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until the ban is lifted. Parking Bans can be declared anytime between Nov. 15 and April 15. Parking Bans are lifted once weather conditions improve and areas have been cleared. Parking Bans are declared by the Tra r nsportation Services Manager or a designate. H ow W ill I K now a P arking How Will Know Parking Ba n has been been D eclared/ Ban Declared/ Lifted? L ifted? and lanes in residential areas. Weekday mornings in north side neighbourhoods (north of 100 Ave.) and weekday afternoons in southside neighbourhoods (south of 100 Ave.) Go to www.cityofgp. www..cityo y fgp gp. com/snow com/snow removal removal to find out how we move through the City. The Highwaay 43 Corridor (portions of 100 Ave., 108 St., 116 Ave. and 100 St.) is under the control of Alberta Inffra r structure and Trransportation and will be maintained to the standards established through their maintenance contractors. A map of priority roads can be found at www..cityo y fgp snow snow rremoval emoval What What is my my Responsibility Responsibility for Removal for Snow Snow R emoval and and Ice Ice Control on Sidewalk Control o n the S idewalk Along Along my my Property? Propertyy? Trraffic Bylaw #C-1166: Every occupant, or owner, of property ad djacent to a sidewalk, shall remove, or caused to be removed, and cleared awa way, any snow or ice from the ad djacent sidewalk

and the removal shall be completed within 24 hours following the most recent deposit of snow or ice. Do not dispose snow on Cittyy Properttyy. Snow removed from sidewalks and privatee lanes must not be placed within the City’s roadwaays. What Challenges Challenges Does What Does Snow and and IIce the Snow Control ce C ontrol Program Face? Face? Program t t t t t

Extreme melt / freeze conditions Extreme low temperatures Hard snow and ice pack Tightly built subdivisions More vehicles parked on street

Frigid tem mperatures and rapidly changing weather conditions can slow down snow removal progrress. I live live on on a Priority Priorittyy II rroad, oad, What Do W hat D o These These Permanent Permanent Parking P arking Ban Ban Signs Signs Mean? Mean? These signs indicate that when Tra r nsportation Services declares a parking ban you cannot park on the Priority I or Priority II road from 7:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m., weekdayys,

62 - Winter 2013

Residents can keep infformed on the status parking bans in various waays: y Winter Parking Hotline – 780.538.0354 . ow..cityo y fgp Follow the City’’s Facebook/ Twitter Radio Stations Where Can Park During an I P ark D uring a Where C Parking Ban? Parking Ban? Trransportation Services appreciates the patience of citizens during parking bans. s We make every eff ffo ort to complete Priority II snow clearing as quickly as possible. Here are some suggestions: t t t

Park in drivewaay or neighbour’s drivewaay Park on nearby Priority III street Park in alleywaay if you have access

How Times imes Does Does How Many Many T Residential Residential Get Get Cleared? Cleared? During normal conditions, residential areas receive two rotations of snow removal

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