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Environmental Stewardship

Let‘s Clear the Air! Please turn off your engine!

This winter Recognize your Snow Angel We live in a winter city, when it snows city crews clear our roadways and property owners clear their sidewalks. Snow removal can be a challenge for some residents. Become a Snow Angel, watch for people in your neighbourhood who could use help shovelling their sidewalks and driveways and ask if you can lend a hand. Recognize your snow angel, the City’s Snow Angel Program recognizes volunteers who have, without being asked, helped a neighbour clear snow from their sidewalks. Recognize your snow angel, go to:

You can reduce your greenhouse gas emissions by making small lifestyle changes, such as reducing your vehicle use and idle time.

I commit to: Not idle in front of daycare or schools Turning my engine off whenever I am stopped for more than 60 seconds (except in traffic) - when the temperature is above -15C. Not idling when running quick errands. Walking, using public trasnit, or car pooling.

Complete the form at: Email: Call: 780-513-5265.

Reduce my use of my remote starter.

The work of snow angels ensures that our community is tidy, livable and friendly.

Idling gets you nowhere

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