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JULY 2018

Elk Grove


Keeping employees informed.

Message from the Interim City Manager I have thoroughly enjoyed speaking with you in small and large group settings and one on one to share with you my thoughts, and listen to your ideas about how we can improve as an organization.

Jason Behrmann Interim City Manager

Elk Grove is a great community and the City organization is loaded with hard working, talented individuals who do great things on a daily basis.

Working with you, we can continue to find better, more efficient ways of doing business, delivering exceptional services to our community and continuing to build our community in a way that ensures that the quality of life in Elk Grove remains high for future generations. I am serious about engaging with you to keep you informed about what is happening in the City and listening to your ideas. I do not want anyone to be content with the status quo or to be frustrated with bureaucratic policies or procedures. We want to embrace new ideas and technologies that will enhance the services we provide to the public and do so in a more efficient manner. This monthly newsletter is one way of communicating with you and keeping you informed and engaged with the larger organization. I will also continue to be available for private discussions and departmental meetings. Knowing that not everyone is comfortable speaking up in group settings or approaching their supervisor with suggestions, we are in the process of creating a “Bright Ideas” portal on Elknet, which will provide employees with the opportunity to submit ideas for organizational improvement, including ways to cut red tape, reduce costs, improve efficiencies, enhance employee morale, provide new or improved programs or services to the public, provide greater transparency or any other items that would benefit the community or organization. I hope you enjoy this new monthly newsletter and I look forward to working with each of you.

There’s more work happening at the Old Town Plaza… Work is currently under way to beautify the Old Town Plaza. Crews are removing the masonry wall along Grove Street, installing additional planters, and removing and replacing various segments of the existing fencing Completion is expected at the end of July. Stop by and check out the progress on Sundays and buy some fresh fruits and vegetables at the Farmers Market. Summer hours for the market are 8 am to Noon. The next phase to add paved parking , street lights, sidewalks and repave Railroad Street is currently in design with construction scheduled next year.


Council Awards Quail Run Affordable Housing Project A $5M Loan On June 13th, the City Council approved a loan of $5 million from the City’s Affordable Housing Fund to subsidize construction of a new 96-unit affordable housing complex at the corner of Bruceville and Quail Run. The project still has to secure other funding to move forward, but when built it will offer apartments with rents ranging from about $400 to $1,150 a month and will serve households earning less than $48,000 a year. A similar project, Bow Street Apartments located north of Sheldon Road just east of Highway 99, is expected to open in September and will implement a lottery for their units. Registration closes July 20.

New Office of Strategic Planning BRIGHT and Innovation Established IDEAS

The City Council has adopted the following goal:

BRIGHT IDEAS Look for the lightbulb throughout the newsletter for innovative solutions.

Circling Back on the Roundabout Project

“Continue to elevate the City’s high operational performance using innovation to achieve new levels of organizational excellence and the

highest service levels, while also providing regional leadership through collaboration.”

The City Council recently approved the reclassification of two existing positions to create capacity within the organization to better pursue forward-looking, strategic initiatives and innovation in government. The Assistant to the City Manager position, currently occupied by Christopher Jordan, has been reclassified to the position of Director of Strategic Planning and Innovation. The vacant Administrative Analyst position in the City Manager’s Office has been reclassified to Strategic Planning and Innovation Program Manager. The recruitment for this position is expected to start shortly. The creation of this new office is a cost effective way of re-aligning staff resources and providing a new way for the City to approach challenges and identify solutions to a range of issues. While this new initiative will be led from the City Manager’s office, it will involve every City department through the formation of a cross departmental team and solicitation of ideas from every City employee. More information will be available in the coming months as this new initiative takes shape.

To improve traffic flow and reduce flooding risks, the Public Works Department is replacing the existing bridge and fourway stop at the intersection of Sheldon and Bradshaw Roads with a multi-lane roundabout and a new bridge this summer. To speed up work on the $4.5 million project, the City closed the intersection to all vehicle and pedestrian traffic in May until the first week of August.

BRIGHT IDEAS The box culverts in the new roundabout include skylights to stream natural light into the culvert and offer a safe route for passage by local wildlife.

The photo above shows the three large culverts (or tunnels) to drain water under the road. Construction of the roundabouts will be directly on top of the culverts. Updates are added as they become available on the project page on the city’s website.



The City’s 56 acre Civic Center project is being designed as a net zero energy facility. Efficient building design and the installation of solar panels on site will generate enough energy to power the entire campus. The Community Center is expected to receive Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certification, once complete.

Seeds Planted for Civic Center Nature Area On June 27, the City Council approved schematic designs for the Civic Center Nature Area that will preserve the existing oak forest and natural habitat in the area to create a unique gathering place for the community to enjoy an outdoor workout or a relaxing spot to reflect in the heart of the City. Located on the southern edge of the Civic Center campus at Big Horn Boulevard and Lotz Parkway, amenities will include a lake, landscaped open space, measured walking trails, children’s play area, a fitness court and picnic benches and BBQ’s. The Project Design Team is working to secure the $17 million needed to create the project with hopes that construction will begin next year.

Aquatic Center Entering Final Laps The Elk Grove Aquatic Center is entering its final laps toward completion! The Center, located at 9701 Big Horn Boulevard, began construction in May 2017. It will feature a 50 meter competition pool, a 25 yard instructional pool, and a recreation pool with 30 foot slides and a lazy river. The City has entered into a management agreement with Cosumnes Community Services District (CSD) to operate the facility. CSD plans to incorporate lap swim, water aerobics, swim lessons, and other activities into the Center.

Animal Shelter Construction is well underway for the Elk Grove Animal Shelter with an anticipated completion and occupancy in early summer 2019. The 22,894 square foot facility will be constructed with space to shelter 66 dogs and 56 cats. The facility will also include outdoor animal yards, kennels, and space to offer a low-cost spay and neuter clinic. Ahead of opening, the City will need to fill a number of administrative and animal care positions. Look for future job announcements through Human Resources as they become available. For questions, contact Captain Tim Albright, Learn more »


The Center should be ready for the community to dive into late Summer/Early Fall. Look for information about a grand opening date and celebration soon! Learn more »

HUMAN RESOURCES UPDATES Taking HR to the ‘Next Level’


By the Way, We’re Hiring Through your professional networks, do you know any talented people who would be a great addition to Team EG? We’re hiring for the following positions at the moment.

New employees will soon be able to use NeoGov, the same platform they used to apply for their new job, to complete their paperwork and new hire information online. This will allow them to complete the process from home, reducing the amount of paperwork and time involved on their first day.

• Animal Services Officer – Closes July 16 • Police Officer – Entry Level • Police Officer Trainee • Police Officer – Lateral • Administrative Assistant(s) – Police Department & Planning • Strategic Planning & Innovation Program Manager • Senior Facilities Technician

Additionally, our annual employee evaluation review process will soon transition to a digital platform with automatic reminders, notifications, and workflows to help streamline the process. The new program is called Perform.

View updated job postings and descriptions.

Look for these and other new features to streamline and support the recruitment and interview processes coming soon.

Coming Soon

IDEAS HR and IT have partnered to introduce improvements to the onboarding and annual review processes that will launch early in this new fiscal year.

Curious about the City Manager Vacancy and Next Steps? The City Council is currently in the process of engaging a consultant to conduct a competitive recruitment process for the vacant City Manager position. This process will most likely take 5 – 6 months.

Say Cheese! If you’re new or looking for a refresh on your City headshot, please join us for one of these scheduled portrait sessions this week. Photos will be taken in the Police Department Conference Room in the 8380 Building. These sessions are open for all City and Contract staff. Wednesday, July 18 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm Thursday, July 19 8:30 am to 12:30 pm

INSIDER INFO: Elk Grove Costco Grand Opening More Connections Coming to Local Trails The City Council awarded the Laguna Creek Open Space Preserve Trail Project in June. This $3 million construction project will add another mile of Class I Bikeway (Multi-Use Trail) through the open space preserve to Laguna Creek and provide new ways to safely travel to John Ehrhardt Elementary, Wackman Park, Betschart Park, and the Laguna Creek trail on foot or by bicycle. Construction is expected to begin later this month and be complete by December 2018. View Map » 4 | ELK GROVE INSIDER

According to Economic Development staff, plans are in the works for a grand opening celebration on September 27 at 8 am. Stay tuned for details.

Elk Grove Insider  

Keeping employees informed.

Elk Grove Insider  

Keeping employees informed.