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Census Day is April 1, 2020

Want to be in-the-know about the latest census news, deadlines and events?

Text iCount to 85256 for mobile alerts.

For the first time ever, you can complete the census online. It only takes a matter of minutes and ensures the city receives the funding needed to maintain, operate and expand critical programs.

City of Goodyear Takes Proactive Measures to Reduce Community Spread In an effort to be proactive, the city of Goodyear is taking action to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19. Some events have been cancelled. For a full list of events impacted and how you can help, please visit

Take steps to protect yourself



Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 2




From the Mayor There’s no doubt that there’s a lot of uncertainty right now in the world. We are living in unprecedented times. The impacts of the Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, are rapidly changing. As we all adjust to changes in our daily life, there’s one thing that will remain - our resilience. We’ve been through tough times before together and we built our way back up to become one of the fastest growing cities in the nation. When times are challenging, I am so proud to see our great city come together. I continue to see and hear stories of residents helping each other and stepping up to protect the health and wellbeing of our community. Mayor Georgia Lord

As a city, we are staying in close contact with state health officials to ensure we continue to be proactive in reducing the spread of the virus. The city of Goodyear is committed to continuing to deliver exceptional services that our residents depend on while keeping our community safe. We’re also finding ways to reduce exposure between employees and residents. As the current events continue to evolve, we encourage you to stay up-to-date on community impacts in Goodyear and how you can be aware, stay safe, and reduce the spread at coronavirus. Goodyear is resilient. We will come back stronger than ever.

Council Corner Many people might not realize that the first U.S. Census took place in 1790. It was one of the first major endeavors taken on by our young nation and it was no easy task to accomplish. Councilmember Laura Kaino Back then, enumerators traveled miles and miles on horseback. The work was worth it to our Founding Fathers who recognized the value of an accurate population count and included it in the Constitution. While times have certainly changed, the significance of the census has not. It is important that all Goodyear residents are counted in 2020. One of the most important aspects of the census is that it is used to determine federal, state and local funding for programs which directly impact our residents. These federal funds support community programs and services like Head Start, Medicaid, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, and the Children’s Health Insurance Program that benefit some of the

most vulnerable in our city. The census is also used to allocate key infrastructure and transportation services, including maintenance and construction of roads, bridges and highways. It is imperative that we get an accurate count of our growing population so that we get our fair share of the money. The census also determines how many Congressional members we have in the U.S. House of Representatives. The census will be the basis for the reallocation of Congressional seats to states that are growing in population, and Arizona is growing fast! By participating in the census, you will make sure that you are fairly represented at the local, state and national level. From the first census on horseback to the 2020 census that can be completed confidentially in a matter of minutes online, times have changed but its value hasn’t. Please make sure you are a part of this historical process and participate in the census. You can be sure to count me in!

April 2020


The census counts every person living in the United States. It’s done every 10 years by the U.S. Census Bureau. The United States had its first census in 1790, which counted 3.9 million people. The last census in 2010, counted 308 million.







*In 2015, the city of Goodyear conducted a special census due to significant growth.

2020 population = ?









Goodyear Population (based on census)


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What is the Census?


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Goodyear Wins When You Count An accurate population count ensures Goodyear gets the money it needs for critical programs and services. It also gives businesses an idea of who’s living where, so they know where to open new stores or offer new services.

Your count ensures Goodyear’s fair share of $675 billion in

Daily Operations



Public Transportation

Public Safety


Senior Care

Street Repairs and Maintenance

Neighborhood Improvements

Parks and Recreation

federal funds to support:

Money received based on the city’s population has recently made it possible to: Resurface roads Improve street lighting, signs, parking and landscaping Replace water lines Enhance parks with lighting, new playground equipment and accessibility improvements For every person counted, Arizona receives money from the federal government and that money is then given to cities based on population.

= $2,959 People complete the census form

Each person counted results in an allocation of $$$

Federal government distributes funds to states

State government distributes funds to cities

City of Goodyear receives funds which can be used for various projects April 2020


Got 10 Minutes to Spare? For the first time, the census can be done online. Simply visit to get started. Depending on how quickly you complete the census, you could avoid receiving additional mailings and a knock at your door from a census worker. The census questionnaire is 10 questions about each household member including name, age and race. To see a sample questionnaire, visit

The 2020 Census is Accessible for Everyone.

Childr count, toen o. Reme

mber t e v e ry p e o c o u n t rson l in your h iving ome.

3 Ways to Complete the Census You can respond online in English or in 12 additional languages. There is also a video in American Sign Language available to guide you through responding online.

You can respond by phone in English or in 12 additional languages. You can also respond by TDD at 844-467-2020. You can respond by mailing a paper questionnaire. Braille and large print guides are available online to assist you with completing the paper questionnaire.

Is My Information Safe? The U.S. Census Bureau understands the need to protect everyone’s right to privacy and keeps answers completely confidential. Responses cannot be shared with any other person, organization, court, business or government agency for any reason. U.S. Census Bureau staff members are committed to keeping your answers safe and making sure everyone feels comfortable answering the survey. That’s why they take a lifetime oath to maintain your privacy and never reveal information about your identity. Under Title 13 of the U.S. Code, staff members face up to five years in prison and/or a $250,000 fine for violating that oath.

Protect Yourself from Scams The U.S. Census Bureau is committed to making the 2020 Census quick, easy, and safe. Unfortunately, there might be people trying to take advantage of this important time for the country. Keep these safety tips in mind as the census begins.

Be safe online! The U.S. Census Bureau will not

send unsolicited emails to request your participation in the 2020 Census and will never ask for your Social Security number, bank account or credit card number, or money.


Take caution before you open an email.

Phishing is a criminal act where someone sends you an email disguised as a trusted entity. Once the email is open, you may be directed to a website that looks real but is fake and it may be infected with malware. Call the police department immediately to report suspected fraud.

Officer Josh White

Goodyear Police Dept. How long you’ve worked for the city? 14 years. What do you do? Serve the residents of this great city with K9 Officer Diko. See how Officer White and K9 Officer Diko work together to train and catch suspects by watching On the Job with Julie. Click on the On the Job with Julie playlist

What is your favorite thing about working for the city? Family feel. Favorite ice cream flavor? Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. What do you like to do in your spare time? Spend time with my family and go hunting.

Bridging the Gap April is Autism Awareness Month, but for the Goodyear Police Department, autism awareness is practiced daily. Goodyear Police has made it a priority to find ways to connect with the autism community through education and hands-on training. That means educating community leaders and those living with autism and their families about safe interactions with police and firefighters. As a member of the West Valley Crisis Intervention Team, the Goodyear Police Department also trains other first responders on how to bring calm to tense situations when interacting with individuals who may be suffering from various mental health issues, including autism. Goodyear Police has become a model agency for taking an intentional and proactive approach to embracing and uniting the mental health community and professional partners with the goal of making the department’s sworn members and dispatchers highly-trained in mental health awareness, recognition and safe interaction.

April 2020



Frequently Asked Questions

All classes and programs listed are subject to change based on the impacts of COVID-19.

How do I register for Summer Recreation? Registration is available online at or in-person at the Recreation Office beginning Monday, May11 at 8:30 a.m. for Goodyear residents. Non-residents are eligible to register beginning on Wednesday, May 13 at 8:30 a.m. Parent and participant must have an established ActiveNet account created in order to register. The Summer Recreation location I want is full, is there a waitlist? Yes, but there is not a guarantee that the child will be placed at the desired location. If space becomes available, the Recreation Office will contact the parent or guardian.

What happens if I need to withdraw and will I get a refund? Please review our refund policy at prior to registration. Refunds will not be given after the program begins. Please email for questions. Do I need to provide lunch for my child? Yes, please send a sack lunch and snacks for your child. Resident Registration: May11 until filled Non-Resident Registration: May 13 until filled In-Person: Goodyear Recreation Office, 3075 N. Litchfield Rd. Online:


Summer Recreation

Summer Recreation is a supervised, drop-in program designed for youth enrolling in first through eighth grade. In order to be eligible, participants must have completed kindergarten. Sites are open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Please note that this is not a licensed childcare facility, therefore, children may choose to sign themselves in or out at any time during program hours. All staff are CPR, First-Aid, and AED certified, and have completed a background check. Each week has a specific theme to coordinate with special presentations, games, and activities. This year’s weekly themes include:

Aloha to Summer

There are three Summer Recreation sites located throughout Goodyear. Locations include: Copper Trails Elementary School 16875 W. Canyon Trails Blvd. June 1 - July 17

Packages and Pricing: Copper Trails & Desert Thunder (7 week program) Full Program Cost: $260 ($315 NR) Half Day Program Cost: $170 ($205 NR) Weekly Program Cost: $60 ($75 NR) Centerra Mirage (6 week program) Full Program Cost: $220 ($265 NR) Half Day Program Cost: $145 ($175 NR) Weekly Program Cost: $60 ($75 NR)

Desert Thunder Elementary School 16750 W. Garfield St. June 1 - July 17

Field Trip Package: $75 (90 NR) price includes transporation, field trip t-shirt, and admission to Goodyear Community Pool, Main Event, Uptown Jungle, Harkins Theater, Bowlero Bowling, and Urban Air Trampoline Park. Participant(s) must be enrolled in the full day program to be eligible for the field trip package.

Centerra Mirage Elementary School 15151 W. Centerra Dr. June 1 - July 10

Enrolling more than one child? Multi-child discounts are available for Goodyear residents. To be eligible, children must reside in the same household. Visit for details.

April 2020


Mad Science Camping Music Fun-Filled Fourth Superhero Olympic



Aquatics Goodyear Sharks Swim Team

Goodyear Sharks Swim Team is a summer only recreational swim team for boys and girls. Our goal is to provide a fun and safe atmosphere where swimmers work hard to improve their skills, make new friends, and cheer on their team mates. This team is part of the MarWest League and competes in meets across the West Valley. Practices are held Monday-Wednesday with swim meets on Thursdays and/or Saturdays. Swimmers must be able to swim 25 yards unassisted and be familiar with the four strokes; butterfly, backstroke, breastroke, and freestyle. Cost includes swim cap, team shirt, meet ribbons, and end of season trophy. Registration: Now throught June 1 (or until filled) Regular Season: May 11 through June 25; July 9 for those who qualify Cost: $70 ($85 NR) Junior Guard Program

GlideFit Cardio Wave Combining the immense benefits of aquatics based stability training with an emphasis on building functional strength, this class was developed to give class participants the most beneficial one hour workout in the floating fitness world. Dates: May 26-July 29; Monday-Wednesday from 7:30-8:30 p.m. Class Fee: $3 ($4 NR) Swim Pass Individual and family swim passes may be purchased online or in person at the Goodyear Community Pool or Recreation Office. This pass can be used for admission during open swim hours only.


Family Swim Pass: $50 ($60 NR) Individual Swim Pass: $25 ($30)


Water Safety Fun Day Enjoy a morning at Goodyear Community Pool learning about water safety, swim lesson opportunities, and first aid and CPR. Participants are welcome to stay and enjoy Open Swim hours. Date: Saturday, June 6 from 10 a.m.-12 p.m.

The Junior Guard program is for ages 12-14 interested in becoming a lifeguard. This program will expose participants to a variety of guarding skills including swim lessons, special events, customer service skills, safety, and facility maintenance. Participants will commit to 40 scheduled volunteer hours and must attend all classes to be eligible. Visit for prerequisites and application. Pool Rental Information Goodyear Community Pool is available to reserve for private parties from May 1-September 3. Reservations must be made at least 14 days in advance at the Recreation Office. Rental fees include exclusive use of the pool for parties up to 160 guests including lifeguards. Please call the Recreation Office for availability. Rental Fee: 10-100 people, $125 per hour; 101-160 people, $150 per hour Open Swim Summer Season, May 23-August 3 Monday-Friday: 1-4 p.m. Saturday: 1-7 p.m. Sunday: 1-6 p.m. Fall Season, August 8-September 7 Saturday-Sunday: 1-6 p.m.

AQUATICS Water safety is a very important skill for youth in Arizona to learn. Lessons are taught by American Red Cross certified instructors. Sessions take place over two weeks with eight 30-minute sessions.

Levels & Progression Classes are available for children age six months to adult. Full level descriptions, age requirements, and prerequisite skills can be found online at At the end of each season, instructors will issue a certificate detailing the participant’s progress to indicate if they are ready to move to the next level. Cost per session: $30 ($35 NR)

Session One: May 11-21; registration available May 4-8 Session Two: May 26-June 5; registration available May 18-22 Session Three: June 8-18; registration available June 1-5 Session Four: June 22-July 2; registration available June 15-19 Session Five: July 6-16; registration available June 29-July 3 Session Six: July 20-30; registration available July 13-17 Registration takes place one week prior to each session. Goodyear residents may register on Monday and Tuesday; open registration begins on Wednesday. The registration deadline is Friday at 5 p.m. prior to each session.

April 2020


Swim Lessons



Goodyear Community Center 420 E. Loma Linda Blvd., 623-882-7525

Preschool & My Play Date

My Play Date (1-4 yrs)

Preschool ABC’s & 123’s (3-5 yrs)

Meet new friends for a morning of fun activities! This program is designed for children along with their caregiver. Each week has a new theme to explore through songs, books, games, crafts, and free play. Please bring a toy or two to share at free play time.

Participants will be involved in activities including letter and number recognition, shapes, colors, seasons, and other preschool principles. Exercise, arts and crafts, story time, safety, snacks, games, and songs will be part of the curriculum. Children must be potty trained.

Cost per session: $25 ($35 NR) Session dates, times, and details at

Cost per session: $180 ($225 NR)

CrossFit Fury Kids Programs

Fury CrossFit Kids (6-12 yrs) This class works on skill movements and efficient exercise with an active game in each class. CrossFit Student Athlete (13+ yrs) This general physical preparedness program is an off-season activity for your athlete or can serve as the child’s main sport. Cross Lifeline Emergency Training (10-16 yrs) Childcare & Babysitting Safety This class focuses on being responsible for a child’s safety and well-being. Participants will learn safety in the home, handwashing, diapering, feeding infants and children, as well as what to do in an emergency.


Youth Classes

Simba Dojo Shotokan Karate (6+ yrs) This is a beginning karate class in which we start with the fundamentals and build upon skills at your own pace. Shotokan Karate is a fun and easy way to learn self defense, develop confidence, and promote a healthy lifestyle in a family-oriented environment.

Aikido is a defensive martial art where the defender uses the attacker’s own energy to avoid and neutralize the attack. It employs joint locks, take downs, and throws. Emphasis is on humility, mutual respect, and reconciliation. Anchor Point Archery (8+ yrs) Archery 1 Learn rules of the range, safety, equipment and how to use it, and practice shooting. Archery 2 Review safety, equipment, and shooting. Practice and hone shooting skills. Bode Tennis Orange Ball (7-9 yrs) Orange ball expands into every aspect of the game. It begins to cover tennis-specific movement, agility, balance, coordination, speed, strength and advanced tossing/throwing/catching activities. Green Ball (9-11 yrs) Green ball continues to build upon tennis-specific movement. Control of power, spin, and placement are more heavily emphasized as players begin to grow into their own styles of play. Crafted Thought (6-12 yrs) The Buddy the Book workshop begins with a read along of the children’s book, The Book That Wanted to be Read, where we are introduced to Buddy the Book. Each student will then create their own illustrated text in a custom story booklet. The theme behind the workshop is to have each student imagine themselves or another individual as the book.

Interested in a program?

View session dates, times, cost, and registration information at

Southwest Valley YMCA 2919 N. Litchfield Rd.

Private Swim Lessons - 4 lessons for $150; 8 lessons for $275 Group Swim Lessons - 4 lessons for $40 ($75 Non-Member); 8 lessons for $80 ($150) City of Goodyear residents receive 10% off their facility memberships all year long. Proof of residency required. Upcoming Events: April 18, 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Healthy Kids Day is the Y’s largest national youth initiative bringing children and families together through activities and education that inspires healthy habits in the summer months and year round. This event is free and open to the public. May 18-21 - Safety Around Water Swim Lessons includes free swim lessons to the community for one week. Inquire within the YMCA to reserve a spot. Offer is valid for Learn to Swim Lessons only. Free Community Days - May 9, May 23, June 6, June 20, July 18, July 25, August 8, August 22, September 5.

April 2020


Aikido Self-Defense (6-14 yrs)



Performing Arts AZ Dynasty Athletics

Little Toddlers Tumbling (3-4 yrs) Class covers forward rolls, backward rolls, bridges, stretches, balance, body mechanics, coordination, jumps, as well as ballet positions and counts. Recreational Cheer & Pom (5+ yrs) Basic cheer technique taught, including stunting, dances, jumps, leaps, and turns. Beginning Tumbling (5+ yrs) Basic floor tumbling and trampoline class covering forward rolls, backward rolls, balance, flexibility, handstands, cartwheels, and round-offs. No experience required. Beyond Gymnastics Intro to Parent Tot Walkers (1-2 yrs) Students will learn through structured station on the floor, bars, beam, and vault. Intro to Independent Movers (3-4 yrs) Students will learn independently through structured station on the floor, bars, beam, and vaults. Intro to Tumbling (5-10 yrs) This introductory class will focus on fundamental skills, safety, proper form, and technique while learning foundational skills of floor and trampoline. Bravo Dance Family Creative Dance (3-4 yrs) Young dancers use creative movement, games, and imagery to develop basic skills for dance foundations in ballet, tumbling, and tap. All participants must be potty trained.


Hip Hop 2 (6-11 yrs) Dancers express their funky side featuring today’s top hits in music. Students practice picking up different choreography by learning different combinations.


Muay Thai (4+ yrs) Students build and sharpen life skills such as self awareness, listening skills, accountability and emotional control. It involves drills with timed rounds striking heavy bags, Thai pads, and more. JuiceBox Dance Academy Cheer, Pom, Let’s Dance! (7-9 yrs) This class introduces basic cheer and pom skills while including movements to help with basic dance skills. Students practice with pom poms in class. Acrobatic Tumble Summer Camp (5-9 yrs) Students will learn skills such as pike position, cartwheel, plié, tendu, front rolls, flexibility, body strength, body control, etc. The focus of this program includes learning the acro positions, locomotive skills, balance skills, classroom behavior skills, and social skills. Estrella Gymnastics Intro to Gymnastics & Ninja Warrior (5-11 yrs) Students have the chance to experience both the grace of gymnastics and strength of ninja warrior and will practice tumbling on the gymnastics equipment, warped alls, and obstacles.

Southwest Ballet Theatre Pre-Ballet (4-5 yrs) Develop creative movement skills, musicality, rhythm, coordination, expression, character, and confidence. Classes foster a nurturing environment that enables each child to learn life skills and form a life long love of ballet and the arts. Ballet, Tap, Jazz, and Modern Dance (6+ yrs) Ballet for all levels; beginners, intermediate, advanced, pre-pointe, and pointe. Steppin’ Out Performing Arts We Can Dance & Tumble Two (2-4 yrs) Young dancers use creative movement, games, and imagery to develop basic skills for dance foundations in ballet, tumbling, and tap. All participants must be potty trained. Ballet Tap Combo (3-5 yrs) Class emphasis is on creative movement, basic ballet, and tap techniques. This is a fun filled class full of music, props, and meeting new friends. Cheer Hip Hop (4+ yrs) Students will learn cheer basics such as arms, jumps, and kicks as well as hip hop dance styles and tricks. Dancers can wear any type of comfortable clothing that they can move easily as well as dance shoes, tennis shoes, or bare feet. Stage Door Youth Theatre Intro to Theatre Performance Class (7-11 yrs) Students will find their place on the stage! Classes are filled with theatre skills like improvisation, puppets, masks, singing, dancing, rehearsing, and performing. A final show will be presented the final day of class. Intermediate Musical Theatre Class (10-14 & 14-18 yrs) Students will put on a full musical in just five days! Classes will be filled with singing, dancing, rehearsing, memorizing, and performing. A full length musical will be presented the Saturday after the class.

Aikido Self-Defense (14+ yrs)

Aikido is a defensive martial art where the defender uses the attacker’s own energy to avoid and neutralize the attack. It employs joint locks, take downs, and throws. Emphasis is on humility, mutual respect, and reconciliation. Bode Tennis Cardio Tennis (16+ yrs) This ultimate fun group fitness cardio class includes cardiovascular workouts, tennis, and games! Includes warm-up, cardio tennis games, and cool-down phase. Class features heart rate monitors and on-court screen to track your performance.


Adult Classes

Cross Lifeline Emergency Training AED, CPR, and First Aid (16+ yrs) This class provides certification in automated external defibrillator, cardiopulmonary resuscitation for the adult, child and infant, and first aid. Topics include legal considerations, personal safety, control of bleeding, what to do for burns, poisonings, severe allergic reactions, seizures, strokes and cardiac arrest. CrossFit Fury Programs CrossFit Fury provides a resourceful and supportive community where anyone can improve their fitness and live a healthier, fuller life. Operated by professional coaches who are passionate about health and fitness, Fury offers small group classes of varying levels, personal training, and specialty classes such as yoga, barbell, and endurance.

Find out why Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in America with 5.0 rated instructors lead by Mark Clark, a World Seniors Games Champion. Please bring a paddle if you have one; paddles will be provided otherwise.

Interested in a program?

View session dates, times, cost, and registration information at


Pickleball Clinic

April 2020



Adult Softball

Goodyear’s Adult Softball program offers an excellent recreational opportunity for adults. Emphasis is placed on healthy competition in a recreational atmosphere. Leagues play a double header, 14-game schedule with a season ending single elimination tournament.

Wednesday Men’s League: July 15-September 2 Thursday Men’s League: July 16-September 3 Friday Coed League: July 17-September 3 Sunday Coed League: July 12-August 30 Returning Team Registration: June 1-7 Open Registration: June 8-July 3 Location: Goodyear Community Park Softball Fields, 3151 N. Litchfield Rd. Cost: $475 ($575 NR)

Adult League Free Agent List Don’t have a team and would like to play? This referral system allows individuals to register as a free agent. Each season the list will be distributed to the team managers and throughout the season upon request. Please note that this is only a referral service and does not guarantee individual placement on a team. Registration can be completed over the phone at 623-882-7525, online at or in-person at the Goodyear Recreation Office, 3075 N. Litchfield Rd.


Senior Activities

Goodyear’s Senior Program offers a variety of activites for active adults such as Cards & Games, Lunch & Bunco, and exciting trips to different places across Arizona. Registration is required for senior programs. Please call 623-882-7525 to register.

Lunch & Bunco Join us for lunch and a game of Bunco! Prizes are awarded in five categories. The lunch menu will vary each month and will feature food from a local Goodyear restaurant. May 6, June 3, July 1, August 5 Wednesdays, 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Cost: $15 ($18 NR)

May 20, June 17, July 15, August 19 Wednesdays, 10-11:30 a.m.

All activities and trips are subject to change. Please note: Out of Africa has been cancelled.

Lake Pleasant Cruise & Lunch

Historic Route 66 Car Show

Enjoy a 90-minute scenic cruise while listening to the narration of the lake’s history and wildlife. When registering, please specify choice of ham, turkey, or brisket sandwich. Cash only on board for snacks and beverages; full bar is available. Price includes transportation, lunch, and boat cruise. No refunds after April 24.

Beat the heat by spending the day in Williams, a quaint Arizona town. History buffs can explore the Historic Downtown District that covers more than six blocks of historic buildings and shops bursting with memorabilia. The Route 66 Car Show will feature over 100+ classic cars, hot rods, and one of a kind street machines. No refunds after June 1.

Tuesday, May 12; depart 10:45 a.m. and return 3:45 p.m. Class Fee: $65 ($78 NR)

Saturday, June 13; depart 7:45 a.m. and return 5:30 p.m. Class Fee: $50 ($60 NR) Harrah’s Casino It’s Senior Day at Harrah’s! Enjoy $5 Bingo plus a $5 credit for slot play. Enjoy your favorite games from blackjack to Bingo featuring the largest selection of the latest reel and video slots. Stop by the buffet to enjoy a variety of different cuisines. Legal name and birthdate must be provided at the time of registration. A valid photo ID is required. No refunds after July 14. Tuesday, July 28; depart 8 a.m. and return 5 p.m. Class Fee: $15 ($20 NR)

April 2020


Senior Trips

Cards & Games Gather with fun, friendly people to play games such as Sequence, Rummikub, or Mexican Train. Light snacks and water will be provided. This activity is free; registration is required.


Aquatics Fitness Instructor An Aquatics Fitness Instructor’s primary function is to lead an energized, fun, safe, and educational fitness program. Instructor will conduct daily classes, incorporate teaching strategies for all skill levels and ages, explain proper techniques, and demonstrate exercises.

Special Events Staff Staff who work special events help with set up, implementation, monitoring, tear down, and other various duties required to run an event. Applicants must be available to work nights, weekends, and some holidays.

Dive Instructor A dive instructor is responsible for leading a safe and educational program that utilizes proper skill development, creates daily workouts, sets goals with divers, and communicates with parents in a fun and motivational atmosphere.

Special Interest Class Instructor Have a special leisure activity that you want to share with others? Contact the Recreation Office at to pitch your idea for a new class or program.

Lifeguard I A Lifeguard serves as the first point of contact for all patrons entering the pool. This position is responsible for providing a safe environment and excellent customer service to all patrons. This position will also serve as pool cashier and guards during open swim hours and swim lessons.

Summer Recreation Leader Summer Recreation Staff will implement games, activities, and arts and crafts for school age children in a fun and safe enviornment. This is a temporary position that will run from May to July up to 40 hours a week.

Lifeguard II/WSI A Water Safety Instructor’s primary function is teaching water safety classes in the Learn to Swim program. They are expected to follow curriculum, provide excellent customer service, and teach the class in a fun environment for learning.

Swim Coach The Aquatics Division is looking for both a head coach and assistant coaches to oversee the Goodyear Sharks Swim Program. Coaches are responsible for daily coaching and development of swimmers, creating workouts, setting goals for swimmers, and creating a fun atmosphere.



Need a Summer Job?


Interested in working for Goodyear Parks & Recreation? Apply online at

What’s That in Goodyear?


891 S. Cotton Ln. Anticipated opening: May 2020

Hubbard Family Swim School

1785 N. Pebblecreek Pkwy. Suite 9B Anticipated opening: May 2020

10 to Throw in the Bin In Goodyear, the current recycle rate is 25%. Why don’t more people recycle? Part of the reason is the uncertainty of what’s recyclable and what’s not.

Here are the top 10 items you should recycle: Soda cans


Water bottles

Post it Notes

Milk and water jugs

Cardboard boxes

Cereal box (remove plastic inside)

Laundry detergent plastic jug

Paper egg cartons

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(l to r): Joe Pizzillo, Wally Campbell, Vice Mayor Bill Stipp, Mayor Georgia Lord, Sheri Lauritano, Laura Kaino, and Brannon Hampton.

Lightly rinse soiled containers, if needed. City recycling inspectors travel to neighborhoods in Goodyear to check bins for non-recyclable items. They will issue a notice to residents in an effort to inform and educate if they find non-recyclable materials in the recycling container.

Did you


Unlike trash, recyclables should not be bagged.

For more do’s and don’ts on recycling in Goodyear, visit Catch all of the council meetings streaming live on our Facebook page @goodyearaz and YouTube channel.


5 p.m.

Work Session

April 13

6 p.m.

Council Meeting

April 20

5 p.m.

Work Session

April 20

5 p.m. 6 p.m.

Work Session Council Meeting

Dates are subject to change. Visit to view updates. Council meetings and work sessions are held at Goodyear Municipal Court and Council Chambers, 14455 W. Van Buren St., B101.

InFocus Magazine•Goodyear Digital Communications•Questions or comments, email: April 2020


ECRWSS Postal Customer 190 N. Litchfield Rd. Goodyear AZ 85338 623-932-3910

LIVE in Goodyear

Tune in! You can now enjoy live streaming images from cameras positioned at the ballpark.

Watch the live stream at

Profile for City of Goodyear

InFocus - Issue 117 - April 2020  

Keep up with what’s new in the city of Goodyear, including updates from the mayor and city council, important upcoming dates and events, sto...

InFocus - Issue 117 - April 2020  

Keep up with what’s new in the city of Goodyear, including updates from the mayor and city council, important upcoming dates and events, sto...