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Grocery Store Tour

A Registered Dietitian can provide nutrition education and guidance in a one-on-one setting on a variety of nutrition topics. Some examples include: Nutrition during pregnancy Celiac disease Diagnosed food allergies Healthy growth for children Special diet for medical condition Other nutrition related concerns

Become a smart and savvy shopper with this fun and interactive grocery store tou tour. r. Tour your local grocery store and learn how to read food labels and make the best food choices for you and your family Call 780-402-8172 for schedule and more information.

Weight Wise Education Classes hese 2 .5 hour Choose attend off tthese 2.5 Choose to to a ttend any or all o interactive in teractive workshops that will provide you with information and strategies to manage your weight. Must be 18 years of age or older.

To request an appointment please contact the Grande Prairie Public Health Centre at 780-513-7500.

Getting Started: Planning For Success Lifestyle Change: A Toolkit for Success Finding Balance: The Role of Calories In Weight W eight Management Managing Hunger and Appetite Moving Matters: Introducing Physical Activity In Y Your o Day our The T ruth About What W Truth Works Weight orks In W eight Management Meal Planning: I Know I Should Eat Healthy, Healthy, But How? Eating Away Away w From F Home and During Special Occasions Minding Stress: Reduce and Manage The Stress In Y Your o Life our

Pediatric Weight Management for children 2-17 years requires a doctor or nurse practitioner referral. Contact your health provider for more information on eligibility and types of services offered. Please visit our website, websit Healthy Eating Starts Here www.healthyeatingst On the website, you will find information, informatio resources and supports to help build healthy eating environments at work, school, and child care centres. It also provides information on how to make healthy food choices every day. Call 780-402-8172 for schedule and more information.


Call 780-402-8172 for schedule and more information. 104 - Winter 2013

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