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GETTING ALONG IN OUR NATURAL WORLD Park Revitalization: Rochester Park Our Parks department has been working hard to ensure our outdoor spaces are inclusive of all ages and abilities by renovating and updating our existing parks. The newly renovated Rochester Park now includes an innovative playground based on an outdoor nature play theme, zip line, climbing wall, tunnel slides, skate area, accessible saucer swings, a spray park and a sand play area. Play structures offer a variety of options designed for children of all ages, interests and abilities. Enhanced trails and stairways link the upper playground area to the lower park level and other forested areas, with parking lots servicing both the north and south areas of the park. Check out the park for yourself today!

Coquitlam Dogs Train Your Human! BYLAW OFFICERS ARE IN COQUITLAM PARKS HELPING TO ENSURE THAT OUR OUTDOOR SPACES ARE USER-FRIENDLY FOR ALL PEOPLE AND ANIMALS. Here are three key things you can do to help ensure that you and your owner are being responsible park users: ´´Ensure you are connected to your human on a leash—except in designated off-leash areas. ´´Ensure your human is cleaning up your waste. ´´Ensure your human has renewed your dog licence. Learn more at

Course fees do not include applicable taxes.

There’s lots to consider when you live in an urban environment that is so close to nature. Coquitlam has some helpful information and resources so you can enjoy the best of the natural world and protect it at the same time.

Be Bear Smart We live on nature’s doorstep and bears, cougars, coyotes, deer, raccoon, skunks and other wildlife are part of our environment. It is important that we avoid encouraging them to our properties by removing attractants, such as garbage, fruit, pet food and bird seed and preventing access to areas that wildlife may use as a den. Visit to learn how to make your home and property wildlife-resistant.

Pesticides Say “No” to Harmful Pesticides—We Did! Coquitlam has a Pesticide Use Control bylaw that bans many conventional pesticides typically used for garden and lawn beautification or maintenance. Although you will see them for sale they cannot be used on residential and City land in Coquitlam. There are safe alternatives that are healthier for everyone—people, pets and the environment! For a full list of products you can use and for more information, visit

Beetlemania The European Chafer Beetle! The European Chafer beetle is an invasive insect pest. Its larvae feed on the roots of grasses, causing serious damage to lawns. It is most visible when raccoons, birds and other wildlife, eager to eat the grubs, begin digging up grasses and damaging turf. The fall is a good time to do preventative lawn maintenance that can help minimize chafer beetle infestation in the spring. Visit for a year-round calendar of lawn care tips and info on nematodes which are a safe alternative to banned pesticides.

Program Guide Winter/Spring 2018


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2018 Winter | Spring Program Guide  

Enjoy getting and staying active will winter and spring programs and activities.

2018 Winter | Spring Program Guide  

Enjoy getting and staying active will winter and spring programs and activities.