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Ordinary Meeting - 12 February 2014

Social & Economic impact The City of Greater Bendigo is obligated under the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 to “protect, improve, and promote public health and wellbeing in the municipal district.” In making a decision of whether or not to support the application, the Council must decide whether the anticipated social impact of the proposal on the municipal district will be neutral, beneficial, or detrimental. The social and economic impact statement submitted by the applicant concludes there will be a beneficial social and economic impact on the local community. Reasons for this include: The Economic benefits as identified by the applicant include:  The increase in general economic activity in the local area, driven by a major development project to the value of $3.2 million. This is a significant stimulus to the local economy creating six FTE jobs at the venue itself, as well as a substantial number of construction jobs for the period of the construction phase of the hotel extension.  The economic stimulus generates further flow-on effects through the local economy through benefits to supplier industries for the venue and builders, and through employees generating increased income which they in turn put back into all local businesses.  The share of the new gaming expenditure in the municipality that is attributable to responsible gaming play is an economic benefit, and represents the value of the social benefit derived. The vast majority of gaming players access machines in a responsible manner. There are also some economic risks associated with this proposal:  Any increase in expenditure generated by extra machines at the venue that is attributable to an increase in problem gambling behaviours is undoubtedly an economic cost to the municipality. This amount is unable to be quantified precisely, but given the discussion in the previous section, we see this impact on problem gambling as a result of this application is minimal with a small increase in machines in a venue and municipality already offering gaming.  The estimated increase in expenditure is estimated to make up around 0.5% of the total expenditure in the municipality for the 2012-2013 financial year. To the extent that this new expenditure may be derived from other gaming venues and businesses, this level of impact will not affect the ability of local businesses to trade, meaning they will need to maintain staff numbers.  There will be a diversion of trade from the existing gaming venues in Bendigo, but the impact to those venues is minimal in a competitive industry. Social Benefits derived from the application are summarised below:  The provision of improved facilities available to the community and visitors will be a benefit to current and future users of the venue. There is a community benefit of these improved facilities derived through opportunities for social interaction, a range of entertainment.  The additional accommodation options that will be created from the proposed hotel extension also represent a social benefit to the community.

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20140212 agenda