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Dear friends, You count on us to spend your tax dollars wisely. And every year, we’re able to invest in the things you value in our community, thanks to hours of thoughtful planning and extensive citizen review. Our budget is governed by strong financial policies, and it’s aligned with our Germantown Forward 2030 strategic plan. Because of that, Germantown remains in excellent financial health. You’ll find proof in our dual-AAA bond rating, strong financial reserves and ongoing private investment in the community. I invite you to participate in the process by attending our public budget hearing. And please don’t hesitate to get in touch with anything you’d like to discuss. Sincerely,


We’re investing in education.

Public safety is a priority.

In FY19, our general fund budget allocates $6.9 million to support GMSD, a bigger investment of property and sales tax dollars than any other City department except for police and fire services. It exceeds the state requirement by $4.4 million.

We’re committed to ensuring the safety and security of our residents, their homes and our businesses.

Some of the things this investment covers: Riverdale boiler system (PAYMENT 1 OF 2)

School resource officers and crossing guards


Houston High field house and auditorium renovations Debt service on Riverdale expansion, new elementary school and other GMSD projects

1.5 million $



1.8 million

3 new police officers Salary and benefits


11 vehicles


In-car video systems


Fire engine replacement


Fire Station 3 preliminary design



451,000 45,000

860,000 100,000


Good news about your property tax rate. City administration projects that the FY18 tax increase will likely sustain spending through 2023 instead of 2022 as originally planned. This will allow you to plan ahead without the threat of a tax increase every year or two. We take our roles as stewards of your tax dollars very seriously, and we work hard to use them to provide the highest-quality services possible. In addition, administration is proposing a property tax rate reduction of two cents. Last year’s rate of $1.97 included four cents to cover the impact of appeals, but Germantown has used just under two cents of that allowance. Lowering the rate to $1.95 will keep the City’s property tax revenue at the same level as it was before the reappraisal, the FY18 tax increase and revenues from economic development.


Fiscal Year 2019 Budget Public Hearing ¢



Monday, June 11, 6 p.m. City Hall Council Chambers 1930 S. Germantown Road Call 757-7251 for more information.


FY19 general funds revenues total $57,041,117. Here’s where it will go: Public Safety (38%) Fire and police $21,451,075

Transportation and Environment (10%) Public works and animal shelter $5,417,213

General Debt Service (4%) Debt service payments for City projects $2,397,959

General Government (27%)

Community Services (6%)

Other Expenditures (2%)

Finance, human resources, development, etc. $15,363,275

Parks, libraries $3,149,186

Special Revenue Funds including Farm Park, Great Hall, ambulance service $1,507,210

Education (12%)

Reserves (1%)

Required maintenance of effort, school resource officers, crossing guards, debt payments on GMSD projects $6,915,358

Funds to sustain the five-year planning period $839,841


City of Germantown 1930 S. Germantown Rd. Germantown, TN 38138 901-757-7200

FY19 CAPITAL IMPROVEMENTS PROGRAM The CIP budget for 2019 will fund 28 projects that are in line with our Germantown 2030 strategic plan. The total budget for capital improvements is $28.1 million. Here are the highlights:


Roads and intersections:

Parks and recreation:

• Riverdale school HVAC and boiler upgrades • Safe Routes to School grant to protect Riverdale bikers and walkers - Sidewalks - Bike lanes - Signage

• Improvements to the intersection of Wolf River Boulevard and Germantown Road • Improvements to Forest Hill Irene Road between Poplar Pike and Winchester • Traffic signal upgrades at Poplar Pike and Hacks Cross Road, Poplar Avenue and Kirby Parkway and Poplar Pike and Arthur Road/Germantown Road

• Farmington Park playground renovation • Germantown Greenway expansions: connecting Nashoba Park to the Wolf River Boulevard Connector trailhead; constructing a new connection between Cameron Brown Park and Farmington Boulevard

Utilities: • Sanitary sewer upgrades • Water line expansion

City-Wide Budget Summary General Fund

Enterprise Funds

Special Revenue Funds

Supports fire and police, finance, administration, parks and recreation and public services.

Support utilities, Germantown Athletic Club, The Great Hall & Conference Center, sanitation and stormwater management.

Support State Street Aid, drug asset forfeiture, Pickering Complex, recreation, federal asset forfeiture, ambulance, Germantown Municipal School District and the Farm Park.

Revenues $57,041,117

Revenues $20,216,200

Revenues $66,797,970

Expenses $54,720,709

Expenses $24,329,264*

Expenses $71,520,685*

*Expenses exceed revenue due to planned fund balance draw downs in state street aid, pickering, farm park, recreation and Germantown Municipal School District funds.

Review the proposed budget documents online at

Fiscal Year 2019 Budget in Brief  

A summary of the City of Germantown's proposed fiscal year 2019 budget

Fiscal Year 2019 Budget in Brief  

A summary of the City of Germantown's proposed fiscal year 2019 budget