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Planning for Growth – Reports

Ordinary Meeting - 12 February 2014

 Improved accessibility to capital and regional cities for emergencies, business and industry;  Improved opportunities for tourism for Bendigo and the region;  Improved opportunities for growth and development within airport to support its feasibility and longevity.  The consolidation and enhancement of Bendigo’s role as a regional city;  Increase in economic diversity and outputs as demonstrated by additional employment, industry, and business.  Additional employment and associated regional impacts during construction phase; And potentially negative impacts, predominately to the immediate surrounding properties:  Loss in native vegetation for construction and safe operation of the new runway;  Change in pattern of aircraft noise and the properties impacted;  Lengthening and realignment of Heinz Street for landowners who rely upon it for access;  Height restrictions to surrounds where some industries may not be able to build if requiring structures above 10m;  Additional vehicle and business activity associated with the Airport and Business Park; Developing the Bendigo Airport to support larger aircraft and improve the poor standard of the existing infrastructure provides a net community benefit. Strategic Justification in Planning Context The Amendment is consistent with the following policies contained within the State and Local Planning Policy Framework:               

Clause 12.01-2 Native vegetation management Clause 13.04-1 Noise abatement Clause 15.01-2 Urban design principles Clause 15.03-2 Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Clause 17.02-1 Industrial land development Clause 17.02-2 Design of industrial development Clause 17.03-1 Facilitating tourism Clause 18.04-3 Planning for airfields Clause 21.03-1 Corporate vision Clause 21.04-2 Strategic framework plans Clause 21.07-2 Objectives – industrial Clause 21.07-3 Strategies – commercial Clause 21.09-3 Infrastructure – strategies Clause 21.09-4 Implementation Clause 22.05 Industrial policy


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