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Welcome to the City of Chestermere’s first community newsletter. This quarterly publication will provide you with updates, stories, and highlights of work happening at the City. We look forward to connecting with you!

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MESSAGE FROM THE MAYOR I truly believe Chestermere is the best place on the planet to live and 2015 just confirmed that belief for me all over again. We spent last year dealing with some significant firsts and some significant challenges and we rallied together for all of it. In January of this year we became a City; a big step for all of us. Since then we’ve had a lot more media coverage of our community and a lot of interest from businesses, big and small, who are considering Chestermere for their next move. It’s taken a while for many of us, me included, to get used to saying the word City instead of Town when referring to our municipality but our uniqueness and character has stayed the same. It’s still the same great place now, that we call home, as it was in January (plus a few more friends and neighbours who just moved in). In looking to our future we took the bold step to acquire land for light industrial and commercial development. We are now driving that type of development instead of waiting for others to do it for us. We know that one of the biggest priorities you have for us is to increase our non-residential tax base. By doing this we’ll be able to... Story Continues on Page 3

Put on your boots, lace up your skates! While the idea of Canadian winters may make you want to hibernate with a cozy blanket and hot chocolate until the snow melts, the Chestermere Parks and Recreation staff would like to challenge families to get outside! Here are 4 free ways your family can embrace the winter season:

1. New Outdoor Rink The City’s

Community Services, Parks & Recreation team and the Chestermere Recreation Centre have teamed up to create a new outdoor skating rink to allow anyone the opportunity to learn or practice their skating skills. The rink is open during daylight hours and free for all. Thanks to the former CORA group (Chestermere Outdoor Recreation Association) for providing the boards.


Skate the Lake Should the ice on Chestermere Lake freeze sufficiently and conditions allow, the City’s Parks and Recreation team are hoping to clear a space for skating near Anniversary Park and potentially create a skating pathway on the lake. Please note that no ice thickness is considered entirely safe but you can get current ice measurements by calling Public Works at (403) 207-2807 from 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. The City does not permit any recreational activities on storm ponds... Story Continues on Page 2

Feature Story Continued from Page 1 the water levels and ice thickness change throughout the winter due to the freeze-thaw cycle making the surface very dangerous. If residents choose to go on these ponds, they do so at their own risk.


Walk the Pathways There are over 30 km of pathways in Chestermere. The City Parks team regularly clear these pathways so you can run, walk your dog or just enjoy a stroll in the crisp winter air. Check out for a map and some premeasured loops and trails and information on joining a walking group.


Explore the Parks Do you want

to build a snowman? The City is home to over 70 parks and green spaces and these often make the best places to play in the snow. While they might seem like activities from childhood days, adults can burn hundreds of calories by making snow angels, building a snow fort or creating a snowman.

CITY PROJECT UPDATES Below are some updates to the projects announced in the 2015-2016 budget.

East Lakeview Road Upgrade: In October the City added an overlay (new layer of asphalt) to this road which will add approximately 20 additional years of usability to this street.

New Intersection & Pathway: To improve pedestrian accessibility and safety at the intersection, a new paved pathway has been added on West Chestermere Drive from Chestermere Boulevard to the Recreation Centre entrance.

Sunset Parking Lot Update Completed: Curbs and a cement pad have been added to improve the aesthetics of the lot and accessibility of the mailboxes. Instead of new asphalt (as the subsoil was not able to support it), crews replaced the gravel surface with packed recycled asphalt.

Emergency Services Specializations: Over the summer, Chestermere Fire Services participated in water rescue training. Over the winter months, they will be participating in ice rescue training on Chestermere Lake. If you see them out, please give them room to work. For a full listing of projects and updates visit


What about you? Take our poll and tell us about your favourite winter recreation activities at

Being on the streets in the winter can be challenging at the best of times. One way to improve visibility and give more room for snow plows to manoeuver is to move RVs off the streets. Bylaw 011-13 requires that any RV or unattached trailer must be off the road between November 1st and May 1st each year. Help make our communities safe and clean by storing your RVs off the streets. If you have any questions, contact our Peace Officers at (403) 207-7058 or email

COUNCILLOR SPOTLIGHT: Gail Smith Gail was born and raised in Regina, SK where she completed her Bachelor of Education, 1984 and Master of Education, 2001. She taught Grades 3 – 7 in Regina before moving to Chestermere. After nine years of teaching Junior High, she retired from teaching with the Calgary Board of Education. She has served on numerous committees and worked as a consultant and reviewer for various publishers and educational groups. Gail was elected to Council in 2013 and currently serves on the following boards and committees: Audit Committee, Calgary Regional Partnership, Streetscape Committee, Inter-municipal Planning Committee, and Subdivision & Development Appeal Board.

“So far I have really enjoyed learning about all of the different aspects of the City including getting to know the council members and appreciating the variety of skills and abilities that each one brings to the job, becoming involved in all of the activities that go on in Chestermere and seeing the completion of projects.” 2

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Winter on the streets of Chestermere


Am I required to clear my sidewalk of snow? Yes. You are required to clear your sidewalk of snow within 48 hours of a snowfall (Bylaw 018-11). Keeping the sidewalks clean makes winter walking easier for everyone. Please remember that shoveling into the street is not permitted. How do I report unsafe road conditions? If you see roads or streets that are unsafe to drive on please call Public Works at (403) 207- 2807. When will the roads be cleared after a snowfall? If necessary, plowing crews will go out in the middle of the night to have main routes cleared for the morning rush. Crews always start with Priority 1 snow routes (like Chestermere Blvd) and then move onto secondary routes. For a map of the snow routes, visit Am I required to move my vehicles when the plows are out? No, but doing so helps the plows clear as much snow as possible. If you live on a designated snow route, you may be required to move your vehicle when a snow route parking ban is declared. This only happens after a large snowfall that is not expected to melt in the near future.

SNOW ANGELS: Give back to your community

August 27: The Toronto Blue Jays donated $150,000 towards renewing Chestermere Lake Middle School ball diamond.

September 9: Officials announced the purchase of 101 acres for commercial and light industrial development to increase the City’s non-residential tax base.

For some in our community, shoveling snow can seem like trying to move a mountain. If you’re looking for a way to get some great exercise and lend a hand to a neighbour, sign up as a Snow Angel! As a volunteer Snow Angel, our Community Services team will connect you with a Chestermere resident who needs a little extra help. To sign up or ask for assistance, call (403) 207-7079.

Mayor's Message Continued from Page 1 ...move forward those projects and services that our community wants without impacting taxes. We pulled together to support each other this summer whether it was the impact of losing two much-loved youths to accidents or families facing flood damaged or hail damaged properties. We’re still seeing the support of good friends and neighbours in the donations of Christmas items that were distributed on December 6th through the Chestermere Cares event at City Hall. We’re also supporting one another in the downturned economy through the Food Bank and Christmas with Dignity donations. We’ve got great service clubs, church groups and non-profit groups in this City too, run by dedicated residents, who continually offer a hand-up when we need it most.

September 30: The RCMP and City officials celebrated the grand opening of the new detachment building on East Chestermere Drive.

October 31: SPARKY and the Fire Department promoted a safe Halloween.

Chestermere, you’ve done a great job in 2015 of showing your best to one another, all of Alberta and beyond. I don’t expect it will be any different in 2016 either. It’s what makes us such a great place to proudly call home! Please enjoy this holiday season responsibly and safely and with as much joy as possible. Our community is beautifully decorated this time of year and I hope you get the chance to enjoy it. On behalf of Council and staff, we’d like to wish you a very Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and happy holidays.

November 5: The Honourable Lois Mitchell, Lieutenant Governor of Alberta dedicated the new cenotaph in Anniversary Park.

Mayor Patricia Matthews



The people behind the work happening at the City of Chestermere Jean-Marc Lacasse and David Petrovich (our Economic Development Team) are working hard to make sure business owners know what residents already understand: that Chestermere is the best place to be.

A recent study has shown that a warehouse or logistics company could save over $1 Million by locating to Chestermere These two professionals bring a wealth of experience to Chestermere and are working hard to support existing local businesses, work with interested investors, and market Chestermere’s 101 acres of land for light industrial and commercial development. “We have great businesses here but we need more. A wide variety of strong businesses eases the tax burden on residents and makes our community more sustainable,” says Economic Development Manager JeanMarc. “That’s why David and I are working hard both to attract new businesses and support the business owners already here.” There are exciting plans for developing the economic base over the next year including updating the website and information materials for interested investors, working with interested site selectors to bring new businesses to Chestermere, coordinating local entrepreneurial events and collaborating with the Chamber of Commerce to support local businesses.

Jean-Marc and David present to the Chamber of Commerce

For more information about the Economic Development work at the City, visit

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UPCOMING EVENTS January 6, 2016: Mini Energizer Night Sign up for your 2016 activities in one place: Mini Energizer Night. Meet with representatives from various recreation and community programs and get connected. Chestermere Recreation Centre: 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. January 13, 2016: Chestermere Chamber of Commerce Breakfast: Alberta’s 2016 Economic Forecast Todd Hirsch, ATB Financial Chief Economist, will be in Chestermere to share his forecast for Alberta’s economy in the coming year. Chestermere Landing: $40 for members, $50 for non-members February 6, 2016: Chestermere & Area Women’s Conference Each year, we aim to host a conference where women connect with other women; try out new things and learn together! Chestermere Municipal Building February 15, 2016: Family Day Unplugged Join an Unplugged Afternoon of Board Games, Treats & Family Fun! Chestermere Recreation Centre: 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. March 19, 2016: Mind, Body, Spirit Expo The Expo showcases products, services, and resources for your optimal health & well being. Chestermere Recreation Centre: 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

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