-5200 Electrical Problems: Georgia Power: (888) 660-5890 Garbage Issues : City Hall (770) 478-3800

All Other Emergencies: Dial 911

Ruby (Carter) Roberts Kendrick Roberts

The Community News Published at Jonesboro City Hall Written & Edited by Mayor Joy B. Day To submit news items, call 770) 478-3800. Items must be submitted by the (20th to appear in next month’s edition or email jday@jonesboroga.com .

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The community newsletter (volume 22, issue 2)  

This newsletter is about all of the wonderful things going on in our community

The community newsletter (volume 22, issue 2)  

This newsletter is about all of the wonderful things going on in our community