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S Snow now R Removal emoval A Att A G Glance lance con’t con’t with a third reserved for missed areas and picking up missed piles. Depending on conditions, Priority I and II roads will receive the most clearing activities. Extreme conditions may requir u e the City to hire additional contracted equipment to maintain residential areas in a safe and passable condition. D oes the Snow Snow aand nd IIce ce Does C ontrol P rogram Include Include Control Program Alleyways? Alleywaays? Trransportation Services has one dedicated truck that clears alleyyw waays. y Depending on the conditions, alleyways can typically be cleared within a couple of weeks. Extreme melt/ffreeze conditions may slow down this process.

D o You You Have Have a P rogram for for Do Program T rails? Trails? Trrails are cleared in much the same waay as our roads with trails along Priority I roads maintained first. Snow Go? Go? W Where here D Does oes the Snow Priority 1 and 2 - Snow will normally be plowed to the middle of the road and hauled to the City Snow Dump or will be pushed over the curb and onto the City-owned boulevards. Sidewalks on Both Sides snow will either be plowed to the middle and removed or plowed and stockpiled to the sidewalk on the even numbered side of the road on even years or the odd

Transportation T ransportation SServices er vices 2012/2013 Winter W inter S Season eason Statistics: Statistics: t t t t

266 cm of snow 25,000 truckloads of snow hauled 3,000 tonnes of salt used 8,000 tonnes of sand used

63 - Winter 2013

numbered side of the road on odd years. 2013 / 2014 is an odd year. Sidewalk on One Side Only snow will generally be plowed to the side without a sidewalk. Snow will be pushed over the curb and onto the City-owned boulevards. No Sidewalk - The snow will be plowed to both sides.  Why Can’t You Stockpile Snow in the Easements? Easements must remain clear of dumped snow for drainage and to facilitate spring run-off ff..

Community Connections - Winter 2014  

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