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Trransportation Services anticipates Winter Operations by purchasing sand and salt in late summer/early fall. Crews are assigned winter shifts within the first week of November. Depending on the severity of the winter, Trransportation Services may supplement City ownedequipment with contractor equipment.


The City is divided into sections of north and south by a continuous cycle with morning crews assigned to the north and afternoon crews assigned to the south. Trransportation Services tracks where equipment has been in residential areas. A chart of our rotation with start and completion dates can be found ww.s . ow..cityo .sn y fgp at w At the start of each season the area that was at the bottom of the chart will be moved to the top. This ensures that each area has the opportunity to move up in the rotation. You may also call our Snow Removal Hotline at 780.538.0354 for more infformation.

How do Contracted How d o the C ontracted Trucks with Assist w ith Snow Snow T rucks Assist Removal? Removal? Contractor equipment assists with hauling windrows and snow piles in residential areas. When Does Your Snow now W hen D oes Y our S Removal Removal Program Program Start? Start? The Snow and Ice Control Program is initiated as soon as there is significant snow accumulation. Given the potential for extreme weather changes in the north there may be some transition at start-up as City crews will be assigned road maintenance work for as long as conditions permit.

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5 Trucks for snow hauling (up to 12 with contracted equipment) 6 Graders 4 Sanders/Plows, plus one for alleyyw w waays y 6 Loaders with angle blades 2 Snow Blowers (1 main and 1 back up) 1 Sidewalk unit 1 Bus stop unit

How do I Find Out When Equipment Will be in My Area? Due to extreme northern winter events equipment may have to divert from residential areas to Priority I and Priority II roads to ensure safe passage for emergency vehicles and morning commuters. Garbage days y and extremely low temperatures may also inhibit snow removal eff ffo orts. If weather conditions are favouraable, you will know that we are about to be in your area when temporary No Parking A-ffra r me signs are posted on your street. When signs are posted we ask that you remove your vehicles so crews can safely clear the roads. These signs are typically posted 24 hours in advance. To find out where we are, you may phone our Snow Removal Hotline at 780.538.0354 or visit our www.snow.cityofgp. website at w . ow..cityofgp. com. co m.

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What A What Are re the Snow Snow Plowing P lowing Priorities? Priorities? After a major snowfall, snow is removed on a priority basis as follows: Priorittyy 1 - Major arterials: 100 St, 844 Ave., 68 Ave., Resources Rd, Hwy 40 - Wapiti Road, etc. Priorittyy 2 - Tra r nsit Bus Routes and Major Collector Roadwaays: y Crystal Lake Dr., Mission Heights Dr., Poplar Dr., Royal Oaks Dr., etc. Priorittyy 3 - Local Roads & Lanes (residential areas): The City provides dedicated snow and ice control on local roads

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