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Planning for Growth – Reports

Ordinary Meeting - 12 February 2014

(c) A balance of cut and fill must be achieved on the site to ensure that there is no loss of floodplain storage. Any cut must be undertaken such that it is free draining, ie. to ensure that no ponding occurs on Lot 15. (d) Prior to certification a suitable restriction is to be placed on the title which specifies the minimum floor level of any new dwelling(s) on each new allotment. The minimum floor level must be no lower than 300mm above the estimated flood level(s). (e) Prior to certification a waterway and drainage easement must be created in favor of North Central CMA on Lot 15 with the exception of the proposed building envelope. (f) Prior to the commencement of works, appropriate silt control measures must be installed to prevent sediment laden runoff from entering the waterway. The silt control measures must be maintained throughout the construction period. (g) Stormwater runoff arising from the site must be treated to best practice standards prior to discharging to the waterway. The number of new stormwater connections to the waterway must be limited and prior to the commencement of drainage works, a separate “Works on Waterway” License must be obtained directly from North Central CMA. (h) Any fencing on land within the waterway and drainage easement on Lot 15 must be open style fencing, excluding the boundary with the building envelope and the rear boundaries of Lots 8-14 which are permitted to be solid type fencing. 23. DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENT AND PRIMARY INDUSTRIES Prior to work commencing, the shared boundary with Crown land must be fenced to the satisfaction of the responsible authority and the Department of Environment and Primary Industries at the applicant’s expense. Fencing must be erected: (a) On the boundaries of the land. (b) Without gates or openings on to adjoining Crown land. 24. EXPIRY OF THE PERMIT This permit will expire if: (a) The plan of subdivision is not certified within 2 years from the date of this permit; or (b) The subdivision is not completed within 5 years from the date of certification of the plan of subdivision. The responsible authority may extend the time for certification of the plan if a request is made in writing before the permit expires or within six months afterwards.


20140212 agenda  
20140212 agenda