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Greater convenience and access make voting easy This Municipal Election year Guelph voters have more opportunities than ever to get out and vote. With four days of advance voting taking place this fall—October 12, 13, 14 and 16— in addition to Election Day on October 25, take advantage of the convenience of voting on the day that works best for you. Consider an advance poll this year to avoid the Election Day lineup! All locations are accessible, welcome service animals and offer voters the option of audio voting.


Guelph’s new organics facility

Who’s running? Every four years, Guelph (and all other Ontario municipalities) holds a Municipal Election to select a Mayor, City Councillors and School Board Trustees. Get to know the candidates at Municipal Election 2010 Élection Municipale 2010 Ward

4 Guelph Transit: shorter travel times coming soon

Fall 2010

Si votre nom et adresse sont sur cette carte, vous êtes inscrits pour voter.

If this card is not addressed to you or contains errors, please call the number below. Please bring this card and personal identification with you in order to vote. This card cannot be used as proof of identity. All locations are accessible and offer audio voting.

Si cette carte ne vous est pas destinée ou si elle contient des erreurs, téléphoner le numéro situé au dessous de cette carte. Soyez prêts à présenter cette carte et des pièces d’identité afin de voter. Cette carte ne peut pas servir de preuve d’identité. Tous les emplacements sont accessibles et sont équipés pour le vote audio.

For more information, call 519-837-5603 or TTY 519-826-9771. Pour les plus amples renseignements, composez le 519-837-5603 ou ATS 519-826-9771.

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The City Clerk’s Office can easily add your name or update your information. Simply complete the Application to Amend Voters List form available on or pick up a copy at the ServiceGuelph counter. Once the form is filled out, visit the ServiceGuelph counter at City Hall and bring identification with you. New for the 2010, voters are required to provide a piece of identification that shows proof of their name, address (where they live or own property in Guelph) and signature. For a list of acceptable pieces of identification, visit

City Clerk’s Office/Bureau du secrétaire municipal 1 Carden Street Guelph, ON N1H 3A1

This is what your Voter Notification Card looks like. It should have arrived in early October.

Four easy ways to check if you’re on the Voters List: 1. Check online at > Information for voters > “How do I know if my name is on the Voters List?” and then simply enter your name and address 2. Call the City Clerk’s Office at 519-837-5603 3. Email the City Clerk’s Office at 4. Visit the ServiceGuelph counter at City Hall, 1 Carden St.

Don’t forget your ID


If your name and address appear on this card, you are registered to vote.

receive yours, you may need to be added to the Voters List or update your address information.

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Are you on the Voters List?

For more information about the 2010 Municipal Election, including where you can vote (if you’re on the Voters List) visit vote or contact the City Clerk’s Office at 519-519-837-5603 or

If you’re a Guelph resident you should have received your Voter Notification Card through Canada Post mail at the beginning of October. The card tells you when and where to vote. If you didn’t

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insight Guelph


yard Waste collection Yard waste will be collected during your clear WASTE collection week on your regular collection day.

Week B collection: november 1-5 Week A collection: november 8-12 Check your Conservation Calendar to determine your clear Waste collection week. Week A Waste collection is highlighted in purple. Week B Waste collection is highlighted in yellow. Or visit to view the collection map.

Preparing your yard waste for curbside collection:

• Yard waste must be at the curb by 7 a.m. on your clear WASTE collection day. • Yard waste must be placed in kraft paper bags, jute bags or in a clearly labelled container (less than 100 litres). • Yard waste in plastic bags will NOT be collected. • Branches and tree limbs must be tied in bundles not larger than 1 metre (3 feet) long by 0.6 metres (2 feet). • Each bundle, bag or container of yard waste must not exceed 20 kilograms (44 pounds). • Yard waste must be placed within 1 foot of the curb and 1 metre (3 feet) away from your Wet, Dry and Waste materials.

Fall 2010

Good neighbours, great neighbourhoods Shared rental housing is a common form of rental accommodation in the city of Guelph that’s mainly associated with lodging houses (a detached residential dwelling with five to eight lodging units) and accessory apartments (two-unit houses, otherwise known as residential dwellings with a rental apartment.) These forms of housing are regulated through the Zoning By-law, and the Provincial Fire and Building Codes. These regulations are in place to ensure that safe, decent, affordable housing is available for tenants and that these residential units are compatible with the surrounding neighbourhood.

An in depth review of shared rental housing regulations was conducted from 2003 to 2005, and resulted in many changes to regulations and processes. The City is now working towards improvements in a number of areas to ensure Guelph’s neighbourhoods have a healthy mix of housing types, and to address problems in neighbourhoods with high concentrations of these forms of housing.

Report a problem in your neighbourhood Zoning changes and more enforcement are positive steps, but we know longterm change takes time. In the meantime, if you experience a problem that needs enforcement, call one of the numbers below: Parking By-law Compliance and Enforcement 519-836-7275 Garbage Solid Waste Resources 519-767-0598

Yard waste includes: • Grass clippings (including thatch) • Leaves • Hedge trimmings • Woody plants (including vines, rose bushes, and the like) • Brush, branches, and tree limbs with a diameter less than 5 cm (2 inches)

Proposed changes to Guelph’s Zoning By-law

Messy yards or run-down buildings Building Services 519-837-5615 x 3

Yard waste does NOT include: • Sod, soil and sand • Treated wood • Large stumps • Stones • Plastics

The City has proposed changes to Guelph’s Comprehensive Zoning By-law to regulate the minimum distance between lodging houses and two-unit houses with six or more bedrooms. Such changes would support diversity of housing types and relieve the pressure of high-occupancy rental housing in some neighbourhoods.

Fire safety Guelph Fire and Emergency Services 519-763-8111 (non-emergency number)


give your composter a treat this halloween

• Chop up your pumpkin and put it in your backyard composter. • Whole pumpkins will also be picked up during Fall Yard Waste Collection. Make sure you place your pumpkin beside your yard waste bag. • Pumpkins can also be chopped up and put in your green Wet bag. For more information call 519-767-0598 or visit

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Residents may have already begun to see the impact of the City’s enhanced compliance and enforcement program. The program increases the City’s ability to proactively and reactively address noise and parking violations in residential areas with a concentration of shared rental housing units.

Licensing The City is also considering a licensing program for lodging houses and two-unit houses in order to regulate the business of shared rental housing.

Keeping everyone informed

Noise Guelph Police Service 519-824-1212 (non-emergency number) Snow removal Operations 519-837-5628 Pets Operations 519-837-5628

Through all of this, the City is committed to keeping all parties informed and encouraging people to get involved in the decision-making processes.

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insight Guelph

Fall 2010

Guelph’s new organics facility— coming soon! aT This TiME nEXT yEar, construction of Guelph’s new state of the art Organics Waste Processing Facility (OWPF) will be wrapping up and preparations will be underway for processing your home’s organic waste into clean, organic compost. This facility, located at 110 Dunlop Drive, is expected to increase Guelph’s waste diversion rate by 10 per cent. Although that’s plenty to look forward to, here’s what’s happening on site now. Construction is more than 20 per cent complete and the following is already in place: • the perimeter walls of the facility • the geomembrane liner • water tanks • more than half of the administration building’s footings and concrete walls • backfilling inside the facility has started Learn more about the OWPF and keep up to date on the progress of the construction at

Waste collection moves from bags to carts Guelph residents will start putting carts at the curb instead of bags in 2012. New waste collection trucks with an automatic arm will pick up the carts and empty them.

Why carts? To build the OWPF, the City is required by the Ministry of the Environment to stop collecting organic waste in bags. Based on best practices research and a third party peer review, Council decided in August that the best environmental, operational and financial option is automated cart collection for all three streams—organics, recyclables and waste.

Benefits of carts include • increased waste diversion through more frequent yard waste collection • less waste sent to landfill and fewer associated disposal costs • reduced operating costs of $430,000 annually and a smaller carbon footprint due to four fewer collection trucks To help manage costs, carts will be phased in over a three year period. One-third of Guelph homes will receive their carts in 2012, another third in 2013, and the remainder in 2014. To learn more about the switch to carts, visit

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Neighbouring cities are 100% starting to get jealous. COMPLETE Woodlawn Rd.

Hanlon Expy. to Nicklin Rd.


Leaves are turning, kids are back at school and construction projects look like they’re wrapping up for the season. Thank you Guelph. You’re dealing with detours and tolerating traffic snarls while the City completes major upgrades to our roads, sewers and buildings. We’ll keep working as fast as we can to meet our construction deadline. About five years worth of work has to be done by March 2011 in order to take advantage of $48 million in Federal and Provincial funding. That’s why you’ve seen construction just about everywhere this summer. By now you’re used to navigating detours and delays, so hopefully nothing stops you from enjoying your favourite shops, restaurants and services. Keep using the maps and construction updates on to get to where you’re going without any surprises.


Dawson Rd. Speedvale Ave. to Shelldale Ave. Edinburgh Rd. Speedvale Ave. to London Rd. Eramosa Rd. Delhi St. intersection Gordon St. Stone Rd. to Harts Ln. Maltby Rd. Hanlon Expy. to Gordon St. Norfolk St. Norwich/Woolwich St. to Paisley/Quebec St. River Run Centre Sidewalk replacements Various locations

Carden St. Wilson St. to Wyndham St. (Market Square rink/water feature) Carden St. Wyndham St. to Macdonell St. (NEW Inter-modal Transit Terminal) Evergreen Seniors Community Centre Main Fire Station Transit Facility West End Community Centre

These projects are made possible thanks to contributions from:

50-99% COMPLETE Sleeman Centre video score clock Speedvale Ave. Stevenson St. to city limits Stevenson St. York Rd. to Elizabeth St. Stone Rd. Scottsdale Dr. to Victoria Rd. Victoria Rd. Eramosa Rd. to Eastview Rd. Victoria Rd. Woodlawn Rd. to city limits Westmount Rd. Speedvale Ave. to London Rd. Wyndham St. Carden St. to Wellington St. CN Rail Bridge


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insight Guelph

Guelph Transit: increased frequency, more direct routes, shorter travel times coming soon Guelph Transit is poised to make significant changes to its routes and service frequency, making it easier and more convenient than ever to travel using public transit. Based on the recommendations in the Transit Growth Strategy, major changes are coming in 2011, with increased bus frequency, enhanced routes and improved service.

What riders can expect in 2011 • a new transit terminal that improves connections between local transit, commuter bus and rail travel • a restructuring of routes with 15 minute frequency during peak periods • weekend riders can look forward to 30 minute service on Saturdays and Sundays and Sunday service will be extended by an hour • Mobility Service users will have a transit fleet that is 100% accessible • innovative service approaches to service industrial areas

Fall 2010

October Guelph Studio Tour October 15-17

November Guelph Festival of Moving Media November 5-7 Fair November November 18-21 University of Guelph

Longer-term improvements planned over the next five years • creation of a transit spine (priority for transit buses along Gordon/Norfolk/ Woolwich and Stone Road corridors) • transit buses will have signal priority, priority corridors and queue jump lanes to speed up travel times • enhanced service levels including express and semi-express buses and GO shuttle • additional routes to service existing and emerging business/industrial areas • further assessment of the Guelph Junction Railway corridor to transport riders to and from the Guelph Innovation Centre • revamped Community Bus service • introduction of new service to surrounding communities in the County and select interregional destinations Recognizing the need for a long-term transit vision to meet the growing needs of our residents, the City’s Transit Growth Strategy provides a detailed roadmap for the growth of Guelph Transit over the next twenty years.

Community input a vital component A comprehensive consultation process was an important part of the Plan’s recommendations. The consultation included participation from more than 7,000 residents, including Guelph Transit riders and staff, area businesses, accessibility groups, health care professionals and seniors, making this one of the largest scale public consultations in the City’s history. These improvements will see our community become better-connected and riders will be able to move between residential, business and shopping areas with ease. These enhancements to Guelph Transit reaffirm Guelph’s vision of building a sustainable and environmentally responsible community.

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Who to call


Guelph Santa Claus Parade November 21 519-836-0660 Festival of Trees November 24-December 28 River Run Centre

December Sparkles in the Park December 11-31

For more events go online to



General inquires


Mayor’s office


CAO’s office




City Clerk’s office


Court Services (Provincial Offences Court)




Evergreen Seniors Community Centre


Fire and Emergency Services


Guelph Museums


Human Resources


Library (main branch)


Neighbourhood Engagement





519-822-1260 x 2888

Parks Maintenance


Police Services


River Run Centre (box office)


Sleeman Centre


TTY (teletype for deaf )


Tax office








Victoria Road Recreation Centre


Waste Resource Innovation Centre




West End Community Centre




Insight Guelph is a publication of The Corporation of the City of Guelph. T 519-822-1260 x 2610 E Write/visit: City Hall, 1 Carden St. Guelph, ON N1H 3A1 All information in Insight Guelph is accurate at time of printing. Insight Guelph is printed on newsprint containing recycled content.

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