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Ordinary Meeting - 12 February 2014

If Council does not support the application, then the economic and social impact submission which has been prepared can be sent to the VCGR. If Council supports the application, there is value in submitting the economic and social impact submission to the VCGR to assist in its deliberations. Consultation/Communication Internal Consultation:  Meetings with staff External Consultation:  Liaison with St Luke’s Anglicare  Social impact survey  Liaison with VCGR Conclusion The work undertaken by the City of Greater Bendigo has determined that the anticipated economic and social impacts of the proposal will be detrimental to the municipal district. It has also been found that the proposal only satisfactorily meets two out of five of the decision making guidelines contained in the City of Greater Bendigo Gaming Policy. Resource Implications The survey and preparation of the submission has been time consuming and Council can be heard at the subsequent public hearing. If this is the case the City of Greater Bendigo will need to pay for legal representation - hearings typically take anywhere between one day and two weeks. If the finding is contested either by Council or by the applicant, there may be further costs for representation at VCAT. Additional costs will include:  Officer time; and  Payments to expert witnesses to strengthen the economic and social impact analysis. Attachments Nil

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