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Planning for Growth – Reports

Ordinary Meeting - 12 February 2014

Figure 6 – Heinz Street re-alignment

The preferred new route of Heinz Street follows the internal boundary of the City of Greater Bendigo owned land to the north of Heinz Street (no’s 149 and 199). Heinz Street services several rural residential properties to the east of the airport. This rerouting will have an impact on those residents by introducing four corners and a 780 metre longer route. The new road is proposed to be constructed before the closure of the existing road, to maintain access for the properties impacted. No additional vegetation will need to be removed for the new road alignment as it will be located within the vegetation clearance area for the new runway. The statutory process for a new road reserve (and closure of the existing section) will be carried out separately under the provisions of the Local Government Act 1989. Business Park Impacts The Bendigo Airport zoning, (SUZ7) is proposed to be amended to permit more uses, as expected in an airport terminal (eg. convenience shop, vehicle hire). The zone provisions have also been amended to manage adverse amenity impacts from uses such as warehouse and industrial. Most uses and development within the Airport and Business Park will require a planning permit. Up to 16 businesses could locate in the new Business Park.


20140212 agenda  
20140212 agenda