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Planning for Growth – Reports

Ordinary Meeting - 12 February 2014

A new Design and Development Overlay (14) is proposed to be applied to the Business Park which will promote high quality built form, setbacks and landscaping to further protect the amenity of adjoining residential areas. The existing Development Plan Overlay 19 (Aerodrome Related Industries Precinct) will be removed as it is obsolete. New uses will be assessed for amenity impacts when applying for a planning permit, and uses with high amenity impacts or that do not meet buffer distance requirements will be prohibited (eg. most manufacturing). The requirements of the Zone and Overlay for new uses and buildings, along with the existing separation along the western boundary of the airport to residential areas, are anticipated to minimise potential adverse impacts on residents from the Business Park. The Business Park (and airport terminal) is proposed to be serviced with reticulated sewerage, power, communications and water. This will require upgrade and extension of services to the airport site. Construction Management Runway, Business Park and associated works, will be constructed in several stages. A construction management plan will be required as part of the planning permit conditions, to minimise and manage offsite impacts. Cultural Heritage A Cultural Heritage Management Plan has been prepared. No areas of significance or archaeological places were identified, and therefore no specialist management conditions are required as part of this proposal. Economic Impacts The new runway and consequent increase in aviation activity is expected to benefit the economy through employment, manufacturing, industry, tourism and business diversity. The proposal is also anticipated to increase business and personal travel intra and interstate, by creating opportunities for larger aircraft to use the Airport. The Amendment will enhance opportunities for aviation and transport related business and employment. It will also assist in attracting recreation and general aviation users who can no longer afford space at metropolitan airports. New tenants in the Business Park are expected to provide a number of economic benefits to the City such as ongoing employment and investment. The construction phase of the runway and associated works are anticipated to generate employment and associated regional economic benefits. Net Community Impacts In summary, the Amendment and permit will most likely result in a number of effects, including the following positive impacts:  Ensures an airport to service the growing population and region;  Caters for more flights, and larger aircraft, including medical and emergency services;


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20140212 agenda