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Planning for Growth – Reports

Ordinary Meeting - 12 February 2014

Removal of native vegetation from within the road reserve is generally only supported where the tree to be removed is dangerous or diseased and poses a substantial threat to life or is completely unavoidable. Conclusion The removal of the street trees would have a negative impact on the amenity value of Edwards Road given that there are many individual and small areas of remnant, structurally sound native vegetation within this road reserve. The applicant has not sufficiently demonstrated a site responsive design which addresses the native vegetation within the road reserve. Moreover, the least preferable option has been chosen which may favour the applicant but it would be at the expense of Council assets and the wider community. In summary, the application does not comply with the State and Local Planning Policies and Clause 52.17 (Native Vegetation) of the Greater Bendigo Planning Scheme and should be refused. Options Council, acting as the responsible authority for administering the planning scheme, may resolve to: grant a permit, grant a permit with conditions, or refuse to grant a permit. RECOMMENDATION Pursuant to section 61 of the Planning and Environment Act (1987), Greater Bendigo City Council resolve to refuse to grant a planning permit for the removal of native vegetation (4 trees) at Road Reserve outside 41 Edwards Road, JACKASS FLAT 3556 for the following reason: 1. The proposed removal of native vegetation does not meet the three-step approach of avoid, minimise, offset thereby failing to comply with clauses 12.01-2, 21.08 and 52.17 of the City of Greater Bendigo Planning Scheme. 2. The proposal would result in the loss of vegetation which would result in a detrimental impact on the City’s environmental and landscape values contrary to clause 21.08 of the City of Greater Bendigo Planning Scheme.


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20140212 agenda