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Planning for Growth – Reports

Ordinary Meeting - 12 February 2014

The rezoning would have fundamentally changed the existing planning framework with regards to the pattern of growth along the Lockwood Road corridor and thus it is reasonable that it was held to a higher standard of strategic justification. Does the subdivision comply with clause 56 in the Planning Scheme? The proposal complies with all the subdivision design objectives in clause 56 of the Planning Scheme. The lots in the subdivision will be fully serviced and they will enjoy a high standard of amenity owing to their solar orientation, pedestrian and vehicular linkages and access to recreational assets. All the lots will be capable of accommodating a suburban house with generous space for a garden and backyard. Other matters The subdivision will necessitate the removal of native vegetation on the site. The vegetation is classed as being of low conservation significance. The proposed vegetation losses are acceptable given that the site is within a residential precinct and is largely surrounded by suburban housing. Conclusion The proposed subdivision complies with the requirements of the planning scheme for the reasons discussed above. On this basis a permit should be granted for the proposal. Options Council, acting as the responsible authority for administering the planning scheme may resolve to: grant a permit, grant a permit subject to conditions, or refuse to grant a permit. Attachments  Objections RECOMMENDATION Pursuant to section 61 of the Planning and Environment Act (1987), Greater Bendigo City Council resolves to issue a Notice of Decision to Grant a Permit which allows for the staged subdivision of the land, the removal of native vegetation and alterations to a Road Zone Category 1 situated at 153-163 Lockwood Road Kangaroo Flat subject to the following conditions: 1.

PLANS TO BE ENDORSED The plan to be endorsed and which will then form part of the permit is the Version 5 plan submitted with the application.


LAYOUT MUST NOT BE ALTERED The layout of the subdivision as shown on the endorsed plans must not be altered without the written consent of the responsible authority.


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20140212 agenda