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Planning for Growth – Reports

Ordinary Meeting - 12 February 2014

Proposal The proposal is to demolish the existing dwelling and construct a new dwelling. The proposed dwelling would be part single/part two storey brick veneer with steel roof and aluminum windows and a triple garage which would be accessed from Havlin Street East. The two storey component would be limited to the area above the rear garage. The original application provided no justification for the demolition of the dwelling. After being advised that officers did not support demolition the applicant provided a building report on the condition of the dwelling which found faults with the dwelling including sagging ceilings, springing floors, window out of plumb, structural failing of the chimney and poor drainage. The report concluded that: ‘The remedial work required to return this house to a sound structural (sic) that is suitable for habitation is extensive and will prove to be uneconomic and demolition of the house is the only logical conclusion’.

Figure 3: Floor plan of dwelling to be demolished.


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