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LETTER FROM THE CITY MANAGER I would like to thank the City Commission and staff for an excellent 2016. Through perseverance and hard work, the foundation we laid in 2016 positions us for greater success in 2017. 2016 was a year of transition, but with that transition comes the opportunity for advancement in Eudora. Along with staff turnover, we reviewed the organizational structure and made changes that were aimed at not only promoting a cohesive working environment but also efficiency, effectiveness and accountability. My goal was to ensure that the organization is well structured to be responsive to service demands and better positioned to execute the vision and goals as outlined by the City Commission. Staying attentive and responding accordingly to the issues that may arise in the Community has been and will continue to be a point of emphasis. Replacing outdated and antiquated equipment and technology is an investment that the City must make in order to improve and sustain our operations and be accountable to the residents of the City. In 2016 strides in achieving goals that have been discussed by the City Commission, City staff, and residents are becoming a reality. The projects the City is investing in such as commercial development at the former Nottingham School site and plans for construction of a South Sports Complex show the commitment to making Eudora an attractive place for residents, businesses, and visitors. By all accounts, 2016 was a great year because of all the strategic decisions made by the City Commission. Their decision to fund a Capital Improvement Plan among other decisions has positioned the organization and community for a better tomorrow. Sincerely, Barack Matite City Manager

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CITY HIGHLIGHTS Each year, it is the goal of the City of Eudora to provide exceptional services to its residents in order to enhance their quality of life. The City has accomplished projects and has received awards that show the strong commitment to excellence that residents demand. 2016 Highlights Include:   

Online billing system implemented. New City website created. The 2nd Annual Great Kaw Adventure Race which had 28 teams comprised of 56 individuals compete in the 30 mile race, up from 30 competitors in 2015. In addition, 130 people worked the event to make the race possible. LiveWell Lawrence Culture of Health Action Award for City ecigarette ordinance.

In addition, the City of Eudora has continued to expand its presence online with its various social media platforms, the weekly newsletter, the City app, and the new City website.      

 

Total Facebook likes rose from 801 in 2015 to 977 in 2016, a 22% increase Average post reach on Facebook went up from 180 views per post in 2015 to 256 views per post in 2016, a 42% increase. Amount of Twitter followers was up from 412 in 2015 to 454 in 2016, a 10% increase. Total Twitter impressions (the amount of times a post is seen on an account’s newsfeed) rose from 15,700 in 2015 to 75,400 in 2016, a 380% increase. Eudora Weekly newsletter email subscriptions went up from 200 subscribers in 2015 to 314 subscribers in 2016, a 57% increase. Creation of a City run Instagram account to share photos and engage the public more. Updated City of Eudora App available on Apple and Android devices. New City website from CivicPlus with improved graphics, easier accessibility, and helpful resources to make the site more user friendly.

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POLICE DEPARTMENT The Eudora Police Department continued to grow in 2016 with approvals of more staff and the educational opportunities provided for officers. With continued support, the Police Department has been able to accomplish goals that will allow for the department to be better engaged with the community and to hold itself accountable for the betterment of themselves and for the community. Department Highlights   

 

Approval for the funding of an additional officer to begin in 2017. Grant funding won for high level armor plates and carriers, doubling the protective levels of the level III vests officers are issued. Kansas Juvenile Association training completed by Sergeant Tom Willis and Corporal Caleb Lewis to better assist with school outreach. Increased social media presence. Citizen initiated “Thank You” Sign put up at Public Safety Building.

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Statistical Figures   

A total of 5,670 calls for service were received by the Police Department. 1,369 of those calls for service were an emergency call which required two officers present. 607 violations were recorded, of those violations 432 were given a citation, 77 were given written warnings, and 98 were given general warnings.

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FIRE DEPARTMENT The Eudora Fire Department saw significant growth in 2016 with improvements made across the department. The Fire Department’s goals of educating the public in safety protocol, preventing fires, and providing a quality fire suppression system have been expanded in 2016 thanks to the dedication of staff and volunteers in the department. Through the support of the City Commission, City Staff, and the public the Fire Department has been able to keep a high level of productivity while serving the community with the stewardship it deserves. Department Highlights  

 

Approval of ambulance services from Lawrence-Douglas County Fire and Medical. Advanced Life Support ambulance staffed with a Lawrence-Douglas County Fire and Medical Paramedic and Advanced Emergency Medical Technician received approval. Hiring of Nathan Stoermer for the full-time position of Assistant Fire Chief. Grant from Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation to purchase 6 pulse oximeters/CO2 end-tidal instruments used on patients to determine oxygen saturation, heart rate and end-tidal CO2. Fire Prevention grant from FM Global for computer notebook and vehicle mounting hardware for the Assistant Chief’s vehicle.

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Statistical Figures 

In 2016, Fire Department staff members participated in 23 different pediatric and CPR training classes with a total of 114 students completing an estimated 137 hours of training over the course of the year. Lights and Siren - 2016 Average Response Time (Dispatch to Arrival) Station EMS Fire City of Eudora Fire Department 0:06:59 0:07:08 Average for all Calls 0:07:01 2015 Average


Industry Goal*


Lights and Siren - 2016 Average Turnout Time (Dispatch to En-Route) Station



City of Eudora Fire Department



Average for all Calls


2015 Average


Industry Goal*


*based on the United States Fire Administration’s goals

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PUBLIC WORKS In 2016 the Eudora Public Works Department continued to provide exceptional service to residents and worked consistently to improve the infrastructure of the City. The Public Works Department strives to make City services accessible and equitable while maintaining a friendly disposition which reflects the City’s core values. Department Highlights 

   

The Public Works Department continued the process of transitioning the City’s water meters to an updating technology that provides greater accuracy and efficiency. This will continue into 2017. Electric Division built new lines and set junction boxes, control boxes, and transformers for the new Catholic Church. Water Division replaced several main water lines for the new Catholic Church. Electric Division replaced the loop feed of underground electric lines for the industrial park. Department Director Mike Hutto awarded the Kansas Public Works Director of the Year from the Kansas Rural Water Association.

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Statistical Figures

*1 Megawatt-hour equates to approximately 330 homes being powered in 1 hour (American Public Works Association)

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PARKS AND RECREATION The Eudora Parks and Recreation Department made improvements to the park system in 2016 to give more opportunities for residents to enjoy the amenities the City has to offer. With continued support from the City Commission and City Staff the Parks and Recreation Department showed considerable growth in 2016. Department Highlights     

 

Development and start of the Parks and Recreation Foundation. Federal Highway Funds Grant for the expansion of Eudora South Trail. Parks and Recreation community survey conducted. Department purchase of a van for community van trips. Lawrence Memorial Hospital Endowment grant recipient, used for pedometers, pouches for pedometers, and t-shits. Fence installed at Pilla Park with the help of volunteers. Fundraising for the renovation of Paschal Fish Park for new playground equipment, new walking path, a nature play area, and a new shelter. Construction and re-dedication taking place in 2017. Tree City USA Designation by the Arbor Day Foundation.

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Statistical Figures 


In 2016 membership was at 1,463 which includes individual, family, cooperate, and student membership. Monthly Membership allows access to the Community Center during hours of operation and 24/7 access to the fitness center. Yearly membership includes access to the outdoor pool during its season. Attendance at the outdoor pool was at 24,501 people total during the season (spanning from Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day Weekend).

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MUNICIPAL OFFICE The Eudora Municipal Office had a transitional year in 2016 with staff changes that saw new faces come into leadership roles within the City. The Municipal Office implemented systems and practices intended to streamline operations, to maximize efficiency in the City, and to hold departments and City staff more accountable. Department Highlights    

  

 

Barack Matite promoted to City Manager. Addition of an automatic online billing option for City utility customers. Approval of funding for a new Code Enforcement Officer to begin in 2017. Creation of a Code Enforcement Strategy for the Office of Building, Planning, and Zoning. Seasonal banners put up along Main Street. Organizational review, ongoing into 2017. Signed a pre-development agreement with CBC Real Estate Group to re-develop the property currently occupied by the former Nottingham School and Laws Field. Approval of 4 mills to fund a Capital Improvement Plan for infrastructure Commission prioritization of code enforcement resulted in increased abatement data in 2016.

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Statistical Figures Code Enforcement Data Weed Abatement Vehicles Parked in the Yard Abandoned Vehicles Abated Properties Trash, lumber, filth or other debris on property Other

2015 117 Not Recorded 20 4 Not Recorded 11

2016 126 56 42 1 48 15

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2016 Annual Report  
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